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Mariah Carey

All Music Guide: Mariah Carey
Includes biography, discography, and reviews.
Mariah Carey
Official site with news, fan club, music, pictures, projects, and store.
Schnookiez Mariah Web
Website designed for the mIRC Undernet #Schnookiez and #Schnookiez2. Contains details on how to download and share videos and songs. Mariah Carey
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links and message board.
Record and CD Collector's Site: Mariah Carey
Complete discography. Includes track listings, picture sleeves, catalogue numbers, and values.
MTV: Mariah Carey
Features music video clips, album reviews, a behind-the scenes look at a video shoot and exclusive online profiles.
MariahFans Chat
Official site of the #Mariah IRC community. Provides a history, news, and forum rules.
South African fan club; includes discography, biography, news, pictures and contests. Most fans are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.
Mariah Makes Chart History
Chart statistics, sales records and awards listed by album and year. [English and German.]
Mariah Carey Picture Archive
Contains more than 2300 Mariah photos neatly organized per year and event they were taken.
Mariah Carey News:
News about Mariah Carey continually updated from around the net.
Mariah Carey - Live in Dubai, UAE
Information about Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet World tour concert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2004.
100% Mariah Carey
Profiles, pictures, lyrics and wallpaper.
Legend: Mariah
Legend Mariah brings you information of Mariah Carey. News, Discography, Filmography, News, & Galleries.
IMDb: Mariah Carey
Includes filmography, awards, biography, photos, and articles. Mariah Carey
Profile includes a biography, message board, audio, links and reviews. Mariah Carey
Pictures, biography, ratings and links. Mariah Carey
Links to MP3s, lyrics, pictures, and video.
Celebrity Desktop: Mariah Carey
Links to screen savers, wallpaper and desktop themes.
Celebrity Wallpaper: Mariah Carey
Photographs 800 x 600 pixels in size.
Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore
Collection of fan-made desktop images.
News, discography, webring and pictures.
Another Fantasy
Features music, links, multimedia, and a picture gallery.
Blissfully Mariah
Includes news, pictures, links, and discography.
Eternally Mariah
Includes news and a discography with track listings.
Glittering Daydreams
News, biography, pictures, discography and lyrics.
Provides headlines, details on the movie 'Glitter', and related links.
Includes audio and video clips, news, fan club and games.
Lambs Incorporated
Mariah Carey updated news, Rare MP3's, Mpegs, and much more!
Letters to Mariah
Outlet for fans' letters, songs and poems for the singer. Includes contests, awards and galleries.
Mariah Art
Fans' drawings, poetry and wallpapers.
Mariah Carey Archives
Provides news, hundreds of articles, a complete discography, and collector's items.
Mariah Carey by Eyetouch
Fan site including free MP3 downloads, lyrics, picture galleries, and biography.
Mariah Carey CD Collection
Discography of albums, singles, collaborations, videos and film appearances.
Mariah Carey Discography Archives
Discography, lyrics, hit lists, concerts, awards and fan clubs.
Mariah Carey Dreamlover Page
Includes pictures, information on singles, albums, music videos and number one hits.
Mariah Carey Fan-Club
Graphics-intensive site with photos, wallpaper, news, biography, events, voice messages, anecdotes, and fan club subscription.
Mariah Carey Greeting Cards
Fan site includes pictures, lyrics and MIDI files.
Mariah Carey Magnum Opus
Mariah Carey has made many masterpieces that we enjoy today and for the future. This site will feature each of this masterpieces. Also, this site will feature Mariah Carey as an innovator as an inspiration to other artist out there.
Mariah Carey Memorabilia Sale
Mariah Carey magazines & CDs for sale. Rare & hard to find Mariah items. Plus Mariah multimedia downloads.
Mariah Carey Site
Provides lyrics, a discography, biography, and her acting experience. [English and French]
Mariah Carey Style
News portal featuring news, biography, pictures and multimedia content.
Mariah Carey Suite Page
Provides a discography, facts, photographs, and lyrics.
Mariah Carey's Rainbow
News and links.
Mariah Central
Includes news, video and audio, polls, chat, message board, pictures, biography and Winamp skins.
Mariah Constellation
Offers photos, upcoming event listings, and a news archive.
