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The Beatles Forum
Your one stop source for Beatles chat
Beatle Me This Beatle Me That
Large collection of articles to various news and information, photographs, fan fiction, lyrics, message board, and links.
Beatle Money
A financial history of the Beatles and related organizations. Includes economic environment, spending and income, legal and contractual matters.
Biographies, message board, calendar of the Beatles on TV, mailing list, news, games, lyrics, photographs, and other related information.
Multifaceted Beatles site featuring fan clubs, art gallery, greeting cards, fan fiction and songs, news, guitar tablatures, polls, albums, lyrics, movies, and solo careers.
(8749) Beatles
Minor planet named in honor of the 1960s British group, the Beatles.
The Beatles
Short biography of the bands four members.
The Beatles Archives
Detailed analysis of every unreleased group or solo recording from 1957 to 2001.
The Beatles Are Masters of the Universe
Song-by-song analysis of the Beatles greatest recorded compositions.
The Beatles Behind The Scenes
Detailed presentation of conversations and session activities, take-by-take, for selected recording sessions 1963-1969, by Andy Roman.
Beatles Cards Page
Beatles E-cards with midi music to send for free.
The Beatles Collectors' Reference Center
Specializes in information on Beatles counterfeit items, unauthorized merchandise, and other facts for collectors.
The Beatles Covers List
Large searchable database of other artists' recordings of Beatles songs; with artist name, album, release date, and reviews.
The Beatles Domain
Rare photos, misheard lyrics, the 'Dear Prudence' advice column, unusual Beatles facts, magazine articles from the mid 1960s, and humorous letters and tributes.
Beatles Guide UK
Discography, history of the Cavern Club, songs by Lennon and McCartney recorded by others, photo gallery, and a virtual tour of the Beatles' hometown.
Beatles in Austrialia
Discography, albums, singles, and EPs unique to release in Australia. Information on 'Yellow Submarine,' '1,' and The Beatles 1964 tour to Australia.
The Beatles In Sweden
Information on The Beatles Swedish tours, releases, chart activity, and the Karlaplan studios recordings from 1963.
The Beatles Live And Session
Extensive web site with details of live performances, recording sessions, acetates, promos, TV and radio sessions, official recordings, and bootlegs.
The Beatles Museum
Displays scans of original memorabilia and pictures of Beatles places. View or download images from their galleries. Information for collectors and fans.
A Beatles Recording Timeline
A chronology of The Beatles' recording history, including both bootleg and legitimate album tracks, with session notes.
Beatles Re-Generation
Invitation to enter the 1960's and the Beatle era. Pictures, biographies, and the highs and lows of being a modern fan. Fab Four Fiction and related subjects.
The Beatles Reunion Recording Sessions
Details recording and mixing sessions for the 1990s Anthology reunion project.
The Beatles Studio
Current news, biography, filmography, lyrics, and discography. Information on bands history and their solo years.
The Beatles Worldsite
News, lyrics, MIDIs, biographies, fanclubs, museum, conventions, band history, bulletin board, links to merchandise, and other information.
Showcase of the 2000 album '1'. Includes single sleeves and labels, photos, archival recording documents, and multimedia.
A fan community includes articles, upcoming events, forum, news, discography, Beatles festivals, links, and other information.
The Black Album: Banana Press Beatles Page
Bootleg information and news, including the Twickenham Sessions, the John Barrett tapes, new releases, plus interviews, essays, and some audio clips.
Center of Beat: K&K
Current Beatles' news and activities, photo archive, information and link to the Star Club, and information on Astrid Kirchherr and purchasing her photography. German and English translations.
Cosmopolis: The Beatles
Biographies of all band members.
Dale Chan's Beatles World
MIDIs and lyrics, biographies, discography, news, filmography, memorials, and other Beatles facts.
The Fab Four Beatles
Information on the group and their solo careers, including news, biographies, discographies, photo gallery, MIDI files, WINAMP skins, links to tablature and chords.
Free as a Bird
List of the references in the music video, with their corresponding images.
Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Site
Extensive listings of news, information on recordings, fan clubs, and related artists. Source of bootleg information, now available through prior authorization.
I Am The Beatles
Their history, albums, songs, lyrics, and what the lyrics mean. News on album collections and answers to fan questions.
I Should Have Known Better
Beatles trivia questions with answers.
The Internet Beatles Album
A collection of related information, sound and picture files for study by fans and scholars to explore Beatlemania and its impact on music and society.
The Liverpool Beatles Album
Liverpool-based mirror of The Internet Beatles Album. Mostly the same, with some variations in graphics.
Information for fans includes news, song and video clips, lyrics, scans, photos including studio shots, screensavers, wallpapers, games, essays, trivia, and calendar of events.
Real Beatles
Current news, discography with UK and USA album release dates and miscellaneous information, forum, and links. Home Page
Facts and trivia; as well as links to articles covering Beatles history, discussion, and analysis.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Inductee biography.
Sgt. Pepper's Army
Beatles news, history, essays, resources, and links.
The Spanish Beatles Page
Audio, video, and photo archives, desktop themes, lyrics, trivia, news, and a message board. Bilingual site in Spanish and English.
The Temple of Beatlism
The discovery, contemplation, and explanation of the four Beatles inside everyone and how to reach a balance and avoid 'the Yoko' force.
99.5 the Mountain: The Beatles
Information on the 'Breakfast with The Beatles' radio program on 99.5 FM in Colorado. Also discographies, references, voice/audio clips, news, and photographs.
This Week With The Beatles
The daily, weekly, and monthly events in Beatles history.
Troni's Beatles Archive
Archive of appearances on German television. News, tracklists, analysis, and video references of Anthology in Germany. List of fanclubs and magazines.
What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List
Collection of melodic mishaps or the little sounds and curiosities which can be found within the Beatles' recordings.
World of Music: The Beatles
Beatles Adverts
Scans of advertisements placed in the British press by Parlophone and Apple Records to publicize The Beatles' records, 1963-1970.
The Beatles Bad Handwroter Archive
Scans of original handwritten lyric manuscripts by the Beatles; as well as links to news articles on lyric sales and exhibitions.
The Beatles: From Abbey Road To Cyberspace
Features latest news, original articles, and reviews about the Beatles and John Lennon.
Beatles London News and Information Service
News, interviews with people that worked with the band, details of London Beatles walking tours, and list of current fan clubs.
