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Official site. Offers news, tour dates, multimedia files, images, contact information and merchandise. The Appliance Mailing List Archive
Subscription information for the list. Allows archives to be searched or browsed. Appliance
Overview of the group, photograph, and discography.
Almost Cool: Appliance - Imperial Metric
Aaron Coleman's review: 'shows that this is still a young group trying lots of things and getting settled with a sound.' Rated 6.5. Appliance - Imperial Metric
Michael Hubbard's review: 'an accomplished album from a band with some fine ideas about the future of music.'
Pitchfork: Appliance - Imperial Metric
Paul Cooper's review: 'a fascinating blend of post-punk dub, primitive electronics, and Soviet-menace nostalgia.' Rated 7.8.
Drawer B: Appliance - Manual
Eric G.'s review: 'You can tell this band has what it takes to make a good record, but this is not it.'
Ink Nineteen: Appliance - Manual
Matthew Moyer's review: 'Seemed like a good idea at the time.'
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