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Backstreet Boys
Jive records official site. Offers screensavers, pictures, sound and video files, news, and biographies.
Nick Carter - Jive Records
Official record label site. Includes mailing list, sound files, photos, and links.
Howard Dorough
Contains information on Howie.
Howard Dwayne Dorough
Offers facts about Howie.
Howie D God
Contains biography, pictures, multimedia, and links.
Howie Dorough
Includes a biography and fan mail information.
Howie Dorough Fan Page, The
Includes pictures, articles, and fan clubs.
Howie Dorough: One Step Closer
Offers articles, tour dates, profile, audios, and pictures.
Howie Dorough Online
Contains biography, pictures, chat, links, and news.
Howie's a Hunk
Contains polls, contest, pictures, biography, and links.
Howie's Home on the Net
Includes information and pictures.
I Dream of Howie D.
Includes pictures, facts, and articles. - Howie Dorough
Provides a brief biography, photos, and filmography.
My Honey Howie
Contains pictures, quotes, and biography.
New Howie Central, The
Includes a biography and news.
Night Out with Howie Dorough, A
Includes pictures, articles, newsletter, downloads, and chat room.
One and Only Howie D, The
Includes personal information, facts, pictures, and fan club.
Open Your Eyes Campaign
To unite all Howie fans. Includes message board and thoughts.
Stuff Like That
Includes pictures, biography, quotes, and articles.
Vampire HowieD, The
Includes a biography, pictures, and articles.
Brian Littrell World
Offers 1000+ pictures, sound files, information, games, links, interactive, and fans section.
Brian Littrell's World
Includes information, pictures, and love match quiz.
Brian Thomas Littrell - My Frick Fantasy
Contains news, information, pictures, sounds, quotes, clubs, links, and look-a-likes. Includes a section on Leighanne and Tyke.
B-rok's Special
Offers news, information, pictures, and links.
B's Bedroom
Includes pictures, information, news, and quotes.
Frick: The Blue Eyed Babe
Offers biography, sound files, pictures, articles, links, survey, skins, e-cards, AIM icons, fan encounters, adoption, cliques, free e-mail, quotes, tour information, and charity.
Heavenly Hottie
Contains pictures, facts, and links.
Literally Littrell
Provides information, biographies, pictures, and news on Brian Littrell and Leighanne Wallace's dogs.
Johnny No Name
The official site for AJ McLean's alter-ego, Johnny No-Name. Features biographies of Johnny and the band, news, pictures, events, and message board.
AJ Arrestor
Includes pictures, information, music, and videos.
AJ Best Pictures
Contains photos and links.
AJ Bone 69
Includes pictures, articles, and lyrics.
AJ Is In The House
Includes biographies, interviews, news, lyrics, and pictures.
A.J. Mania
Contains pictures, biography, photos for sale, news, links, and ticket exchange.
AJ McLean Forever
Includes biography, pictures, and a separate BSB section.
Comprehensive site on AJ which includes pictures, TV listings, tour dates, haircuts update, tattoos, lyrics, sound files, videos, discography, games, reviews, message board, fun stuff, poems, encounters, fan fiction, video concepts, cliques, clubs, mailin
Bone Heaven
Contains pictures, quotes, and a biography.
Contains pictures, biography and news.
Bone's Paradise
Contains pictures, biography, links, and games.
Bone's Yard
All about AJ McLean.
Da Bone 69 Freaky J Page
Includes photos, biography and links.
Drowning In AJ
Contains lyrics, pictures, biography, html help, polls, fan fiction, and links.
Flame of Hope For AJ, A
Show your concern, support, and respect by signing in the guest book or message board. Includes articles, links, and support banner.
Got Bone?
Includes pictures, links, biography, and news.
I Wanna Be Happy
Includes links, fan fiction, news, banners, and quotes.
If You Knew What I Knew
Offers pictures, biography, humor, fan fiction, quotes, and lyrics.
Johnny No Name - AJ McLean
Contains concert pictures and profiles.
Johnny's Vein
Includes pictures, biography, quotes, set list, commentary, and message board.
Land Of Da Bone
Contains biography, quizzes, lyrics, and pictures.
McLeannium Heaven
Offers biography, information, fan fiction, polls, pictures, search engine, HTML help, voting, links, quotes, appearances, message board, poetry, fan profiles, fan art, 'Marry' AJ section, tour dates, lyrics, and mailing list. Includes information on John
Route 69: An AJ McLean Site.
Offers pictures, articles, and links.
Tiffany`s AJ McLean and Lance Bass Site
Includes biographies, links, and pictures of AJ and Lance.
Your The Reason
Contains news, wallpapers, links, pictures, biography, and poems.
Anne's Nick Carter Plus Page
Contains group and Nick pictures, information, news, and club.
As Long As You Love Them
Includes news, pictures, and exclusive soundclips featuring Nick and Aaron Carter.
Boy Most Likely
Offers news archives, photos, reviews, tour information, wallpapers, audio and video downloads.
Carter Cuties Page, The
Site about Nick and Aaron Carter. Contains lyrics, pictures, karaoke, and biography.
Carter Cuties, The
Contains news, biography, galleries, FAQs, pen pals, reviews, and links.
Carter's KAOS Site
Includes profile, quotes, pictures, quiz, and news.
Contains pictures and biography of Nick and Aaron Carter.
Frack on the Net
Offers message board, photos, news, and fan fiction.
Frack World
Contains buttons, pictures, links, and news.
Frack's Corner
Contains information, lyrics, and pictures.
Includes profile, pictures, and news.
Includes pictures, forum, e-card, and web ring. Requires Macromedia Flash to view.
Heaven In Nick's Eyes
Includes pictures and quotes.
Heaven In Your Eyes
Contains sound clips, pictures, and quiz. Includes English and Chinese versions.
House Of Frack, The
Contains pictures and links.
Janna's Nick and Aaron Carter Website
Includes pictures, biography, quizzes on Backstreet Boys, Nick and Aaron Carter.
Nick Carter 2004
Contains picture galleries, message boards, lyrics, news, facts, and links.
Nick Carter- Heaven In My Eyes
Includes biography, lyrics, links, and pictures.
Nick Carter: Hotter Than Hell
Contains news, vital status, articles, photographs, tour schedule, and multimedia.