The Beatles Ultimate Experience
The Beatles story, 1963 to the break up and through the solo years, told through interviews and quotes with photos and animations.
Beatles Unlimited Magazine
Based in the Netherlands and published bi-monthly for fans. Links to news sources and information on the annual international Dutch Beatles convention.
Beatlology Magazine
The magazine for collectors of Beatles memorabilia with articles and many current photographs. Back issues and subscription information.
Blue Jay Way
Articles, essays, reviews, and links.
A History of Beatles Bootlegs
An essay dealing with the chronology of Beatles bootlegs from 1969 to 1979. Originally posted to the newsgroup in May, 1998.
Musicradio WABC Beatles Page
Essay remembering The Beatles' visits to New York City. Includes RealAudio interviews, promos, jingles, and airchecks.
My Episode With The Beatles: RagaNet Issue #3
Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish recalls working as one of the Indian musicians on the 'Help' soundtrack, and being invited to instruct George's wife on the Dilrubha.
Off The Beatle Track
Beatles London news and information service, with tributes and photograph gallery. Also local tours and guides. The Beatles
News articles and interviews, as well as lyrics, pictures and biographies.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Page
Brief article and chronology on the recording of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' extracted from 'The Beatles at Abbey Road' by Mark Lewisohn, 1987.
Beatles Widows Accept Award
Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison accept a special Grammy award on behalf of the 'Fab Four' to mark the 40th anniversary of their explosion on to the US music scene. Article from an Australian news source. (February 9, 2004)
CNN: My View: 40 Best Beatles Songs
In honor of the 40th anniversary of their appearance on Sullivan's television show, a personal list of the top 40 Beatles songs. (February 9, 2004)
It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Beatles Win Grammy for Decades of Inspiration
The Beatles receive the 'President's Award' during the 2004 Grammys. Press release with quotes. (February 9, 2004)
Ladies and gentlemen ... The Beatles!
DJs and rock journalists share their memories of one really big show 40 years ago. Article by Lynne Margolis; contributor to The Christian Science Monitor. (February 9, 2004)
Newsday: Beatlemaniacs Prep For 40th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion
Article summarizing events that will mark The Beatles anniversary of their first visit to the U.S. (January 16, 2004)
BBC News: Hey Jude Lyrics Up For Auction
Information and history of the hand written lyrics which was auctioned in London on April 30, 2002. (February 22, 2002)
BBC News: Historic Beatles Stage For Sale
The church hall stage where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met in 1957 is going on sale at a memorabilia auction. (November 26, 2001) Beatles Swing Into Dot-Com Age
The Beatles are to launch their first official Web site, more than 30 years after the group split up. (November 2, 2000)
JS Online: Beatle's 60 Years Spark a Hard Day's Awakening
Article written around Ringo's 60th birthday, reflecting on the Beatles then and now, and the aging of the baby boomer generation. (July 20, 2000)
BBC News: Beatles Anthem is Millennium Song
'All You Need is Love' has been chosen as the anthem to herald in the new millennium in Britain. (December 18, 1999)
BBC News: Beatles to Mark Dome Debut
Dome chiefs searching for a song to herald the new millennium must choose between two Beatle classics. (December 12, 1999)
MTV News Online: Beatles Reunion Not Happening, Says Apple
Report of a rumored reunion and related music links. (July 13, 1999)
VH1: A Hard Day's News For Beatles Fans: There's No New Song
Beatles spokesperson admits he misled the public when he said an unreleased 1968 song had been found. (June 9, 1999)
The Blacklisted Journalist: Let's 'Ave A Larf
Al Aranowitz writes a column in which the journalist relates how he introduced The Beatles to Bob Dylan, among other things. (October 1, 1995)
Everyone But Paul Is Dead
Article explores evidence and clues that every Beatle except Paul died in the early sixties and were replace and re-replaced by doubles. (August 31, 1994)
The Beat Void
Message board and Beatle fan discussions.
The Beatle Board
Message boards with various topics.
The Beatles At Large
Invitation to join and contact information for this chat and discussion group.
Beatles Collectors
Subscription information for this e-mail discussion group for collectors of Beatles memorabilia.
Beatles Collectors Worldwide
Chat room and message board for and about collectors.
The Beatles: Paul John George Ringo
Message board with various topics on the members of the Beatles, as a group and solo artists, including Pete Best.
The Beatles Trivia Mailing List
Subscription information for this e-mail mailing list.
The Beatles World
A message board to discuss the music of The Beatles. Forums
Post news and discussions regarding the Beatles.
Subscription information for this E-group with news and related topics.
DM's Beatles Forums
Discuss concerns, meet other fans, and get answers to your questions. Message board.
Discussion, commentary, and message board.
Magical Mystery Site
Several forums for Beatles information, news, fun, and games.
The Internet Beatles Resources List
Cut and paste these links to view various Beatles sites.
Marmalade Sky
Links to Beatle sites and photos.
Monkees and Beatles FanFic Webring
Ring for sites featuring either Monkees or Beatles fan fiction. Membership rules and submission requirements.
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da Beatles Ring
Contains small list of sites and signup information.
Results About: Beatles
Includes links to music, images, merchandise, information, and fan sites.
The Ring of Beatles Bootlegs
Includes a small list of Beatles bootleg sites and signup information.
The Simpsons Archive: Beatles References and Appearances
Indexed by season and described; with organized links to full information for the episode cited.
Z401: The Music of the Beatles
Large Beatle link source and information on this course offered at Indiana University: School of Music.
Across the Universe
Links to articles and annotated discographies of Beatles recordings.
Back in The USSR
Listing of original LPs, EPs, and singles from all over the world, with complete discographies. Large collection of picture sleeves.
The Beatles: A Chronicle in Vinyl: 1962-1970
A complete US and UK discography with lyrics.
Beatles CD and Album List by Douglas Boynton Quine
Vinyl and CD discography, with US and UK release dates. Links to song list, FAQs, and to purchase recordings.
Beatles Discography
Includes the complete British and American discographies with all the singles, EPs, albums, films, fan-club records, and session details for every Beatles song.
The Beatles Discography 1962-1970
Lists UK and USA LPs, EPs, and 45s. Organized by albums and song titles.
Beatles in Spain
Discography and scans of covers and labels of records by the Beatles in Spain; either sang as backup or a group, produced, or were Apple releases.
