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Built to Spill

Built To Spill
Biography, discography and links about Built To Spill
Built to Spill
Official Built to Spill website from Warner Bros. Includes song samples, an email list, and some old Built to Spill websites.
Built to Spill
Fan site with a biography, discography, lyrics, photos and links.
Fan site which includes tour dates, photos and a message board.
Erick's Built to Spill Page
Discography, tablature, pictures, and links.
Ignore My Condition
Biography, discography, tour dates, and links. Built to Spill
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video/audio files, links and message board.
VH1: Built to Spill
Includes news, album reviews, audio downloads, biographies, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
Built To Spill: Ancient Melodies Of The Future
Reviews by an array of music critics and publications.
Built To Spill: Live
Review in Ink Blot Magazine.
Built to Spill: The Normal Years
Review in Ink Blot Magazine.
Built to Spill: There's Nothing Wrong With Love
Review in Ink Blot Magazine.
Sharps and Flats's Perfect From Now On review.
Live Review: Built To Spill / Lois, Starfish Room, April 10, 1997
Drop-D Magazine. (April 25, 1997)
Built to Spill: Success Hasn't Spoiled Them Yet
Lazyeye interview by Tim McMahan. (May 6, 1999)
Built to Spill Interview
Ink Blot Magazine (May 1, 1999)
The Onion AV Club: Doug Martsch
Interview with the Built To Spill leader about his band and the brilliant album Keep It Like A Secret. (April 29, 1999)
Built To Spill Interview in Weedbus
By Jonathan Greer. (January 1, 1998)
Built To Spill's guitar heroics
Article in Boston Phoenix. (May 22, 1997)
Boise Boys
Hotwired review of Built to Spill/Caustin Resin
Ink Blot Magazine: Built To Spill - Perfect From Now On
Carey Head's review: 'Perfect From Now On is just that.' With RealAudio excerpts.
Pitchfork: Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On
Ryan Schreiber's review: 'judging from the sound of the new record, it looks like things could be perfect from now on.' Rated 9.2 out of 10.
All Reviews: Built to Spill - Keep it Like a Secret
Larry G's review: 'It's well played, catchy and challenging rock.'
Hip Online: Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret
Rated six out of ten: 'On the surface the sounds seems disorganized and trite, but if you listen closely you'll notice that Martsch has complete control over the intense movements.'
Ink Blot Magazine: Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Carey Head's review: 'Built To Spill quite frankly write some of the most original, interesting and catchy pop songs you'll ever hear.' Audio excerpts.
Luna Kafé: Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Håvard Oppøyen's review: 'And, yes it has to happen, stardom I mean, because amazing 'secrets' like this is impossible to keep to remain like secrets forever.'
Pitchfork: Built to Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Jason Josephes' review: 'Keep It Like a Secret? No, at the risk of hopping on a cliché wagon, I think I'm gonna tell all my friends about Built to Spill.' Rated 9.3 out of 10.
Gravity Girl: Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On
Anthony Carew's review: 'a challenging, moving, abstruse, ambitious, utterly endearing epic pop masterpiece.'
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