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The official Beck site, and also the most complete. Excellent.
AllExperts: Beck
Ask the expert a question and they shall answer.
Almost A Ghost
Song lyrics and trivia. Beck TV
Beck TV - Exclusive Video of Beck, links to Beck lyrics, mp3, pictures, and merchandise.
Beck - The Setlist
List of live Beck performances.
The Beck Archive
Includes discography, lyrics, and recommendations.
Beck: Beautiful Monstrosity
Includes archive of interviews.
Beck Tabs
Guitar tablature, news, and forum.
Beck World (Vibes for the Ears)
Content includes variety of links, news, MP3s and MP3 search, song of the week, and links to related artists.
Biscuits and Bacon
Beck news, discography, lyrics, new releases and record availability, and chat.
Bum Rush the Show
Unauthorized recording trading site. [Requires free registration]
Crud Music Magazine: Beck
Discography and trivia.
The DeShEveLeD Beck Page
Personal site with latest news.
Equipment List for March/April 1997 US Tour
Hardware used by Beck on part of the Odelay tour.
I Wanna Get with Beck (And His Sister Deborah)
Includes photos and news.
Kathrine's Beck page
Unfortunately no updates since April 1998, but included are some nice pictures and that personalized touch.
Lisa's Beck Page
Includes pictures, lyrics, biography, and sound files.
Project29's Real Audio Site
Beck's CD Odelay in RealAudio format. Beck
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links and message board.
Slo-jam Central: Beck
Includes news, photos, reviews, Pink Noize, and Quote for the Week.
Squeegee's Beck Discography
Complete discography up to the Odelay era of 1996 - 1997. Also offers a biography, lyrics and pictures. Beck
News, articles, biography, pictures, discography,desktop wallpaper, and MP3s.
VH1 Fan Club: Beck
Includes news, biography, musical influences, audio clips, pictures, music videos, bulletin boards, and links. Mutations
LarryG's review: 'a little on the low key side'.
Almost Cool: Beck - Mutations
Aaron Coleman's review: 'I still say bring on the rightful follow-up to Odelay.' Rated 6.5.
Backbeat: Beck - Mutations
Tim Chan's review: 'it certainly proves that Beck is more than qualified to give us his unique take on Americana.' 4 stars.
CNN: Beck - Mutations
Wendy Brandes' review: 'Mutations isn't Beck at his best, but it's a sign that he wants to keeping rolling along.' With audio clips. (October 30, 1998) Odelay
LarryG's review: 'shows Beck at his best'.
Armchair DJ: Beck - Odelay
Brian J. Dillard's review: 'In short, 'Odelay' is going to be huge'.
The I: Beck - Odelay
Jayne Margetts' review: 'A natural prozac for post-hip bohemians'. Rated 9.
Nando Next: Odelay
Daniel Margolis' review: 'refutes those who saw him as a one-hit commercial loser'.
Pitchfork Media: Beck - Odelay
Ryan Schreiber's review: 'Odelay is the third best record of 1996 so far'. Rated: 9.8.
Salon: Eclectic Light Orchestra
David Fenton's review of Odelay. Includes photograph of Beck.
STN Reviews: Beck - Odelay
Chris Costello's review: 'It's a damn fine album'. Includes credits and photograph.
Ultra WWW Magazine: Beck - Odelay
Herbert Struyf's review: 'Odelay's the best CD you'll hear all summer'.
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