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Syd Barrett

Adrian's Album Reviews : Syd Barrett
Reviews with track listings and narrative.
Barret Zone
Syd Barret discography, pictures and a fan bbs.
Barrettsong Lucky Mojo Lyricset
Lyrics, songstories and related quotes.
Dolly Rocker
The Syd Barrett homepage. Includes articles, photos, discography, lyrics, chords, guitar tablature and FAQ.
Eskimo Chain
Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd fanzine, featuring links to news, reviews and articles.
Jack Feeny reviews: Syd Barrett
Reviews, profile, and poll.
Lost in the Woods
The story of the life of Syd Barrett.
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Information on Syd Barrett, the founder of Pink Floyd. Includes articles, photos, discography and song lyrics.
Song Lyrics Collection: Syd Barret
Lyrics indexed by albums, including cover pictures and release dates.
Syd Barret Archives
A compherensive site about Syd Barret, containing discography, lyrics, information.
Syd Barretina
A spanish guitarrist that plays Pink Floyd covers in Barcelona, Spain.
Syd Barrett: Scattered Needles
Hypertext chronology, concerts, interviews, lyrics, pictures, covers and tributes with sample wav files.
Syd Barrett's Crazy Diamond
Fan site features biography, and discography of albums and singles released in UK by either Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd during Syd's tenure.
Terrapin: The Syd Barrett Appreciation Society
Archive of Terrapin, the fanzine of the Syd Barrett Appreciation Society.
Atom Heart Mother - Syd Barrett
A simple page dedicated to Syd Barrett, with interesting quotes and pictures. This page is part of a Pink Floyd fan web site.
Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett Tribute
A tribute page to the founder of Pink Floyd. Includes a biography, photos and lyrics.
Half-buried Driftwood
Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd archive with images, lyrics, interviews, articles, and MP3s.
The Madcap Pages
Fan site with rare demos, live recordings, lyrics, discography, articles and interviews.
Patrick's Syd Barrett pages.
Includes photos, lyrics, discography, and interviews,
The Web Point for Syd Barrett Fans
Includes rumors, discography, images, interviews, and audio/video files. In English and Italian.
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