Nick Carter Millennium
Contains biography, lyrics, sounds, stories, games, chat transcript, tour dates, contact information, quotes, quizzes, polls, mad libs, postcards, links, and videos.
Nick Carter Niche
Includes pictures, links, multimedia, and chat room.
Nick Carter Obsession, The
Includes impersonators and pictures.
Nick Carter Solo
Focusing on solo ventures, news, photos, songs and videos.
Nick Carter World, The
Offers pictures, chat, and lyrics.
Nick Carter Zone 2000
Contains photos, news, links, fan club, and multimedia.
Nick Carter's Heaven
Contains photos and information.
Nick Carter's Paradise
Offers information, news, and biography.
Nickolas Gene Carter Obsession, A
Includes pictures, news, and lyrics.
Contains biography, pictures, news, sound and video files, animations, winamp skins, Yahoo! messenger skins, wallpapers, and fan fiction.
Nobody But Nicky C
Includes e-zine archive, pictures, chat, contests, lyrics, and audio samples. Also features Aaron Carter.
Sexy Nick Carter
Contains links, facts, news, pictures, and family information.
Stephanie's Nick Carter Site
Contains biography, songs from Black and Blue tour, pictures, and links.
Walkin' Along Nick Carter Street
Offers pictures and chat.
Backstreet Man, The
Offers pictures, articles, interviews, and information about Kevin's charity projects.
Completely Kevin
Includes biography, quotes, and pictures.
Getting Personal With Kevin Richardson
Includes pictures, trading corner, and message board.
It's Gotta Be Kev
Includes a biography, pictures, audio clips, and quotes.
Kevin Richardson
Offers concert reviews, pictures, biography, news, fan fiction, humor, quotes, and links.
Kevin Richardson
Contains biography and facts.
Kevin Richardson Shrine
Includes pictures of Kevin.
Kevin Richardson's Kingdom
Includes facts, quotes, pictures, articles, lyrics, and message board.
Kevin Scott Richardson
Includes biography, pictures, and a webring.
Kevin's Moods
Allows the user to choose among the performer's moods. Each mood contains appropriate photos.
Kevin's Room
Includes pictures, facts, and a web ring.
Kevin's Secret Island
Offers pictures, news, and articles.
Kevy's Corner
Includes pictures and links.
Krazy For Kevvy
Includes information, pictures, sound files, and facts.
Contains biography, pictures, mailing list, post cards, links, and lyrics.
Luvin' Kev 4Ever
Includes a chat transcript, pictures, and information.
Maria's Cool Kevin R. Site
Includes a biography, facts, photos, articles, and trivia.
MarLee's Kevin Richardson Tribute
Contains information, links, articles, and pictures.
Mr. Body Beautiful
Features facts, news, pictures, and links.
Mr. Body Beautiful: Kevin Richardson
Includes articles, information, pictures, and a mailing list.
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Contains image galleries and links.
First Unofficial Dennis Gallo Site, The
Learn all about the Backstreet Boys keyboard player and guitarist.
Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids
Official site for this non-profit organization by Brian Littrell to help children with heart related problems. Includes news, photo gallery, online store, video clips, mailing list, and organization's history.
Brileigh Productions
Official site for Brian Littrell and his wife, Leighanne Wallace's film and record productions. Contains biographies, sound files, and information.
Change for Charity
Fan-based charity support site. Offers information on DLF, NCOC, JWR, and BHH. Also includes links and pictures.
Dorough Lupus Foundation
Official site for this non-profit organization started by Howie Dorough and his family. Aims to aid in research, education of the public, and providing financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford treatment for the disease.
Fans Standing Strong
Fundraising campaign for fans to make donations to Backstreet Boys' charities.
JNN Foundation
Official site for this non-profit foundation started by Johnny No-Name (AJ McLean).
Just Within Reach
Fan based charity support site for Kevin Richardson's foundation. Includes news, pictures, club, information, and links.
Just Within Reach
Fan based club for Kevin Richardson's foundation. Share news, environmental issues, and pictures. [Requires Yahoo! registration]
Just Within Reach
Official site for Kevin Richardson's foundation, Just Within Reach and Nick Carter's Ocean Campaign. Offers news, articles, pictures, information, links, and chat.
Just Within Reach T-Shirts
Fan based charity support site for Kevin Richardson's foundation. Sales of t-shirts to help raise funds and awareness towards the foundation and environment.
JWR Discussion
Fan based discussion list for Just Within Reach. Discuss your ideas, thoughts, and meet other fans or supporters. [Requires Yahoo! registration]
Kat's Meow - Dorough Lupus Foundation
Fan based charity support site for the Dorough Lupus Foundation. Offers news, pictures, reviews, and information on other charities.
Mature Fan Club for Backstreet Boys
Offers information each individual charities, biographies, photos, album listings, chat room, message board, news, and links.
Support Nick Carter's Ocean Campaign
Fan based support site. Offers information, links, pictures, and kids' section.
Unofficial Just Within Reach Site
Fan based charity support site for Kevin Richardson's foundation. Includes news, articles, pictures, message board, club, mailing lists, and links.
Affectin' Our Reality Awards
Fan fiction awards site.
All Around the World Awards
Awards site for interracial fan fiction.
BSB Fan Fiction Awards
A fan fiction awards where you can nominate your stories.
Deficient Ink Slinger Awards
Parody or challenge awards for intentionally badly written stories.
Pure Dreams Awards
Nominate stories and vote for this fan fiction awards.
Undiscovered Gems Awards
Awards site for nominating and awarding unknown fan fiction sites.
Backstreet Boys Addiction Zone
Includes individual forums for each member.
Backstreet Pride Message Board
Three boards, General BSB talk, Backstreet pen pals and FAQ.
Bandlink: Backstreet Boys Forum
Chat, discussions and Q&A message board for the group.
BSB Fans United
Forum for discussions on Backstreet Boys and related topics.
Fan moderated message forum.
BSBHowie2000 Message Board
For discussions and chats on Howie Dorough.
Mandys BSB Land Chatroom
Chat room for fans.
Our Kevin Richardson Chat
Chat room.
About Backstreet Boys
Links to sites containing the news, photos, sound clips, and tour dates.
AJ And BSB Linx
Directory of link related to A.J. McLean.