The Beatles Revolver
Facts, pictures, links, and other little known information about The Beatles 7th album, 'Revolver.'
The Beatles: The Most Important Songs From The Most Important Band of All Time
Discography organized by era. History and commentary on many well known songs.
Kstarz's Beatles Desktops
Large collection of wallpapers featuring the Beatles as a group and as individual members.
My Favorite Beatles Songs
MP3 sampling of various Beatles tunes.
Time and Again: Beatlemania
Short video clips of footage from The Beatles visits to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Cleveland; taken from MSNBC TV News.
Wallpapers by Gabor Peterdi
A collection of Beatles wallpapers, WinAmp skins, and screensavers.
Yellow Submarine Cursor
Download a little yellow sub that floats around.
Beatles Hughest Fan
Presents information on the individual members, as well as quotes, polls, and links.
Beatles Ireland
Information and Beatlemania facts with current news, tours, magazine, membership, and meeting times of the fan club.
Beatles Unlimited International
Dutch fan club since 1963 and publishers of the Beatles Unlimited Magazine. Includes annual convention information, discographies, news, and other features.
The Fab Four Forever Club
Invitation to join membership. Newsletter and archives, chat, and links.
All My Life
Beatles romance fan fiction about an aspiring singer and the 'Cute' Beatle.
The Beatles
Essays written by a fan of the Beatles on all the aspects of Beatlemania.
Beatles Fan Fiction
Several stories, novels, and plays, as well as a writers' directory, advice, and discussion list.
Bungalow Bill's Beatle Fan Fiction
Stories, links, and photographs.
From Liverpool to the Toppermost of the Poppermost
Read about John, Paul, George, Stuart, and Ringo in this novella about their pre-Hamburg days.
Nowhere Land's Beatle Fan Fiction Club!
Workshops and information center for writers and readers of Beatles fiction.
Rational Magic: With Strings Attached
Fiction featuring The Beatles.
Rooftop Sessions
Beatles' related fan fiction. Submissions accepted and vote for your favorite story.
Abbeyrd's Beatle Page
Archive of news and analyses related to the band, news briefs, calendar of events, TV alerts, and reviews.
Across The Universe
Beatles fanzine based in Australia. Current news, information, and photographs, as well as editorials and opinions.
All About The Beatles' Butcher Cover
Essays, articles, and information on the controversial album art for 'Yesterday and Today.' Related photographs and sound files in .wav and RealAudio.
Magazine for fans, with past or present and group or solo news. Subscription and newsletter information.
Musical Bulletin Board: Beatles On TV
Television appearances for the Beatles as a group or as solo artists. Your Beatles Internet Resource Guide
Directory of categorized annotated links to related sites.
The Beatles
Links to informational lists and essays.
The Beatles At the Web Spot
Short biography and a large collection of links to collector and fan information, photos, memorabilia, record grading guide, and related sites.
Beatles, Beatles, Beatles
Hundreds of annotated, uncategorized links to related sites.
The Beatles Cavern Ring
Contains list of sites and signup information.
Beatles FanFic Ring
Links together other sites created for the purpose of sharing Beatles fan fiction. Code information and links to member sites.
The Beatles Lover's Webring
Includes list of sites in the ring and sign up information.
The Beatles Ring
Main site and headquarters of this webring with information and links to member's sites.
Beatles Search
Small collection of links to fan and shopping sites.
The Beatles! Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Small webring for any type of Beatles related sites.
Internet resource index with a large link collection to assorted Beatles topics.
Cool Beatles Sites
Links to several Beatles related fan pages and commercial sites.
Guide to Beatle sites on the Web, divided into specific topics.
Fans of Beatle Fan Fiction Web Ring
Contains list of fan fiction sites and signup information.
Fool on the Hill
Links to Beatles news, information, and other fan's sites.
Glass Onion Web Ring
Contains list of sites and signup information.
The Beatles Total Collaborations
Reference guide to Beatles and solo sessions of other groups where the members of the Beatles assisted in some manner.
The Beatles U.S. Discography
Complete chronological USA albums, singles, EPs, and Christmas fan club releases.
Information About The Beatles Music
Large informative list of released and unreleased songs that the Beatles performed or wrote, albums including bootlegs, interviews, and books.
Music of Beatles
A complete discography of the group from 1961 to 1969. All titles with sound clips and some with lyrics.
Online radio station broadcasting the band's songs in Quicktime format.
The Beatles Bootleg Exchange
New featured recordings and track listings of discs offered monthly.
The Beatles Cafe
Scroll down to click on the apple, and then hear snippets of tape loops from 'Revolution 9'.
The Beatles Complete
Real Audio and MP3 clips. Multilingual web site in English, Spanish, and French.
Beatles Forever
Electronic songbook. Russian and English translations.
Beatles in Stereo
Short audio clips from a few of their songs, with some forwards/backwards clips. Links to other related sites.
The Beatles Jukebox
Listen to Beatles songs and read their lyrics. Also news, a chat room, and trivia.
Beatles Movie Page
Several pages of clips in Windows Media Player Format. Each clip contains a complete Beatles' song from one of their movies.
The Beatles Ultimedia Page
News, sound files in MP3 format, video clips in Quicktime format, links to other sound file compilations.
Celebrity Desktop: Beatles
Small collection of related wallpapers, screen savers, and desktop themes.
Da Gooroo's Beatles Beatlegs
MP3 bootlegs of John, Paul, George, and Ringo available for download.
Deejay's UK Beatles Site
Album cover scans, songs in MIDI format, and short song clips in MP3 format, from UK releases from 1963 to 1988.
Guido's Music and Art Cellar: The Beatles
The Beatles songs in MIDI and .wav formats, and a small collection of links to Beatles related sites.
Keby's Place: The Beatles
A fan reflects on Beatlemania and shares many downloads of their hit songs.
Silver Tears
A beginning fan fiction writer shares her story about George. Short auto-biography and character wardrobe pictures.
Time Travel to a Hard Day's Night
Marty and Doc of 'Back to the Future' meet the Beatles in this fan fiction story.
Across the Universe
Beatles biographies, history, photos, trivia game, and interactive material like a chat room or message board.
Alan Lowell's Beatle Site
US discography with links to collectors' notes. List of Beatles LPs and picture sleeves for sale. Related links.
