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Jon Brion

All Music Guide: Jon Brion
Biography, discography and related artists.
Discography: Jon Brion
Listing of works produced or performed by Brion.
Mailing list description and membership information.
The Onion A.V. Club: Jon Brion
Interview on the psychology of production work, the state of the 'pop song' and his score for the film 'Punch-Drunk Love.' (July 2, 2003)
Dallas Observer: Meaningless
Mikael Wood's review: '...a terrific slice of micro-managed pop, flush with multi-tiered melodies and the kind of sonic detailing the Beatles and George Martin used to get a kick out of.' (May 31, 2001)
Entertainment Weekly: "Brion's Song"
Profile and interview. [Magazine subscription or AOL required.] (December, 2000)
Mix Magazine: "Crazed Eclectic Co-Conspirator (and Producer)"
Article in which Brion discusses his production techniques and work on the 'Magnolia' score. (September, 2000)
L.A. Weekly: "Pop Purée"
Story on Brion's weekly performances at the Los Angeles club Largo. (January 29, 1999)
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