AJ McLean Fanlisting, The
Offers fans of AJ McLean a place to be listed.
Backstreet Bauhaus
Neatly presented directory of links to several genres of fan fiction. Includes search engine, top ten listings, game, message board, staff profiles, FAQs, and links. Browser support for Internet Explorer, Netscape, NeoPlanet, and Opera.
Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Yellow Pages
Comprehensive directory of links to Backstreet Boys fan fiction.
Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Yellow Pages Volume Two
Listings of fan fiction related sites and resources.
Backstreet Library, A
Comprehensive archive of story links presented in genre.
Bonkers For Backstreet
Provides a list of sites or add a link to yours.
BSB Direct
Archive of selected Backstreet Boys related sites.
Shining Stars
Reader's voted sites with comments and ratings.
Offers sound clips in real audio, windows media, and MIDI format.
Backstreet Boys
Includes news, links, MP3s, chat, forums, and appearances.
Backstreet Chicas
Member profiles, pictures of the Backstreet Boys, and fan fiction.
Fan club with over 700+ pictures.
Boy Band Mania
Offers newsletter, WAVs, pictures, articles, online store, contests with prizes, and chat rooms.
Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Sensation
Offers a selection of stories.
Backstreet Boys Forever
Contains original fan fiction, pictures, news, surveys, and lyrics.
Backstreet Boys Rule
Contains original and hosted stories, and links.
Backstreet Boys Stories
A collection of short fan fiction stories.
Backstreet Boys Story Book
Contains original and hosted stories, story hosting, author's information, links, and mailing list.
Backstreet Destination
Contains stories, links, awards, news, concert reviews, and dolls.
Backstreet Fan Fiction
Includes stories, pictures, and links.
Backstreet Fan Fiction Galaxy
Features hosted stories, message board, and links.
Backstreet Fantasy
Includes variety of stories revolving mainly around Nick Carter. Contains hosted stories.
Backstreet Fiction
Includes original and hosted stories, links, classified, voting booth, challenge, and chat.
Backstreet Hotel, The
Contains group and individual stories, and links.
Backstreet Kingdom, The
Includes fan fiction, lyrics, graphics, pictures, contests, and poetries.
Backstreet Love Fan Fiction
Includes stories and links.
Backstreet Public Library
Contains fan fiction, facts, and links.
Backstreet Stories
Contains original stories, pictures, survey, and mailing list.
Backstreet Stories
Contains original and hosted stories.
Brian Littrell Adorations
Male fan club for Brian's male fans. Includes discussions, pictures, and links.
Gay Guys Backstreet Boys Club
Gay fan club for the fans. Includes news, pictures, links, and discussions.
Howie's Spanish Eyes
Howie fan club with over 600+ pictures. Information on charity and share discussions with fellow fans.
Nick Carter Fan Club
Over 4000+ members with discussions, news, pictures, links, and chats on Nick.
Taking The Backstreet
Includes information on a Backstreet newsletter and pictures.
Unofficial Backstreet Boys Fan Club
Includes message board and chat room.
VH1 Fan Club : Backstreet Boys
Contains news, biography, audio clips, photos, bulletin boards, and links.
Amazes Me
Story on what happens when love and fame mix in good and bad combinations.
Angelic Dreamers
Includes original long and short stories, challenges, journal, quotes, FAQs, links, and mailing list.
At Last
Includes original and hosted stories, poems, opinions, journal, and links.
Babes of Orlando
Contains original and hosted stories, mailing list, and links.
Backstreet Addiction's Fan Fiction Page
Features hosted fan fiction and links.
Backstreet Bedtime Stories
Includes stories of each individual boys, pictures, and links.
Backstreet Boys Amazing Fan Fiction
Includes Brian Littrell and Nick Carter's fan fiction series.
Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction
Contains original and hosted stories.
Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Archive, The
Contains fan fiction for every Backstreet member, neatly presented. Also includes pre-reviewed links.
Backstreet StoryBook, A
Offers original and hosted stories, chat room, message board, and links.
Behold The Power Of Cheese
Contains fan fiction, humor, and links.
Beth and Jj's Fan Fiction
Features original fiction.
Beyond The Boys
Contains original and hosted stories. Includes links to other fan fiction sites and web rings.
Blue Hearts Cry
Includes original and hosted stories, cliques, wallpapers, fun stuff, biographies, rants, and fan's feelings.
Bria's Fan Fiction
Includes original and hosted fiction, challenge stories, rants, links, humor, quotes, poll, and contest.
BSB Fan Fiction
Contains stories, pictures, and links.
BSB Fan Fiction Story Page
Contains fan fiction, pictures, campaigns, and lyrics.
BSB Fantasies
Contains an archive of original and hosted stories, links, story hosting, and banners.
BSB Storie Corner
Contains fan fiction.
Offers original stories with themes such as Backstreet Boys in medieval life or futuristic dramas.
Butterfly's Backstreet Stories
Focuses on Nick Carter and AJ McLean stories. Includes site introduction and author's thoughts.
C and C Carter Factory
Contains original and hosted stories, pictures, and links.
Caiya's Journal
Contains stories, poems, links, and profile. Includes Phantom of the Opera fiction.
Carried Away
Includes stories, rants, links, opinions, and cliques.
Chance Encounter
Contains mainly Nick Carter stories.
Cleen's Crazy Stories
Includes original and hosted stories, links, and cliques.
Cloud Nine Limited
Contains stories and links.
Come What May
Contains original and hosted stories, links, in memory section, blog, and mailing list.
Contains novel-length stories centered around Nick Carter.
Creations of the Imagination
Contains Backstreet Boys fan fiction, including Crimson Love: The Trilogy.
Includes mainly long and short stories on Brian Littrell, author information, and links.
Includes fiction and original stories, blog, and links.
Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Story about Nick and Kevin and a woman named Jade in 50 chapters.
Dream A Little Dream
Contains stories, pictures, encounters, links, charity information, news, quotes, blog, and mailing list.
Dream Catcher
Contains original and hosted stories, links, picture of the week, and mailing list.
Dreamaway Fan Fiction
Features an assortment of finished and in-progress works. Stories include 'Bed of Roses' and 'This Christmas'.
Dreams and Fantasies
Includes stories, hosting, and links.
Dreams By Moonlight
Includes stories, interactive story, fun stuff, and links.
