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David Byrne

David Byrne
Official artist site, with tour dates, sound files, album details and links to buy CDs. [English/Spanish]
David Byrne and Adelle Lutz: The Wedding Party
Interview and photographs of some of Byrne's sculptures.
David Byrne v2.0
A paper for a Theories of The Creative Process psychology class which examines Byrne's style of writing and performing.
E! Online: David Byrne
Awards, film credits, articles, and a clip of the Stop Making Sense music video.
IMDb: David Byrne
Filmography (as composer, actor and director).
JAM: David Byrne
Profile, solo discography, and articles and reviews from 1995 to the present. Like Humans Do
Video interview filmed March 1, 2001, and other articles and interviews. David Byrne
Articles, reviews, and interviews.
Scrolling Lyrics Archive: David Byrne
Lyrics download of Rei Momo for use with VocalCD and links to other lyrics.
Thoughts on David Byrne
Reminiscing and some lyrics.
VH1 Artists: David Byrne
Biography, discography, reviews, audio clips, and links.
Sound on Sound: Start Making Sense
An interview focusing on the creation of the CD Feelings. Includes an equipment list. (February, 1998)
The Music Monitor: David Byrne
Interview and photographs before a show in North Carolina. (October 18, 1997)
Troika: Burning with Creative Fire
Interview about the rift with former band members and his future. (July, 1997)
David Byrne
L.A. Weekly interview by Robert Lloyd. (November 9, 1984)
Disquiet: David Byrne Opens His Photo Album
A review of Strange Ritual, a book of photographs.
Satan Stole My Teddybear: David Byrne
A review of his self-titled CD.
VB Reviews: Rei Momo
Track listing and review of the CD.
Chicago Sun-Times: True Stories
Roger Ebert review of the film co-written and produced by Byrne. (October 31, 1986)
Settore Cyberpunk: Two Heads Talking
An interview by Timothy Leary.
The Guardian: David Byrne
Therapy is like a lobotomy. Who wants to have all their edges shaved off? An interview that discusses his history, the big suit, and world music. (April 27, 2001) David Byrne
Audio interview from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Byrne as a guest DJ. (October 26, 1998)
The Music Monitor: Feelings
A review of the CD 'recorded with top notch sound.'
VB Reviews: Feelings
A positive review with track list and audio samples.
The Detroit News: David Byrne Starts Making Sense to His Fans by Recalling His Punk Roots
A review of the CD in which 'Byrne fully integrates all of the musical styles and personas that he's inhabited since the mid-'70s.' (August 14, 1997)
The Boston Phoenix: Good Feelings
An upbeat review of the CD by the artist that 'ain't exactly Dr. Feelgood.' (August 7, 1997)
Consumable Online: David Byrne
A mostly positive review of the 'sonically compelling' CD. (August 7, 1997) Byrne Reveals Newfound Feelings
A review of the 'fun, eclectic collection of songs.' (June, 1997)
Illinois Entertainer: The Thinking Man's Mix Tape
A review of 'Look into the Eyeball.'
PopMatters: David Byrne
Review by Nicolas Taylor. 'The song reaches perfection for me as Byrne implores his character to awaken singing...'
Dotmusic: David Byrne: Look Into the Eyeball
Review by Jake Barnes, 3 of 5. 'The album's glut of different rhythms speaks of a man trying to find his groove.' (May 3, 2001)
Guardian Unlimited Observer: David Byrne
Interview and review, dubbing the CD the best of his solo career. (April 29, 2001)
This Must Be The Place: David Byrne is the Same as He Ever Was
NY Times interview, with photographs, and review of 'his most appealing album in years.' (April 29, 2001)
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