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Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch - Official Site
From Maverick Records, features appearances, updates, Michelle's journal, news, and other related information.
All Music Guide: Michelle Branch
Includes biography, discography, and reviews. - Michelle Branch
Pictures, biography, commentary and links on the talented singer
Backstage with Michelle Branch
Features news, biography, discography, appearances, photos, interviews, reviews and other related information.
Spirit Room
With news, biography, photos, links, tour dates and mailing list.
TAoD: Michelle Branch
Galleries of pictures. Interview With Michelle Branch
The artist answers questions about her latest release, musical influences, and career. (July 1, 2003)
Branch Tunes
Features message board, photos, wallpaper and news.
Drifting Away
Includes discography, news, photos and reviews.
Featuring news, tour dates and pictures.
ImpliedLove's Michelle Branch Page
Features biography, autobiography, quick facts, pictures, tv appearances and news.
Left of Center
Fan site including autobiography, pictures and other related information.
Longli's Michelle Branch Fanpage
Includes news, pictures, biography, lyrics and links.
Michelle Branch
Includes lyrics, photos and relevant information.
Michelle Branch2
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, videography, and reviews.
Michelle Branch Down Under
Regional site with information, photos, site links and message boards.
Michelle Branch Fan
Includes biography, lyrics and other information.
Michelle Branch Music
Fan community with discography, message board, links and chatroom.
Michelle Branch Style
Fansite includes photos, banners, web graphics, multimedia and quizzes.
Michelle Branch UK Fansite
UK specific tour dates, album information, pictures, and other multimedia.
Michelle Branch Unplugged
Includes biography, discography, links and photos.
Michelle Branch Wonder Site
Contains news, biography, images, tablature, discography, lyrics, tour dates, and awards.
Michelle Branch Zone
Includes reviews, photos, lyrics and links.
Michelle Branch's World
Includes discography, multimedia, photo gallery and links.
Michelle's Everywhere
Includes reviews, discography, pictures, audio samples, and biography.
Orange Sheila's Michelle Branch Fan Site
Includes profile, photos, and an interview.
Starry, Starry Night
Includes news, biography, quotes, discography, lyrics, videography, photos, audio samples, articles, reviews, appearances, and fan section.
Yahoo! Groups M_Branch
Fan club with message boards.
Yahoo! Groups michellebranchsroom
Fan club with message boards.
Plugged In: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Bob Waliszewski reviews the pro-social and objectionable content of the album.
Bunny on a Stick: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Bunny Hopkins' review: 'an awesome album' (August 10, 2003)
PopMatters: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Adrien Begrand's review: 'has a few pleasant moments ... but hopefully Branch is capable of something much better than this'. (July 15, 2003) Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Jonathan Baran's review: 'If there is one word that can sum up the entirety of Hotel Paper it is 'bland'.' (July 8, 2003)
Jason's Reviews: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Jason Johnson's review: 'A lot of the tracks sound similar to one another and have a tendency to just run together.' (July 3, 2003)
Sacramento Bee: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Chris Macias' review: 'is a little heavy on the venom and could use a few breaks for fun.' (July 3, 2003)
UKMIX: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Review: 'Michelle's done a good job at solidifying her status as a serious singer/songwriter with a knack for creating some fine tunes.' (2003)
HappyGrrls: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Review: 'I highly recommend checking out her CD. Branch is very talented and introspective, and it shows through her music.'
MuchMusic: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Liana Jonas' review: 'what truly shines through are the young musician's lyrics. She handles much of the songwriting, which are some of the most open, simple, and idealistic ruminations on love to drop in 2001.'
Phase9 Music: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Nigel M.'s review: 'Michelle's style is a little bit like Meredith Brooks but with more power-pop influence.'
PopMatters: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Stephen Rauch's review: 'while Michelle Branch may not reach into the realm of pop transcendence, she's made a great cd to listen to while driving, or playing computer solitaire'.
PrideTime: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Review: 'by no means a masterpiece, but it's good pop-rock music.'
Plugged In: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'She plays guitar, writes her own songs and belts out playful, yet assertive vocals that have her peers lip-synching into hairbrushes. Fun hooks. Innocuous messages.' (June, 2002)
TeenInk: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Katie E.'s review: 'She is an incredibly talented individual and I think her songwriting talents will only get better as she matures and has more life experience.' (June, 2002)
DotMusic: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Lisa Oliver's review: 'On the whole it's a matter of there being nothing not to like. Eleven faultlessly produced harmless songs tailor-made for episodes of Dawson's Creek.' (May 28, 2002)
RobotFist: Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room
Alasdair Stuart's review: 'She's expressive without being showy, intelligent without being cold and passionate without being Whitney Houston. Much the same as the album itself, in fact. Highly recommended.' (May 28, 2002)
Michelle Branch Lyrics
Lyrics to songs by Michelle Branch.
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