D's Sweeties Inc
Collection of various fan fiction and pictures.
Enchanted Backstreets, The
Contains original and hosted stories, rants, links, and mailing list.
Contains mainly romance stories and links.
Faerie Stories
Includes original and hosted stories, 'How a Fan Fiction Writer's mind works', adoptees, cliques, videos, karaoke, links, and ring tones.
Fan Fiction - Among Other Things
Includes stories, humor, and cliques.
Fan Fiction Queen's Kingdom
Contains stories, journal, and links.
Fourth Place of Fan Fiction, The
Includes original and hosted stories, poems, interactive story, concert reviews, links, and message board.
From Sweet D 2 Frack
Contains original and hosted stories.
Get Your Fill
Contains stories, pictures, and links.
Head Over Heals
Contains original and hosted stories, journal, and links.
Heaven On Earth: Nick Carter Fiction
Features Nick Carter and Backstreet fiction.
How Did I Fall In Love With You
Nick Carter fan fiction.
Hyper Independent Fan Fiction
Includes stories and links.
I Promise You
Features story 'I Promise You' and hosted stories.
I Wanna Be With You
5 guys, 5 girls, and one tour.
If You Knew What I Knew
Fiction about Backstreet Boys and two girls, Mandy and Valerie.
Imagination Never Ending
Includes mostly Nick fiction. Contains original and hosted stories, links, cliques, and web rings.
Imaginations Running Wild
Includes stories, rants, and links.
Infinite Fiction
Offers stories, web rings, cliques, links, and mailing list.
Innocent Illusion
Includes novel-length stories and links.
Home of the Nick-centered stories 'Choices' and 'Dear Diary'. Includes journal, lyrics, and links.
It's Never Enough
Offers several chapters of fan fiction.
Jennifer's Backstreet/Beatles Fan Fiction
Includes fan fiction on romance to mystery, news, links, and pictures. Also includes Beatles fan fiction.
Jen's Fan Fiction Central
Offers stories, links, and mailing list. Includes story hosting and 'N Sync fiction.
Just To Be Close To You
A story that revolves around A.J.'s cousin Ali and Kevin.
Kiss the Flame
Offers an archive of writings and links.
Laura's Fan Fiction
Variety of Backstreet Boys stories.
Leap of Faith
Contains a Kevin Richardson romance story and sequel.
Left From Center
Includes Nick-centered fan fiction, facts, news, and humor.
Make It Alright
Story about how relationships and friends changes during Nick's life as a nine year old until 2002 and beyond.
Maybe I
Story on how Nick develops feelings for an R&B guitar player when he takes on a bet to turn her into a world famous pop star.
Mind Candy
Contains long and short stories, information, and links.
Moonlit Dreams
Contains novels and links.
More Than Dreams Fan Fiction
Contains stories and links.
More Than That
Includes stories, polls, author's information, poems, and links.
My Mind Flies and Carelessly Imagines
Offers original and hosted stories, HTML help, and links.
Mystery Lady's Mayhem
Backstreet Boys fan fiction. Hosting available.
Natural Log
Contains stories and links.
Never Thought That I Would Lose My Mind
Offers several chapters of fan fiction.
Nick Carter Fan Fiction
Home of story 'Holiday' and its sequel 'Truth'. Contains other stories and links.
Nick Carter Fan Fiction
Offers fan fiction, hosted stories, pictures, lyrics, and wallpapers.
No One Else Comes Close
Features original and hosted stories.
No Such Thing As Love
Fictional story revolving around Nick Carter.
Not Too Young and Not Too Old
Includes interracial stories, lyrics, biography, and games.
Obscure Thoughts
Includes novels, short stories, links, and authors' information. Also features 'N Sync, Five, and Westlife stories.
Once Upon A Time
Contains original and hosted stories, and links.
Original Fan Fiction
Contains stories with catches, twists, and endings.
Phat2Death Records
Multiple fiction, including 'Phat2DeathRecords' which focuses around the BSB's new record company.
Poison Ivy's Fan Fiction World
Offers original and hosted stories on each member, group, and others. Includes story hosting and links.
Pure Imagination
Home of 'Temporary Moment Of Bliss'. Includes stories, links, and mailing list.
Pure Nick Carter Fiction
Contains stories, links, pictures, biography, adoptees, web rings, collages, sound files, and charities.
Reflection Fan Fiction
Includes stories, pictures, and links.
Refuse To Lose
Home of the Backstreet Boys adventure/action fan fiction '7 Days' and the sequel 'Out Of Nowhere'. Includes other stories and links.
Rok Princess' BSB Fan Fiction
A few stories which mostly revolves around Brian, Nick, and Kevin.
Rose Trilogy
Trilogy fiction about a woman's sorrow, loss of love, and finding love again.
Shape of My Heart
Multi-story site featuring both finished and in-progress fiction.
Shining Star
Includes mainly Nick Carter stories, lyrics, and links.
Silent Words Fiction
Features Nick-centered stories. Also contains a journal and related-site links.
Simple Game of Tag, A
Story about two girls who gets to meet Backstreet Boys.
Simply Fantasies
Contains stories, information, and links.
Small Drop of Ink, A
Contains stories of several genres, journal, quotes, and links.
Soft Touches, Tender Kisses
Includes several genres of stories and author's information.
Sometimes Wishes Come True
Featuring novels, short stories and links. Home of 'Survivor', a Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync fan fiction.
Somewhere in the Stars
Collection of fan fiction. Accepts submissions.
Song in the Words, A
Home of 'Restless Hearts' and 'Don't Let Go'.
Special to Me
Fan fiction about Nick and how he finds love in someone so simple.
Stay With Me
Romance fiction about AJ and a girl named Christin.
Story Cart, The
Home of the baseball based fiction, 'Between The Lines' and other stories. Includes links.
Sweet Illusions
Contains original and hosted stories, information on Brian Littrell, wallpapers, and links.
Tales From The Backstreet
Contains fan fiction and links.
Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
Includes fiction, poems, and pictures.
Thoughts Of Wonder
Contains original and hosted stories, lyrics, links, and poll.
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Contains mostly Nick fiction. Hosted stories also available.
Truth Or Dare
Includes three stories, 'Lucky', 'Truth or Dare', and 'Be With You.'
Ultimate Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Web Site, The
Contains hosted stories and links.
