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The Bangles
Official site. Biography, news, photo gallery, discography, lyrics, tour dates, desktop themes, poll, message board, fan club, and links.
The Bangle Chronicles
A timeline of recent Bangles events, packed with information about shows, releases, and chart positions.
Features sound files, photos, assorted trivia and the Bangles 3D World VRML chatroom.
The Bangles
Biography, pictures, screensavers, lyrics, videos and links.
Bangles @ Mr Bill's IRS Corner
Interesting page about the Bangles' first EP, part of this extensive website about IRS records. Also features a page on Debbi Peterson's band, Kindred Spirit
Bangles Boulevard
Features photos of the band, rumors/news, lyrics, top ten list, and links.
Bangles Collective, The
Features news, band history, and member biographies.
The Bangles Discography
Comprehensive and regularly updated discography for the Bangles, related bands and solo projects from Bangles members.
The Bangles Fan
Where Bangles fans can come and wreak a little havoc, see a few photos, and catch some news.
Bangles Japan Web
Well designed site in English and Japanese with lots of info on tours, releases and some great photos. When you visit you also get the Bangles' surf instrumental 'Bitchen Summer' playing in the background!
California Gurls
lots of photographs of the band
Complete Bangles, The
Includes photos and discographies for the group and individual members.
Die Deutsche/Englishe Bangles Website
Extensive English/German Bangles website, with a huge selection of English language articles, interviews and clippings from the press and online sources. The Bangles
Web-based, threaded discussion board.
Hazy's Place
Packed with photos of the Bangles and other bands including the Continental Drifters, the Delphines and the Go-Go's
The Music Vaults - the Bangles
Covering a number of artists, the Music Vault has lots of info on the band, one of the best features being the scans of trade ads for the releases of various Bangles records
Oldielyrics: Bangles
Lyrics sorted by album. The Bangles
Singer and guitarist Vicki Peterson talks to Jay S. Jacobs about the band's first studio album in fourteen years.
Tell Me
Fanzine dedicated to Susanna Hoffs and the Bangles.
Features various interesting photos and scans of the band, and assorted information.
Vicki Rockin' Goddess
Pictures, winamp skins for download, links, and magazine articles.
The Bangles - Doll Revolution
Jay S. Jacobs' review of the Bangles first album in fourteen years.
AMG All Music Guide: All Over the Place
Denise Sullivan's review: 'the release capitalized on the pretty, all-girl-group angle rather than the band's actual raw talent, which might otherwise have been too rough and retro for radio at the time.' 4 stars.
CMJ: All Over the Place
CMJ's review: 'a glorious ode to pop music with hooks galore, sweeping harmonies and just enough instrumentation that it's not too sacharrine sweet.' (June 25, 1984)
AMG All Music Guide: Different Light
Denise Sullivan's review: 'the band's vocal strengths shine through the gloss, and their pop sensibilities are not completely lost.' 3 stars.
Rolling Stone: Different Light
Laura Fissinger's review: 'The quartet might still be woodshedding in other areas, but in their harmonies they've already arrived, with a singular sound both fully developed and full of possibility.'
CMJ: Different Light
CMJ's review: 'a bit more 'sugar and spice and everything nice' to make it a more likely pop breakthrough LP.' (January 10, 1986)
AMG All Music Guide: Everything
Denise Sullivan's review: 'the band's original guitar-rock intent suffered at the hands of over-the-top song structures and production.' 2 stars.
Rolling Stone: Everything
Jimmy Guterman's review: 'their harmonies are the clearest and most evocative they've ever been - their voices float, coalesce and soar. The only problem is the lyrics.' 3 stars.
CMJ: Everything
CMJ's review: 'The production here is cleaner than before, which gives the lead vocals and the wonderful harmonies a terrific immediacy.' (October 21, 1988)
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