All You Need is Beatles
Fan site includes humor, poetry and fiction, MIDIs, quotes, lyrics, as well as personal information and views.
Amy's Beats Page
Discography, quiz, pictures, mailing list, and other Beatles' fan information.
Andrei Varusha's Beatles Page
Lyrics to songs, discography, history, and pictures.
Beatle Games
Large assortment of Beatles themed games, such as trivia, word search, puzzles, matching, Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and Jeopardy.
Beatle Insania
Brief biographies of each member and links to other Beatles web sites.
Beatle Tribute Site
Fan features pictures, facts, and links. George, John, Paul, and Ringo have their own information pages.
Beatlemania: A Tribute
Pick a Beatles song and learn of their history or view photos and lyrics arranged by album. 'Paul is Dead' clues and other related information.
The Beatles
Pictures, profiles, and tributes; as well as quotes, polls, and wallpapers.
The Beatles
History and a time line, pictures, and discography.
The Beatles: A Collection
Information on Israeli released Beatles albums, singles, and other items. Essay on The Beatles in Israel. Scans of Hebrew-language articles and news clippings.
The Beatles: A Piece Of Flaming Pie
Band history and biographies, UK discography and lyrics, movie reviews, trivia, essay on skiffle, and the Lennon/McCartney partnership.
The Beatles: Across The Universe
Message board, pen pal pool, trivia, pictures, surveys, polls, fan written essays, and other related material.
The Beatles by Claudia
News, stories, past convention information, and pictures. Available in English and Spanish.
The Beatles by Coyote
Multimedia biographies and sound files in MIDI and RealAudio formats.
Beatles Central
Information including pictures, movies, misheard lyrics, tributes, as well as unknown facts and trivia.
Beatles Diary in My Life
A fan writes a diary about the Beatles. Also, pictures from several famous Beatle locations in London and Liverpool. Japanese and English.
Beatles Guestbook
Postings from fans and friends from around the world about The Beatles or the individual members of the group.
The Beatles Help! In The World
Contains cover images and catalogue information of 'Help' as released throughout the world. Large photo gallery.
Beatles in the Sky with Diamonds
Lyric analyzing, biography, a study on their impact on music, pictures, and quotes from other artists.
Beatles Mania Site
History and tributes. Also polls, games, clubs, and links.
The Beatles: Nuff Said
Fan commentary with a survey.
Beatles Number 9
A fan presents news, games, links, and a message board. Updated daily. Offers a weekly newsletter.
The Beatles on Abbey Road
News, facts and trivia, photos, memorial pages, web graphics and goodies, audio clips, club, chat, and message board.
The Beatles: Pepperland
Lyrics, fan fiction, and a remembrance of George Harrison.
The Beatles: Pep's Website
Tribute includes MIDIs, MP3s, pictures, forums, discography, biography, filmography, FAQs, downloads, and lyrics. English and Catalan versions.
The Beatles Pictures and Biography
Early history of their beginnings, with a few photographs.
The Beatles Story
Historical essay.
Beatles Stuff
A few photographs and related links.
Beatles Tribute Page
Profiles, album list, and links.
The Beatles Tribute Page
Features downloads, pictures, song list, personal photographs at Beatles related locations, UK and US album information.
History, biographies, discographies of US and UK releases, lyrics, filmography with details and link to the 'A Hard Day's Night' trailer in QuickTime format, newsletter and chatroom.
Come Together with The Beatles
A young fan's tribute to the band provides fact files, discography, and personal comments and thoughts.
David Alan Scott Jr.'s Beatles Page
Brief history, CD discography, bootlegs, articles on Anthology, and recommended books. Related links.
David's Beatles Page
Biography of band members, lyrics with guitar chords, and discography.
DM's Beatles Site
Full UK and US discography, complete song index, history, pictures, message board, chat, survey, mailing list, links, and Lennon lyrics.
Don's Beatlesite
Photographs, commentary and stories, and a quiz.
Fab 4
Detailed member biographies and pictures, with a link to tablature and a news source.
The Fab Show: Takumu Tada's Beatles Page
Information on The Beatles' guitars and who played lead on which songs.
Gentry's Home on the Web
Beatles fan offers lyrics, some pictures, and downloadable music files to a few of their songs.
Gerrit's Nothin' But Complete Beatles Page
News, Dutch books, articles in English and Dutch, scans and track lists of some bootlegs.
Get Back
Telling the Beatles history through articles, pictures, tributes, lyrics, documents, and related information of interest to fans.
Guilherme Lentz' Beatles Website
Individual member profiles with each of their discography, bootlegs, singles, special releases, and musical contributions featured.
Helter Skelter
E-cards, lyrics, quizzes, and reported inspiration behind a few of the Beatles songs.
Hopelessly Devoted
Dedicated to Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Current news and updates, pictures, and other fan information.
Idle Hands Beatle Site
Desktop themes, screensavers, a fan fiction novel, a controversial discussion of The Fool on the Hill, and video-capture investigations of moments from their movies.
Inches On The Reel To Reel
One fan features his Beatles trade list and bootleg collection.
List and scans of all Beatles stamps. Candid personal pictures of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.
Jeannie's Beatles Page
Mailing list, photos, trivia, chat, message board, and a memory scrapbook from a fan around in 1964.
JLennonGrrl's Beatles Page
Biographies and photos of the Beatles and each band member.
John, Paul, George and Ringo: The Beatles
Pictures and Midi files, with individual links to biographies of each of the Fab Four.
July 6, 1957
The meaning of the date, lyrics, Beatles Believe-It-Or-Not, mythology surrounding the group, and quotes.
Kerry's Beatles and Paul McCartney Site
Multiple photographs, along with discography, games, trivia, lyrics, songs recorded by other artists, video clips, and polls.
The King is Naked: 60IF
Claims that Brian Epstein and Paul McCartney were kidnapped and killed by the KKK. Pictures and commentary.
Lennon - McCartney
Their musical partnership is featured with photos, song clips in RealAudio format, John's story of how The Beatles began, and tablature.
Long Live The Beatles
Member profiles, photos and facts.
LovelyRita's Magical Mystery Tour
Biographies including Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe, photos, memorial pages to John Lennon and Linda McCartney.
Magical Mystery Tour
Details and data on albums, covers, trivia, birthdays, myths, memories and memoirs, as well as other fan information on The Beatles.