Under Water Backstreet World
Backstreet Boys fan fiction. Stories for every member of the group.
Underneath the Stars
Includes original and hosted stories, information, and links.
Ain't Nothin But A Mistake
Provides humorous pictures, top-ten lists, television appearances, jokes, and poll.
And Stuff Like That
Contains humor, reviews, greeting cards, and links.
Backalley Boys, The
Contains humor and links.
Backstreet Bida's
Includes pictures, biographies, funny stories, and song parodies.
Backstreet Boys
BSB humor site with pictures.
Backstreet Butts
Contains humor, editorials, and links.
Backstreet Funnies
Comprehensive humor site featuring humor club, FAQs, cliques, support, fiction, links, parodies, quotes, reviews, web rings, and pictures.
Backstreet Humor: 'Coz They So Bootylicious!
Features humor and links.
Backstreet Jungle, The
Includes humor, pictures, and sounds.
Backstreet Place, The
Features Backstreet dictionary, parodies, pictures, and links.
Backstreet-omic Bomb
Features pictures with hilarious captions.
Backstreet's Laughing Place
Contains parodies, fan fiction, pictures, jokes, and reviews.
Contains tour information, pictures, fiction, adoption, quotes, biographies, news, lyrics, quiz, links, and cliques.
Breakfast Burritio Crew, The
Contains fake interviews and stories.
Buggie D
Contains humor, pictures, news, and links.
Bunchy Spandex
Contains links, pictures, quotes, and original materials.
Casa de Huckfinn
Backstreet Boys humor site.
Could You Do Me Right?
Home of 'Sexually Transmitted BSB' and original Backstreet fan art.
Provides parodies, multimedia, galleries, and links.
Da Phat Farm
Contains original materials, top ten lists, picture captions, quotes, and parodies.
Da Wack Thang
Backstreet Boys humor archive.
Da Westside Phat Farm
Contains humor, concert pictures, reviews, and commentary.
Find Your Own Identity
Offers humor, reviews, journal, links, and quotes.
Includes parodies, songs, and fan fiction.
Hit BSB One More Time
Contains fake interviews, stories, reviews, quotes, and pictures.
Holy Gucamole Batman!
Contains bloopers, dreams, thoughts, and pictures.
Hubbands Inc.
Contains pictures, humor, top ten list, reviews, and links.
Humor and Jank!
Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync humor. Includes parodies, pictures, and fictional stories.
I Resign In Florida
Contains pictures, fan fiction, and parodies.
Kevin and Some Other Dudes
Contains parodies, quotes, pictures, and top 10 lists.
Larger Than Life
Includes parodies, pictures, tour dates, and message board.
Mature BSB Site, The
Light hearted humor site.
More Than That : Backstreet Boys
Includes biographies, discography, TV appearances, lyrics, pictures, and links.
No Diggity
Includes parodies, pictures, and links.
Phat To Death
Contains news, pictures, links, and evidence.
Queen'Z of Backstreet
Includes humor and reviews.
Romancing The Bone
Offers links, parodies, pictures, biographies, interviews, and insight.
That's What I Thought
Contains humor and links.
Tight Like Cheese
Includes humor, links, and awards.
Tightie Whities Inc.
Includes fan fiction, news, and biographies.
Total D.A.
Includes funny pictures and links.
Features Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync humor.
Where We Resign
Contains fan fiction, quotes, interviews, reviews and images.
Whodaman, Inc.
Contains original stories, pictures, and quotes.
Yet Another Backstreet Humor Site
Contains humor, top tens, pictures, links, and 'N Sync humor.
You Know You Have Too Much Free Time When...
Offers pictures, quotes, mistakes, lyrics, and links.
All Pics: Backstreet Boys
Contains thumbnailed group pictures.
Backstreet Boys Lyrics
Contains 28 lyrics to Backstreet Boys songs.
Backstreet Boys Lyrics
Archive of the band's lyrics.
Backstreet Boys Song Lyrics
Offers lyrics sorted by albums. Backstreet Boys Lyrics
Contains lyrics to their albums and non-release tracks, and add a song feature. Backstreet Boys
Provides lyrics with printer friendly option.
Lyrically Squared: Backstreet Boys
Contains Backstreet Boys lyrics sorted by album.
OLGA - Backstreet Boys
Contains a bass tablature for 'Everybody'.
Backstreet Boys Black and Blue
Receive exclusive news and announcements from the official online street team for the Backstreet Boys.
Backstreet Multimedia
Receive winamp skins, wallpapers, desktop icons, sound files, and other multimedia related stuff in your inbox.
Backstreet News
Weekly zine delivered to your inbox with news and pictures.
Discussion mailing list for the elite Backstreet fans.
BSB Canada
Canadian-based emailing list providing pictures and news delivered to your inbox.
BSB Tastemakers
BSB Tastemakers are webmasters, yahoo club owners or egroup owners helping specifically with Backstreet Boys official online street team. Members will receive news and information on how they can promote BSB and 'Black and Blue'.
More Than That 2000
Fans helping to promote 'More Than That' by radio requests.
A large discussion group through emails. Send pictures and discuss about the Backstreet Boys.
AABSBS (Against Anti-Backstreet Boys Sites)
For fans of the Backstreet Boys wanting to stand up against anti-Backstreet web sites.
Artist Direct: Backstreet Boys
Offers a biography, photograph, links, and merchandise.
Backstreet Boys at Music Olympus
Includes band history, biographies, lyrics, pictures, news, and merchandise.
Backstreet Boys Bass Tabs
Bass guitar tabs for Backstreet Boys songs.
The Backstreet Boys in Elwood City
Features animated versions of Backstreet Boys, music video clips, lyrics, poster, coloring sheets, and links.
Backstreet Boys on PopNews247
Provides news direct to your mobile phone. Backstreet Boys
List of links ranked, rated and reviewed. Backstreet Boys
Resource guide including biography, album reviews, audio files, links, forum, newsletter, store, and pictures.
Launch: Backstreet Boys
Includes news, concert information, and music videos.
MTV: Backstreet Boys
Features music video clips, album reviews, and MTV Online Web exclusives. Backstreet Boys
Contains news, information, lyrics, MP3s, MIDIs, video clips, multimedia, and links. Backstreet Boys
Includes biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links, and message board. Backstreet Boys
Includes music, message board, mailing list, contact, and information.
