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Blind Melon

Tones of Home
Blind Melon articles, biography, pictures, facts, message board, concert chronology, and song information.
Blind Melon Lives On
A tribute to Shannon Hoon, and a little information about him, Blind Melon, and his Vigil.
Blind Melon Tribute
A fans personal tribute to Blind Melon.Includes discography, lyrics and facts.
Blind Melon Visual Discography
Tracklists, CD/LP covers, and descriptions for all albums and singles, and almost all promo singles released by the band.
Contains lyrics, tablatures, pictures, and screensavers.
Esther's Blind Melon page
Categorized links for Shannon Hoon and the band.
Jake's Blind Melon Wallpaper Site
Page has many Blind Melon wallpapers for your computer desktop.
Launch: Blind Melon
Includes news, reviews and music videos.
Silverwolf's Blind Melon Tribute Page
Contains biography, discography, and pictures.
Includes photos, lyrics, discography, and sound files for Blind Melon.
The Sleepyhouse
Blind Melon fan site features lyrics, pictures, and a tribute to Shannon Hoon.
Soul One
Blind Melon mailing list.
Hating Bees and Eating Soup
A webring for all the Blind Melon sites across the world.
Inkpot: Blind Melon - Nico
Grace Chia's review, with track list, and reader's comments.
Music Monitor: Blind Melon - Nico
Michelle Cordle's review: 'Nico shows a band with a lot of heart and a lot of talent that was taken away much too soon.'
Drop-D Magazine: Blind Melon - Nico
Darren Kerr's review: 'This is not a posthumous rip-off, but rather an act of closure.' (February 21, 1997)
Consumable On-line: Blind Melon - Soup
Linda Scott's review: 'No huge singles, no bee girls, no great riffs or hooks, but still an album that draws you back for another listen.'
The Thresher Online: Blind Melon - Soup
Review by Heather and Jennifer Smith: 'Whether the result of exemplary art or just musical talent, Soup is the cure for all your ills.' (October 13, 1995)
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