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Beta Band

Beta Band
Official website for The Beta Band. Comprehensive site including song lyrics, tour details, streaming videos and guitar music tab.
The Beta Band
A site dedicated to The Beta Band including discography, images, news, shop, lyrics and gigography.
The Beta Band - Astralwerks
Official site for Astralwerks Records.
The Beta Band @Chartattack
Interview with John McLean and Richard Greentree of the Beta Band.
Broke - The Beta Band
Video of 'Broke' by The Beta Band.
Champion Versions
An excellent website with chatroom to chat about the Beta Band and all things musical. - The Beta Band
The Beta Band 'Broke' 12' single review.
Metacritic: Beta Band: Hot Shots II
Reviews for Hot Shots II by an array of music critics and publications.
Almost Cool: Beta Band - Self-Titled
Aaron Coleman's review: 'Even though there are a couple stumbles, the group is still definitely one to watch in terms of their output.' Rated 7.
Pitchfork: The Beta Band - The Beta Band
Brent DiCrescenzo's review: 'It was Pet Sounds as performed by rednecks from Tolkein's Middle- Earth.' Rated 8.6.
Almost Cool: Beta Band - The Three EPs
Aaron Coleman's review: 'It's fun, light stuff that has a tendency to get into your head and stick there.' Rated 7.75.
Flak Magazine: Beta Band - The Three EPs
Larry Davidson's review: 'the vibrant and exciting beginning for a group that isn't afraid of drawing from sources far and wide.'
PopMatters: The Beta Band - The Three E.P.s
Sarah Zupko's review: 'throws out enough interesting nuggets to tantalize the listener into anxiously awaiting their debut proper'. Rated 8.
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