Marcos' Beatles Page
Pictures, quotes, lyrics, filmography, discography, articles, tabs, and electronic postcards.
Matt's Beatles Page
Photos, MIDI files, tablatures, lyrics, chat, and links.
Mcrtnyfan's Beatles Homepage
Photos, articles, trivia, MIDIs, and links to Beatles sites.
Meg and Julia's Gear Page
Beatles pictures, stories, related link page, a forum and club, and information with pictures about the authors.
Michael's Beatles Page
Discography of official recordings and bootlegs, lyrics listed by album title, German and English books about The Beatles. A few early photos by Astrid Kirchherr.
Mike's Beatles Page
Quotes by the Beatles, discography, MIDI files, backward messages, and past news articles.
Nadia's Beatles Site
Chat room and photograph collage. Also a few pictures of actual Liverpool sites.
The Norwegian Beatles Page
Facts, pictures, lyrics, and history. A fan page in English and Norwegian.
Octopus's Garden
Photographs, facts, and profiles.
Ottawa Beatles Site
Offers a timeline, news, UK singles discographies, articles, essays, and other topics including John's psychedelic Rolls Royce. Discussion group and a newsletter.
Penny Lane
Biographies of The Beatles and their associates, concert information pre-1970, films, 'Paul Is Dead' clues, poll, news, webrings, and other related topics.
Pepperland: Nothing is Real
Explores Beatlemania and revisits the 1960s. Collecting ideas, memories of December 8, 1980, CD and bootleg reviews, pictures, and other related topics.
Plastic Soul
Contains lyrics, pictures, movie stills and information, quotes, 'Paul is Dead' clues, a section dedicated to Lennon and Harrison, and other related data.
Remembering The Beatles
Personal memories with pictures, animation, MIDIs, links to posters, books, and CDs, plus a movie clip.
Rocking with The Beatles
Presents photographs, biographies, quotes, links, and trivia.
Rocky Racoon's Road House
A tribute page to the Beatles.
The Sgt. Pepper's Cover
Features the design of The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album and includes biographical information on the people featured on the cover, like Albert Einstein, Tom Mix, and Marilyn Monroe.
Sooz's Beatles Collector Pages
News, TV and magazine alerts, feature articles, fan photos, and shopping.
Starshyne's Fab Beatles Reference Page
A site dedicated to finding Beatles' references in songs, movies, and TV shows.
Steve Clifford's Beatles Website
A large informational site for Beatles collectors and fans. All aspects of Beatlemania featured.
Beatles interviews, trivia, and member profiles.
Strawberry Fields Forever
A tribute to The Beatles with personal quotes, short essays, audio clips in MP3 format, pictures, and a guestbook.
Strawberry Fields Forever: From the Netherlands
Information including video clips, audio files, pictures and magaizine covers, animations, 1 hour of music, 5 episodes of the Beatles cartoons, and other related fan fun.
Strawberry Real
Includes Beatles' quotes, profiles, and FAQs.
Take A Magical Mystery Tour Down Penny Lane
Profiles of each Beatle, photo gallery and baby pictures, quotes, pictorial tribute to Linda McCartney, tribute bands, and other fun fan information.
Tijl Vanbrabant Homepage
Dates and location of events that featured either McCartney or Starr, as well as personal photographs and commentary.
Tim Brent's Yellow Submarine Page
A fan pays tribute to the Beatles' 1968 'Yellow Submarine' film and music. Commentary and related merchandise.
Waterfalls: The Beatles Fan Site
Biography, discography, poll, message board, a review of 'Yellow Submarine' songtrack and '1' album. English and Japanese.
Wild Honey Pie
Information on The Beatles along with music videos, rare MP3s, images, Wav files, interviews, and other related data.
Beatles site with pictures, polls, articles, quotes, a quiz, and lyrics.
Beatle Kids Pics
Pictures, information, and birthdays of all The Beatles' children.
The Beatles First Wives Club
Information on Cynthia Lennon, Patti Boyd, Maureen Starkey, and Paul's first public girlfriend Jane Asher.
Bernstein, Sid
Interview and information on his book titled 'Not Just The Beatles,' detailing his life from within and his long career in the music business. Presented by
Best, Pete
Former drummer talks about his time with The Beatles in a question and answer session from the UK.
Black, Cilla
Television host and pop singer who started in 1963 along side of The Beatles. Featuring music and news, pictures, multimedia, and biography.
Dolan, Mike presents a personal remembrance from 1968, as told by Mr. Dolan, of being in India with The Beatles.
Epstein, Brian
Official site with news and information on the man who discovered The Beatles and was their first manager.
Evans, Mal
Information on The Beatles' road manager from the summer of 1963 until they broke up. Audio interview clips.
Harrison, Dhani
Fan site titled: Rubberneckin'. Features information on George Harrison's son, Dhani. Profile and facts, photographs, news articles and interviews.
Kirchherr, Astrid
Profile presented by, of this early friend and style influence to The Beatles.
Leach, Sam
An early promoter of The Beatles, and pioneer of Merseybeat. Lecture information, personal anecdotes, and photographs.
Lennon, Cynthia
Two fans present a profile and photographs, from the 1960s to present, of John's first wife.
Lester, Richard
Biography and insight into his work as a film director. Article taken from and published in June 1999.
Livingston, Alan W.
Career highlights of this ex-president of Capital Records who signed The Beatles.
Murray The K
Official site of the New York City disk jockey who became the unofficial American spokesman for the Beatles. Biography, photo album, sound bites and video.
Pang, May
Official web site of a former girlfriend of John Lennon; with news, biography, photos, and FAQ.
She Loves You
Biographies, photos, news, and articles about the former or current girlfriends and wives of The Beatles.
Shine On
A tribute to those who helped build The Beatles, but have died. Include Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, Derek Taylor, Maureen Cox Starkey, and Linda McCartney among others.
Sullivan, Ed
Brief informational site on the man who hosted the CBS television show that brought The Beatles into the American consciousness. Pictures and related links.
Sutcliffe, Stuart
Short biography of this early friend of The Beatles.
Taylor, Derek
Biography, tribute, and remembrances from friends.
Vollmet, Jurgen
A detailed interview by iGALLERY with this famed photographer. Links to his photo gallery.
Voormann, Klaus
Official web site with history, a gallery of his art work, news, information on his 'Hamburg Days,' and items for sale.
