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The Amps

Elektra Records: The Amps
Record label site includes sound files.
Eyesore: The Amps
Discography with cover images.
Full On Idle with The Amps
Fan site includes lyrics, tablatures, pictures, videos, discography and articles. The Amps
Includes a biography, discography, video, links and message board.
Nude as the News: The Amps: Pacer
Review by Troy Carpenter of 'one of the decade's most cruelly underappreciated pop albums.' Recommended.
Pitchfork: The Amps - Pacer
Ryan Schreiber's review: 'Kim Deal set out to record a different kind of record and came out with one that's so terrific, it won't leave my discman for at least three days.' Rated 8.2.
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