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Apples in Stereo

Apples in Stereo
The official website of the Apples in Stereo.
Apples in Stereo: Science Faire
Pitchforkmedia review.
Metacritic: Discovery of a World Inside the Moone
Links to several reviews about the album.
Pitchfork: Discovery of a World inside the Moone
Mark Richard-San's review: 'it's still pretty good for what it is.' Rated 6.5.
PopMatters: Discovery of a World inside the Moone
Dave Heaton's review: 'the album just sounds beautiful'.
Pitchforkmedia: Her Wallpaper Reverie
Nick Mirov's review: 'worth it for three songs'. Rated 6.3.
PopMatters: Her Wallpaper Reverie
Sarah Zupko's review: 'the most psychedelic of Schneider's career'.
Inkblot Magazine: Tone Soul Evolution
JF's review: 'It'll warm your heart.'
Pitchforkmedia: Tone Soul Evolution
Ryan Schreiber's review: 'you'll probably dig it'. Rated 6.3.
Fakejazz: Discovery of a World inside the Moone
Daron Gardner's review: 'an extraordinary pop gem'. Rated 10/12.
Inkblot Magazine: Discovery of a World inside the Moone
Susannah Grossman's review: 'pure, gleeful pop virtuosity'.
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