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Basement Jaxx

Astralwerks: Basement Jaxx
Record label site. Includes news, history, biography, discography, RealAudio, and multimedia.
Basement Jaxx - Rooty
Basement Jaxx's new album Rooty is out on XL Recordings on June 25th and is here previewed by
Basement Jaxx News:
News about Basement Jaxx continually updated from around the net.
MTV: Basement Jaxx
Profile, pictures, audio/video, news, and discography.
Muse: Basement Jaxx
Jim Carroll's interview with the group. Basement Jaxx
Biography, photographs, and news articles.
Yahoo Groups : Brixton Bass Pressure
Discussion group for fans of Basement Jaxx and Brixton Bass Pressure culture.
Crud Reviews: Basement Jaxx
Review of the band's album 'Rooty', by Priya Elangasinghe.
Metacritic: Basement Jaxx: Rooty
Reviews for Rooty by an array of music critics and publications.
The Official Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom: Basement Jaxx
Diamond Dog's review of the group's concert: 'this live set really is something to experience.' With photographs. Basement Jaxx
Review of the band live at The Brixton Academy in London. (June 22, 2001)
Ink Blot Magazine: Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Jesse's review: 'A few well-executed soul grooves give the record pacing and continuity, but this album's spirit is straight from the dancefloor.'
Popshot Magazine: Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Todd Anderson's review: 'Basement Jaxx have a few catchy tunes but nothing as good as Daft Punk, or even Fatboy Slim.' (January 15, 2000)
Salon: Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Amanda Nowinski's review: 'Basement Jaxx renovates the old house and gives it enough bad attitude to match the current trends of dark drum 'n' bass and hard electro.' (August 13, 1999)
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