Photographs by Marc Weinstein taken at Shea Stadium, New York, in 1965.
Beatles Bistro
Photograph gallery with rare and unusual pictures. Also offers 1960 articles on the band.
The Beatles by Ethan Russell
A few photographs from his session with The Beatles.
Beatles Forum Icons
Static and animated icon images for fans to use in their forum profiles.
The Beatles' Liverpool and London
A fan takes personal pilgrimages to Liverpool in 1999 and London in 2000, and shares photographs and commentary.
The Beatles Photo Gallery
Collection of photos from most eras.
Beatles Picture Page
Large collection of thumbnailed pictures and a screen saver.
Beatles Posters Guide
Provides information and prices of available Beatles posters, along with related links and Beatles news.
The Beatles Web Spot Photos
Features early photographs, as well as rare and hard to find.
Beatles Xmas Archives
Beatles related Christmas items including photos and images such as a 1958 Christmas card sent by John to Cynthia and a 1968 drawing by John.
Bryan's Beatles Archives
Scans and pictures of the author's memorabilia collection with written commentary.
Dave Dermon III's Beatles Singles Pages
Showcasing over 300 images of Beatles and solo picture sleeves and record labels from 1963 to 1998.
Lain's Big Beatles Image Gallery
Images of individual members, group shots, scans, and fan art.
The Obvious Moose Beatles Page
Pictures and memorabilia from 1965 San Diego visit, Linda McCartney's 1995 Anthology photographs, sound clips, and other interesting tidbits.
Songs, Pictures, and Stories of The Beatles
Photographs, scans, and information on unique fan and collectible rarities.
That Beatles Feeling!
View seven rooms of rare Beatle pictures and images accompanied by music.
The Arbay Archives: The Beatles
Lyrics to Beatles songs organized by album titles.
The Beatles Lyrics
The complete collection of lyrics for The Beatles, with WAV sound.
Beatles Song Index
Includes lyrics, discography, history, photos and a message board.
The Beatles Studio: Lyrics
Compiles most of the Beatles songs on released studio records from the 1960s to 1990s.
Come Together Over The Beatles
Lyrics of all the Beatles songs, with recording information and cover pictures. Also Lennon's solo lyrics and help to download.
Frog Circus: The Beatles Lyrics
Lyrics listed along with original album covers.
The lyrics and tabs to five of The Beatles' songs.
Lyrically Squared: Beatles
Lyrics to over 200 Beatles songs and a forum for fans to chat.
Lyrics Download: Beatles
Lyrics to various versions of The Beatles' songs. Beatles Lyrics
Browse lyrics alphabetically or by album.
Oldie Lyrics: The Beatles
Complete collection of all lyrics, organized by albums and song titles.
Rmuza's Beatles Lyrics
Lyrics listed by Beatles albums and the four members as solo artists; as well as pictures.
Seeklyrics: The Beatles Lyrics
Sorted by albums or song title.
Steve's Beatles Page
Lyrics to every song indexed by album and songtitle with recording information including anomalies, photos of album covers, MIDI files, and other related topics.
Beatles Movie Page
Clips in windows media player format. As well as MP3s, MIDIs, picture galleries, and desktop themes taken from the Beatles' movies.
Beatles Movies
Details the visual gags found in several of their films that were either planned or the result of ad-libbing. Links to related sites and content.
Marcos' Beatles Filmography
Casts, credits, summaries, quotes, and soundtracks for all five official Beatle films. Links to the authors other pages.
The Reel Beatles
Film summary and soundtrack recordings, with personal comments by the Beatles on their films.
Yesterday's Beatles Filmography
Quotes, soundtrack information, and short summary of the plots from The Beatles five movies.
Abbey Road Studios
Official Site; take a virtual tour of The Beatles recording home.
Beatle City
Besides news and fan facts you'll learn about Liverpool and its restaurants, tours, attractions, accommodations, music venues, shopping, transportation, and events.
Virtual tour of The Beatles' Liverpool. Links to Liverpool Echo news clippings.
The Beatles' England
A virtual tour of Beatle sites in Liverpool and London; as well as Hamburg and New York.
Beatles' London
A virtual tour of Beatles sites around the London area.
Beatles Tours in London
Details of Beatles walking tours in London, plus 'Guide to the Beatles London' book.
Blue Jay Way
Take a virtual tour of the California home and the real 'Blue Jay Way' with commentary and trivia.
The Cavern
The official Cavern Club web site with information on Beatles' related tours, events, and festivals.
Fab Four-Oh at The Edgewater
A year long celebration of the Beatles' 1964 visit to Seattle and The Edgewater hotel. Event information.
Fest for Beatles Fans
News on the tri-yearly gathering of fans and merchandisers, with links to their stores. Formerly known as Beatlefest.
Hamburg Beatles
A virtual tour of some Beatle sites in Hamburg, Germany; with pictures and commentary.
Liverpool Guided Tours
Specializes in private Beatles tours for avid fans. Includes event guide, itinerary, and contact information.
London Beatle Walks
Details of two walking tours including descriptions, times, places, arrangements, and other information on visiting Beatles' related locations in the UK.
Magical History Tour
Virtual tour traces the history of British music and the Beatles from London to Liverpool. Story and photos by Shawn Perry.
Magical History Tour to Liverpool
Annual tour to Liverpool and London for the August International Beatleweek festivities.
Magical Mystery Tours
Pictures and information from previous tours. Related links to festivals, conventions, and other tours.
Merseyworld: Tourism
Information on tourist attractions, transportation, and accommodations in Liverpool and the surrounding area.
Detailed history of the Star-Club in Hamburg. Site in English and German.
Wiseguides: Beatles Tours Of Liverpool
Guided multilingual tours customized for your group. Online price quote inquiry form.
Allexperts: The Beatles Q&A
Volunteers answer your questions about The Beatles.
Search engine for Beatles-related references.
Compilation of Beatles-related information such as recordings, photographs, and historical time line. Links to merchandise. Let It Beatle
Contains pictures, videos, ringtones, biographies, timeline, games, discography and lyrics, audio clips, and other related fan information.
The Liverpool Beatles Album
Biographies of members and their associates, UK and US releases listed chronologically, detailed history retold with interviews and sound clips, photos, and addresses.