Stop The Rumors
Ask the makers of the site questions and see if rumors are true or not. Backstreet Boys News
Offers updated news.
Backstreet Boys
Offers pictures and information about the group.
Backstreet Boys
Features mostly live photos.
Backstreet Boys Best Pictures
Offers galleries of photos and wallpapers.
Backstreet Boys Drawings
Hand-drawn portraits.
Backstreet Bunnys World
Contains a photo collection from magazines, video shoots, links, and biographies.
Backstreet Museum
Offers galleries of scanned photos of each Backstreet Boy and group pictures.
Best of Nick Carter
Includes pictures, facts, and visitors can submit Nick pictures.
Cleen's Favorite Guys
Pictures of Nick Carter, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter and others.
Deeds' Backstreet Gallery
Includes pictures, lyrics, message boards, fan experience, links, and information.
Contains pictures of Nick.
Nick Carter Haven, A
Contains pictures, facts, 100 reasons why we love Nick Carter, and news.
Nick Carter Pic-Torial, The
Contains galleries of images featuring Nick Carter.
Planet Backstreet
Contains pictures, biographies, links, and news.
What Dreams Are Made Of
Contains individual and group pictures, AOL icons, sound files, aaron carter pictures, and links.
Contains photos and biographies.
Backstreet Boys Lyrics
Offers color coding lyrics to 18 songs.
Tribute band from Ontario, Canada. A fan page with pictures, biographies, and show schedules.
Larger Than Life
Offers background information, photos, and fan fiction for this Canadian Backstreet Boys tribute band.
Backstreet Boys: The Realm Ring
Web ring of Backstreet Boys web sites.
Backstreet Boys Web Ring
Large group of web sites.
Backstreet Hunks Zone
A web ring for Backstreet Boys sites.
Bittersweet Delight Webring
Over 260+ listings of fan sites.
Brian Lovers Web Ring
Web ring for Brian Littrell's supporters.
Bsb CyberFans Web Ring
Over 1000+ listings of Backstreet Boys fan sites.
BSB Fan Fiction Web Ring
Web ring for Backstreet Boys fan fiction sites.
Mature BSB Fan Fiction
For adult rated or mature fan fiction sites.
Official site for AJ McLean's mother.
Backstreet Boys
Contains 27 MIDIs in a single .Zip file. Backstreet Boys
Download or share MIDI compositions of Backstreet Boys' songs.
All Backstreet Boys
Includes photos, lyrics, and MP3s.
Amanda's Backstreet Boys Web Page
Includes biographies, quotes, pictures, trivia, quizzes, newsletter, and awards you can win.
Apes 4 Backstreet Boys
Contains biographies, quotes, pictures, fan fiction, and links.
As Long As You Love The Backstreet Boys
Contains news, pictures, tour dates, real audio, biographies, and humor.
Ashleigh and Ashley's
Offers exclusive photos, polls, and chat room.
Backstreeet - Alwayz N 4 Ever
Contains pictures, news, biographies, sounds, and games.
Backstreet And Friends
Contains pictures, humor, downloads, encounters, fan fiction, and links.
Backstreet Asses
Contains pictures, diaries, lyrics, and cliques.
Backstreet Backstage Pass, The
Contains news, audio clips, videos, fan fiction, pictures, and tour dates.
Backstreet Basement
Includes pictures, message board, chat room, links, and charity information.
Backstreet Boys
Includes pictures, humor, fan fiction, news, and interview transcripts.
Backstreet Boys
Includes pictures, lyrics, discography, biographies, and news.
Backstreet Boys
Includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, picture gallery, and multimedia.
Backstreet Boys 2001
Provides picture gallery, song lyrics, biographies, and discography.
Backstreet Boys - If You Stay
Offers news, biographies, winamp skins, sound and video files, pictures, and links. Site in English and Hebrew version.
Backstreet: Boys 2 Men
Provides news, biographies, information, pictures, concert reviews, fan fiction, schedule, cliques, TV listings, and chat.
Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter
Features tour dates, discography, articles, biographies, and interviews.
Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter Page, The
Contains photographs, news, interviews, discography, and information on 'Live in Bremen.'
Backstreet Boys Black & Blue
Contains news, pictures, lyrics, music, information, articles, and links.
Backstreet Boys BLVD
Contains pictures, appearances, information, sound clips, and chat.
Backstreet Boys Cyberworld
Includes information, news, pictures, lyrics, message board, voting booth, and links.
Backstreet Boys Fan Site
Offers pictures, fan fiction, and links.
Backstreet Boys: Gab's BSB page
Contains pictures, lyrics, tour dates, and news.
Backstreet Boys: More Than That
Contains pictures, links, and parodies.
Backstreet Boys OnLine
Contains chat, pictures, greeting cards, and news.
Backstreet Boys Online
Includes news, interviews, pictures, discography, profiles, web rings, and sounds clips.
Backstreet Boys' Pages
Contains information, pictures, discography, lyrics, and links.
Backstreet Boys Playground
Offers sound files, interactive hair galleries, TV pictures gallery, mad libs, quotes, wallpapers, message board, links, and web rings.
Backstreet Boys Realm Philippines
Includes sound files, biographies, articles, quiz, chat, survey, greeting cards, message board, and fun facts.
Backstreet Boys Singing Sweeties
Includes pictures, biographies, lyrics, web rings, chat room, message boards, quotes, and quizzes.
Backstreet Boys Site, The
Contains lyrics, biographies, news, tour dates, and message board.
Backstreet Boys Universal
Offers pictures, biographies, videos, sounds, and chat.
Backstreet Boys Unlimited
Contains articles, pictures, lyrics, audio samples, quotes, chat room, postcards, and discography.
Backstreet Boys World
Features profiles, sound files, pictures, news, lyrics, and links.
Backstreet Boys World
Contains pictures, lyrics, quiz, and biographies.
Backstreet Boys World For Fans
Include photos, news, links, and sound files.
Backstreet Central
Includes articles, quotes, and photographs.
Backstreet Connection
Contains biographies, photos, and album information.
Backstreet Connection, The
Includes profiles and pictures of the boys, their girlfriends, the dancers, and the band.