Rockmine: The Beatles
Memorabilia, concert posters, virtual tour of Mathew Street and the Cavern Club, court records, documents, and contracts. Related subjects. The Beatles
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links, and message board. With The Beatles
News, detailed information on albums, singles, bootlegs, and covers by other artists. Also biographies, interviews, photographs, 'Paul is Dead' clues, and a timeline. The Beatles
News, biographies, musical influences, song samples, photos, video clips, related TV listings, bulletin boards, and links.
Adrian's Album Reviews: The Beatles
A fan gives a short review of several albums, along with the track listings.
Beathoven: Studying The Beatles
Reviews and essays discussing albums, individual songs, and other related topics. Book reviews and some music theory for those with a technical bent.
Beatles Album Reviews
Scott Floman provides ratings and analysis of The Beatles' albums.
Jack Feeny Reviews: The Beatles
Personal commentary, numbered ratings, and favorite tracks found on their albums.
Salon Reviews: The Beatles
A review of 'The Beatles Anthology: Volume 2' by Mark Hertsgaard.
The Beatles: For Guitar Players
Features chords, tablature, lyrics, discography, and some history. English and Russian translations.
Beatles Bass Tabs
Tabs for over 80 Beatles songs.
Beatles Chord Archive
Collection of tablature and lyrics.
The Beatles Guitar and Audio Site
Guitar and bass chords, and tablature. Audio files in RealAudio, MIDI, and MP2 formats. Downloadable Pop40 database for all songs hitting the charts from 1955 though 1991. Beatles Tabs
A large alphebetic listing.
Harmony Central: OLGA: The Beatles
Archives of user-contributed tablature. Beatles
Guitar and bass tablature and chord files. The Beatles
Beatles song lyrics and guitar chords, pro chords, guitar and bass tablature. Related links.
The Word is Love
Contains links to over 375 Beatles tribute bands from around the world, as well as news, articles, and information concerning these bands.
Beatles MIDI Heaven
Complete Beatles MIDI archive, with songs arranged by albums or singles, and selected songs from 'Anthology' and 'Live at the BBC.'
Beatles MIDI Homepage
Focuses on the releases in the US on Capitol Records from 1964 to 1971. Albums, discography, and every song in MIDI format.
The Beatles MIDI Page
Over 100 MIDI and some RealAudio clips from the released Beatles albums. Site also includes lyrics, parody lyrics, and other features.
Dana Pannell's Beatles Karaoke
Sing and strum along to general MIDI renditions of the classics. Beatles
All released albums plus 'Past Masters Volumes 1 and 2' in MIDI format.
The Sound of MIDIs: The Beatles
Large collection of MIDI files with a link to lyrics.
SQD's Beatles MIDIs
Songs arranged by album in MIDI format.
The Beatels
Meet the members of this Beatles tribute band. MP3 audio recordings. Find out about upcoming shows, as well as past highlights.
The Better
Concert dates, sound clips, biography, photographs, and contact information for this dress and sound-a-like Beatles band from Bangkok.
Across The Universe
Information on two Beatles tribute bands.
Backbeat Beatles
Audio samples, photographs, contact information, as well as news and history of this musical tribute act.
The Baetles
Pictures, song list, and booking information on this Beatle tribute band based in London.
Bandit Beatles
Tribute band replicating the look and sound of The Beatles. Biographies of the band, photograph gallery, sound clips, as well as booking and contact information.
The Beatalls
Beatles tribute band based in the East Midlands, UK. Pictures, music, video clips, and booking information.
The Beetles
Tribute available to perform world wide. Includes a biography, playlist and contact information.
Billy Shears
A musical entertainer offering a Beatles tribute available for all venues or functions. Profile, demos, schedule, and contact information.
The Blue Meanies
Pictures, news, audio/video clips, and history of this band from Liverpool that started out playing their own music, but now performs Beatles songs.
The Bootleg Beatles
Based in Britain, this active band formed in 1980 from the cast of 'Beatlemania'. Site includes biographies, tour dates, merchandise, and booking information.
The Bootles
Tribute band based in Liverpool with information on their performances and songs, slides, and anecdotes.
The Cavern Beatles
Liverpool based tribute band. Profiles, audio clips, and contact information.
Counterfeit Beatles
Booking information on this London based tribute band and a photography gallery.
The Fab 2
Profile, picture, and contact information.
The Fake Beatles
Performing hits from 1962 to 1966. Based in the West Midlands in the UK. Member profiles, news, and contact information.
The Mersey Beatles
Appearance information with dates.
Not The Beatles
Live presentation of the Beatles' most famous songs, with the emphasis on the early hits. Profile, pictures, schedule, contact information, list of songs, and sound clips.
Rubber Soul
From Sussex, formed in 1997. With biographies, photos, appearance schedule, reviews, and CD information.
The Upbeat Beatles
Information, photographs, and audio clips of this UK tribute band.
Abbey Road
Sound-a-like Beatles tribute band. Contact information, profile of members, pictures, reviews, events and booking calendar.
AbbeyRoad: Beatles Tribute Band
Photographs, music, history, and schedule. Based in Ohio.
Adams Apple
Specializes in a live production of the entire Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
American English
Site has photos, biography, appearance schedule, news, and song samples in RealAudio and MP3s of this look and sound-a-like Beatles band. Based in Chicago.
Beatle Mania Now
Multimedia Beatles show. Information, pictures, song list, and booking.
BeatleMania Again
Information, photographs, and history of this tribute band available for all venues.
The Beats
Performs music by The Beatles and recreates their look and sound. Based in New York. Biography, pictures, and tour dates.
BritBeat: A Tribute To The Beatles
Chicago based band. Site contains biographies, photos, audio and video samples, appearance schedule, and contact information.
The Britins
Look-a-like and sound-a-like Beatles tribute band based in the Milwaukee area. Photos and concert schedule.
British Export
Chicago, USA based musical tribute to the Beatles. Schedule and booking information, RealAudio and RealVideo clips available on the site.
The British Invasion
Multimedia act with authentic era costumes and instruments. Picture gallery, song list, and contact and booking information.
The Britles
Informational site for this group which performs a replication of the 1963-1966 Beatles in appearance and music. Based in Illinois.
The Cast
Former members who starred in the Broadway production of 'Beatlemania,' re-creating a live show that reproduces the music of the original Beatles.
Come Together: Beatles Tribute Show
Uses vintage instruments and period suits. Sound samples in MP3 format. Pictures, news, and contact information.
Chicago based Beatles tribute band. Pictures, schedule, and contact information.
Desert Beetles
13 song tribute album of the Fab Fours music as performed by alternative bands from Arizona. Download samples or purchase. Assorted Beatle links.
Eight Days A Week
Beatles music from 1962 through 1966; in costume and with period instruments. Song list, photographs, and contact information. Located in Ohio.
The Fab 4
Colorado's Beatles tribute band with costumes, vintage guitars, and sound-a-like vocals. Past and present show and schedule information.
The Fab Faux
Detailed history and information on this Beatles tribute band formed in 1998 with five professional musicians. Based in New York City.
The Fab Four
Biography, reviews, photographs, audio and video clips, set list and description of show, and schedule for this California based Beatles act.
Fab Mania: A Tribute Show
Get the who, what, and where on these Beatles tribute musicians from the US east coast. Reviews, schedule, and news.
Forever: A Tribute to The Beatles
Recreating the look and sound of an early Beatles concert. Slide show, sample tracks, photographs, and other information. Based in Indianapolis.
Representation of the Broadway and London cast of Beatlemania. Contact information.
Hard Day's Night
A fan provides information on this Beatles tribute band from Ohio. Specializes in their music from 1962-1966.
Hard Night's Day
Beatle band based in Dallas/Fort Worth. History and biographies of the members, audio and video clips, and performance schedule.
Hello Goodbye
Informational site of a four piece band based out of South Florida that plays select songs from The Beatles repertoire.
Based in Maine. Tribute band that covers the Beatles' recording career, adding vintage clothing and instruments. Profile, show dates, and contact information.
Help! The Beatles Tribute
Tribute band based in Los Angeles. Biography of members, schedule, photographs, reviews, song list, and contact information.
Photographs, schedule, reviews, and testimonials on this California based Beatles tribute band.
Imagine: Remembering the Fab Four
Song list, schedule, and booking information on this band performing across the USA since 1993.
The Mahoney Brothers Present Long Live the Beatles
Multimedia informational site on their show that attempts to capture the excitement of The Beatles.
The MerseyBeat
Recreates the Beatles sound from the 1960s. Show dates, history, and contact information. Based in New York.
Number Nine
Musicians, based in Pennsylvania, who perform songs from all eras of The Beatles career. Information, news, photographs, song list, and schedule.
Plastic Sole
A 6 piece band performing live music of the Beatles and the solo members. Features vintage to current songs. Located in New York.
Long established band playing tribute to The Beatles. Photographs, song list, biographies of members, schedule, and contact information.
Beatles Tribute Band: The Fab Four
Site includes performance schedule, audio and video clips of the band, and member biographies.
The Beatnix
Show in production since 1980 using authentic Beatles equipment and costumes. Performs around Australia and overseas.
Clube Big Beatles
Appearing weekly in Vitória, Espírito Santo, and annually at the International Beatleweek festival in Liverpool. Site requires Shockwave/Flash 4.0.
Sgt. Pepper's Band
Tribute band from Belo Horizonte. With biography, photos, CD information, samples in MP3 format, reviews, and fan club information. Site is in English and Portuguese.
Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page
An accordionist from Toronto, Ontario who specializes in Beatles songs. Includes reviews, awards, upcoming appearances, and audio samples.
Rubber Soul
Re-creation of the live years, 1962-1966, duplicating the look and feel of the Fab Four on stage. Information on the show, history, pictures, schedule, and sound clips.
Beatles tribute band featuring a McCartney sound-alike singer.
The Beatles Four Ever Show
Tribute band together since 1993. History, photo gallery, MP3 audio clips, and Quicktime video clips.
The Centuries Turners Beatles
Tribute and revival band. Booking and member information, as well as song excerpts. English and German translation.
The ReBeatles
Live show with authentic costumes and original instruments. Includes audio samples and member profiles.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Sax Quartet
Saxophone tribute to The Beatles. Site includes MIDI and MP3 files. Bilingual site in English and German.
The Silver Beatles
Site includes history of the band, photos, MP3 song samples, and appearance schedule.
Apple Pies Beatle Band
4 musicians that play Beatles songs live, from the 1960 to 1970 era. Samples in MP3 format. English and Italian translations.
Epstein Party Planning
Started by a performer in a few Beatles tribute bands and organizer of events. Site includes appearance schedules and links to a range of Japanese tribute bands.
Rolling Beatles
Profile, set list, news, MP3s, concert dates, and contact information for this tribute band honoring both The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.
The Zeatles
News, photographs, songs, and contact information for this Beatles tribute act.
Det Betales
Biographies, photos, samples in MP3 format, reviews, merchandise, and the details of their equipment. Site is bilingual; in English and Norwegian.
Lenny Pane
Beatles tribute band from Gothenburg. History, reviews, show, and songs.
Scandinavian group formed in 1979. History, photos and press clippings, performance schedule, with RealAudio and RealVideo clips.
The Return
A Beatles band based in Atlanta; formerly known as The Roaches. Site includes biography, appearance schedule, and booking information.
The Revivals
Beatles tribute band from western New York. Tour dates, play list, photographs, and audio/video rooms.
Photos, song samples, band history, appearance schedule, contact information, and extensive references.
Appearance calendar, biography, song list and clips in RealAudio format, photographs, and contact information. Based in Chicago.
Sargent Pepper Band
Information, pictures, and videos of this tribute band based in Lansing Michigan. Performs the spirit of the Beatles' Hamburg days.
The Scarabs
An Atlanta based band specializing in early Beatles songs. Site includes photos, song list, and description of gear.
Michigan based band recreating the look and sound of the Beatles. Biography, appearance schedule, booking information, and photos.
Strawberry Fields
News, pictures, and showdates for this tribute band that performs in full costume for each Beatles era.
The Sun Kings
Band from California currently playing in the San Francisco Bay area, plays music from first album to last. Profiles, audio clips, and show information.
The Symmetric Zebras
A young tribute group recording The Beatles music. History, pictures, and downloads.
1964: The Tribute
Information on this Beatles' tribute show, with video clips, tour dates, and schedule.
Ticket to Ride
Beatles sound-a-like band. Information on their appearance schedule, playlist, members and equipment, photos, audio and video samples.
Yesterday: A Tribute to The Beatles
Performs hits from 1964 through 1970 complete with costume changes. Biographies, tour dates, and pictures.
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