Backstreet Cruise
Contains news, pictures, fan art, audio and video files, articles, biographies, links, lyrics, schedule, and desktop themes.
Backstreet Environment
Features Nick Carter and Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys.
Backstreet Escape
Contains links and photos.
Backstreet Fanatics
Offers pictures, lyrics, album reviews, and news.
Backstreet Fever
Includes pictures, news, and links.
Backstreet Forever
Includes interactive, fan fiction, pictures, and quotes.
Backstreet Heaven
Contains pictures, biographies, lyrics, sounds, and quotes.
Backstreet Heaven
Includes pictures, encounters, lyrics, links, and information.
Backstreet Heaven
Offers news, profiles, lyrics, reviews, poems, and interviews.
Backstreet 2K
Contains fan fiction, lyrics, pictures, and links.
Backstreet Love
Contains biographies, lyrics, and pictures.
Backstreet Mania
Includes biographies, trivia, and discography.
Backstreet Market
Provides self taken pictures, music gallery, TV listings, tour dates, and ticket information.
Backstreet Millennium
Contains pictures, biographies, news, cartoons, stories, and links.
Backstreet Millennium
Offers chat, pictures, lyrics, games, appearances information, and news.
Backstreet Ocean
Includes pictures, videos, and articles.
Backstreet Palace, The
Contains biographies, pictures, and links.
Backstreet Paradise
Contains fan fiction, pictures, biographies, concert reviews, and stories.
Backstreet Philippines
Includes news, pictures, humor, facts, and fan fiction.
Backstreet Place, The
Contains biographies, news, pictures, contests, games, and message board.
Backstreet Planet, The
Features news, biographies, lyrics, pictures, fan fiction, humor, poll, love test, cliques, links, adoptions, and message board.
Backstreet Power
Contains information, lyrics, multimedia, biographies, fan fiction, and links.
Backstreet Power
Contains multimedia, fans section, pictures, articles, interviews, quizzes, and links.
Backstreet Talk
Contains pictures, adoptees, protectors, and banners.
Backstreet Universal
Contains fan fiction, news, jokes, tour dates, and biographies.
Backstreet Utopia
Includes fan fiction, pictures, and concert review.
Backstreet World
Contains pictures, lyrics, chat, and message board. In English and French.
Backstreet Zone
Contains profiles and opinions.
Backstreetboys World
Includes biography, lyrics, and message boards.
Contains pictures, articles, fan fiction, lyrics, and links.
Contains multimedia, biographies, and a fan section.
Neatly presented comprehensive site with news articles, biographies, pictures, sound files, video clips, opinions, reader reviews, links, fan art, poems, message board, merchandise, polls, information, tour dates, TV/radio listings, and other features.
Backstreet's Back
Offers pictures, lyrics, and surveys.
Backstreets' Back
Contains biographies, pictures, quotes, fan clubs, and links.
Backstreet's Brothers: Frick and Frack
Offers pictures, lyrics, songs, and biographies on Nick Carter (Frack) and Brian Littrell (Frick). In English and Francais.
Backstreets' Digest
Online magazine featuring US and European pictures, biographies, and articles.
Backstreet's Galaxy
Includes lyrics, profiles, love match, message board, and poll.
Includes news, multimedia, links, message board, greeting cards, pen pals, games, swap shop, chat room, and fan creations.
Contains news, pictures, sound and video files, games, free e-mail, lyrics, and links.
Beautiful Backstreet Boys
Includes pictures, lyrics, and links.
Bel and Celly's BSB Page
Contains biographies, pictures, quotes, and fan fiction.
Black & Blue
Includes free e-mail, information, fan fiction, pictures, and links.
Blow Your Mind
Includes news, pictures, video and audio files, links, and wallpapers.
Brandy's Backstreet World
Contains biographies, fan fiction, discography, quiz, quotes, and pictures.
BsB 4 Eternity
Contains pictures, news, audio and video clips, and facts.
BSB and Aaron
Contains news, encounters, pictures, and news.
BSB and AirBoy World
With pictures and links.
BSB Crazy Mummies
Contains news, pictures, lyrics, message board, humor, and links.
BsB CyberFans
Offers articles, discography, multimedia, games, quotes, and links.
BSB Fans
Contains quizzes, mailing lists, and biographies.
BSB Luv Centre
Contains pictures, biographies, discography, lyrics, and fan fiction.
BSB: The One
Features news, pictures, biography, poll, quiz, and links.
BSB World
Includes news, facts, pictures, and links.
Contains information, pictures, and links.
Includes lyrics, facts, pictures, tour dates, and links.
Features news, pictures, links, articles, TRL tracker, and quotes of the group, Nick Carter, and Aaron Carter.
Bsboys World
Includes desktop themes, music, biographies, and pictures.
Includes fan fiction, pictures, information, tour dates, and TV appearances.
Contains profiles and pictures.
Camila's and Liz's World of Backstreet Boys
Features chats, pictures, message boards, information, and polls.
Chesky's Backstreet Boys
Includes pictures, sounds, and information.
Chremary's Backstreet Boys Page
Biographical information about each of the band members.
Cindy's Backstreet Men
Contains photos, news, and member profiles.
CKbe's Backstreet Boys
Contains information, pictures, lyrics, polls, slambook, and links.
Colette's Cool BSB Page
Includes biographies, lyrics, photographs, news, and links.
Cuz They're Back and They're Street and They're Da Boysss
Includes facts, quotes, and stories.
Da BSB Sweetness
Includes pictures, audio files, biographies, quotes, fan fiction, and links.
Dani's BSB World
Includes profiles, pictures, downloadables, links, and voting booth.
Days Of Thunder
Includes individual section for each boys, pictures, lyrics, audio, video, discography, and links.
Eileen's Back Street Boys Page
Contains band information, links, tickets information, and news.
Elyse And Elaine's Backstreet Boys Fanatic Page
Pictures, links, information, biographies, banners, graphics, and quotes.
Erin's Backstreet Heaven
Includes news, pictures, information, music, quizzes, polls, and lyrics.
Everyone is Wearing Black&Blue... Are You?
Contains news, pictures, biographies, lyrics, links, and fan fiction.
Five Guys, Two Girls, a Website, and a Pig?
Created by Jessica and Christa; all the pictures were taken by the two of them.
For You I Will
Features information, lyrics, pictures, message board, concert reviews, fan fiction, humor, and links.
Forever Backstreet
Biographies, news, pictures, and animations.
Frackie's Backstreet Planet
Photo, biographies, sound clips, news, and links.
Frick and Frack Website, The
Features profiles of Brian Littrell and Nick Carter. Includes lyrics, games, and polls.
Ghetto B and Angel's BSB-Files: A Place For True Fans
A site for BSB fans who can take a joke.
Girls Of Backstreet
Girls involved in the member's lives. Multimedia, encounters, and look-alikes.
Got Backstreet?
Pictures, quotes, news, and chat.
Gracie's Backstreet Boys Shrine
News, pictures, and links.
Gummie N Daniyo's
Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter site with pictures and songs.
Heaven In Their Eyes: Backstreet Boys
Includes of pictures, sound files, and games.
Hong Kong Backstreet Boys Site
Contains news, multimedia, pictures, articles, interactive, and a special section.
It's a Backstreet Thang
Contains news, links, pictures, articles, concert reviews, quotes, fan fiction, and humor.
It's Gotta Be You
Contains fan fiction, concert images, and reviews.
Jacinda's Backstreet Boy World
Offers biographies, photos, lyrics, pen pals, fan fiction, facts, quotes, and links.
JEK's BSB Blast
Includes pictures, quotes, and lyrics.
Jennifer's Backstreet Boys Web Page
Contains pictures, biographical facts, lyrics, quizzes, chat rooms, message boards, news, and merchandise.
Jenny's Backstreet Boys Site
Includes biographies and photographs.
Juliet's Backstreet Boys Webpage
Contains pictures from official online fan club, links, biographies, TV schedules, quotes, pictures, sound files, and videos.
Kara's BSB Page
Includes band information, pictures, stories, and quotes.
Kari's BSB Homepage
Contains lyrics, pictures, and profiles.
Karla's Fan site
Includes music, pictures, links, and information.
Kate's Backstreet World
Contains profiles, adoptions, pictures, fan fiction, polls, lyrics, and cliques.
Keeping The Backstreet Pride Alive Online
Includes news, biographies, ringtones, fan fiction, lyrics, message board, links, pictures, and quotes.
Kim and Ellen's Backstreet Heaven
Contains pictures, adoptees, dolls, links, poems, and reviews.
Kylie and Leesa's BSB Wonderland
Offers jokes, pictures, and personal details.
Night Out With The Back Street Boys, A
Contains lyrics, news, facts, pictures, downloads, and links.
Nina's BSB and Lance Bass Page
Offers pictures, MIDIs, baby pictures, polls, and lyrics.
No One Else Comes Close
Contains pictures, polls, fan fiction, biographies, quotes, and news.
Original Kings of Pop
Contains information, quotes, links, clubs, tour dates, interviews, lyrics, news, charity, games, and cliques.
People of Passion
Dedicated to BSB. With other groups such as LFO and Youngstown.
Perfect Fan, A
News, TV appearances, biographies, lyrics, and pictures.
Perfect Fan's BSB Wonderland, The
Includes news, links, pen pals, pictures, interviews, and articles.
Phat 2 Death
Includes fiction, lyrics, news, pictures, advice, tour dates, charity, unsigned artists, message board, quiz, and links.
Includes biographies, chat, facts, merchandise, voting booths, multimedia, quizzes, pictures, trading center, and celebrity deathmatch.
Reflections of BSB
Includes news, pictures, biographies, chat rooms, and forums.
Rhinestone Cowboys
Offers pictures, links, banners, cliques, and lyrics.
Sarah's BSB Heaven
Contains music, biographies, pictures, and news.
Contains pictures, lyrics, biographies, quiz, and history.
Shannon's Backstreet Boys Site
Contains lyrics, pictures, biography, and chat room.
Includes news, pictures, and links.
Steph's BSB Haven
Contains biographies, tour dates, lyrics, fan fiction, and links.
Sunflower's BSB Heaven
Includes biographies, lyrics, pictures, and message board.
Sweet Disguise
Contains links, fan fiction, backstreetism religion, biographies, news, and cliques.
Sweet Goose Love
Includes pictures, news, and information.
Includes pictures, multimedia, fan fiction, links, and interviews.
Backstreet World, The
Contains encounters, photos, lyrics, news, and links.
Two Girls, Some Guys, and a Website
Features Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Includes fan fiction, multimedia, and pictures.
Ultimate Backstreet Boys Website
Includes news, lyrics, and pictures.
We Want It BSB's Way
Pictures, lyrics, information, greeting cards, and polls.
Why Are You Trippin'?
Includes interviews, pictures, news, links, and information.
Worldwide loves Backstreet Boys
Pictures, sound files, news, and videos.
Zina's Backstreet Boys Site
Contains lyrics, pictures, biographies, chat room, quotes, news, message board, and links.
Kym's Backstreet Boy World
Includes pictures, chat, biographies, and message board.
Larger Than Life
Features news, pictures, and biographies.
Larger Than Life
Includes humor, pictures, audio files, fan fiction, and links.
Larger Than Life 2001
Includes news, pictures, polls, message board, links and quotes.
Lauren's BSB Homepage
Includes pictures, lyrics, and facts.
Lynn's Backstreet Boys Page
Includes pictures, biographies, lyrics, greeting cards, and tour dates.
Mandys Backstreet Boys Land
Biographies, pictures, facts, lyrics, links, and chat room.
Mandy's Backstreet House
Includes quotes, biographies, articles, and news.
Mel's Backstreet Domain
Offers lyrics, pictures, news, and biographies.
Features games, information, appearances, news, pictures, and collages.
Millennium Hotties
Includes photos, biographies, links, and polls.
My Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit Page
Includes pictures, sounds, lyrics, discography, biography, links, and news.
Never-Ending Party, The
Contains news, fan fiction, pictures, and lyrics.
New Millennium: The Backstreet Boys, A
Includes pictures, contests, polls, interviews, and articles.
Nicky and Christina's BSB Locker
Provides pictures, links, biographies, and 'Are You Backstreetiftied?'.
About Nick Carter and Brian Littrell. Offers multimedia, news, interviews, and tour dates.
Nic's BSB Page
Includes pictures, biographies, and a quiz. Also information and pictures of the tribute group, Backstreet.
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