Mariah Daily
News, media mentions, calendar, pictures, wallpapers, cartoons, quotes and message boards.
Mariah Millennium
Features news, lyrics, message board, and pictures.
Mariah Online
News, classifieds, contests, multimedia and picture gallery.
Mariah Paradise
New Zealand based site includes news, pictures, discography, and list of achievements.
Mariah Skylight
Includes biography, discography, filmography and image gallery. [English and Spanish.]
Mariah Ultimate Lyrics
Lyrics, pictures, list of MP3s, game, biography, message board and polls.
Mariah World
Includes information, photos, news, links, discography, and multimedia.
Mariah's Island
Provides a biography, screensavers, photos, and links.
Mariah's Rainbow
Includes news, tour dates, lyrics, biography, photos, charts, sounds, MIDIs, discography and chat.
Mariah's Rainbow Palace
Offers a biography, lyrics, and pictures.
MC Fans Online
Includes biography, discography, pictures, and links.
UK based site with news, pictures, links, and biography.
Miss Mariah Carey
News, biography, pictures and wallpapers.
My Mariah Carey Website
Biography, discography, photographs, jukebox, news, desktop enhancements, IRC channel and sound clips. [Also in Portuguese.]
My Queen Carey
Australian site with pictures, album information, MIDI files, biography and information on Carey's wedding.
The One And Only Mariah (
Your online guide to the #1 selling female artist of all time. includes massive gallery and the latest information.
Rainbow Princess Network
Network of sites promoting Carey's work; multilingual site includes news, press releases, projects, members and pictures.
There's Something About Mariah
Features multimedia, news, pictures, polls, quiz, featured site of the week, awards, rare sounds and videos.
Through the Rain
Pictures, audio and video clips.
Trin's Mariah Carey Page
Pictures, lyrics and biography.
Visions of a Rainbow
Contains news, photos, forum, discography, and views from a true fan.
X Girlfriend
Rare pictures, audio clips, biography, news, links, community, chat, and free e-mail.
Absolute Mariah Carey
Thumbnailed images. Mariah Carey
Includes photo gallery and wallpaper.
Always Celebrity: Mariah Carey
Includes picture galleries, profile, album covers, and filmography. Mariah Carey - Around The World
A review of the DVD. Mariah Carey - The #1's
A review of the DVD. Glitter
Joe Hartlaub's review: 'The function of a guest on a track is to enhance the main player. Here, they hold Mariah's gorgeous head underwater and let her surface only occasionally.' Two stars. (November, 2001)
BabeStars: Mariah Carey
Pictures, information and a poster gallery.
Celebrity Central: Mariah Carey
Image gallery. Carey Gallery
Includes mini-biography and picture gallery.
Mariahs Diary
An organized picture archive with information about each photo.
MC Butterfly Gallery
Includes seven photo galleries. Mariah Carey
Gallery of about 40 images. Mariah Carey
About 20 pictures that can be sent as e-cards, as well as a biography and filmography.
Castillo, Lois
Atlanta-based model and look-alike. News, biography, booking contacts and modeling portfolio.
Pasqualoni, Laura
Look-alike and impersonator. Includes pictures, biography and statistics.
Best of Mariah Carey : Lyrics
Includes the lyrics of all her songs.
Codename: Honey B. Fly
Contains lyrics of her albums.
Offers the lyrics of all the versions of her songs.
Mariah Carey Lyrics
Words to songs listed by album.
Music Song Lyrics: Mariah Carey
Lyrics sorted by album.
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Daydream
Bob Waliszewski and Bob Smithouser's review: 'pretty, lilting melodies don't break any new ground, but will surely satisfy fans of Carey's earlier work.'
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Glitter
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'her lyrics keep getting racier. Sexual exploits. Mild profanity. Marijuana. Carey lets her guests voice the most troublesome lines, but she's still ultimately responsible for Glitter's lack of moral luster.'
UKMIX: Mariah Carey - Glitter
Aneta Tadeusiak's track by track review: 'Not bad for a soundtrack, but not exceptionally good for a Mariah album either.'
Undercover: Mariah Carey - Glitter
Hector The Rock Dog's review: 'So what has Mariah dished up on Glitter? Quite simnply her very best and her very worst.'
CANOE: Mariah Carey - Glitter
Darryl Sterdan's review: 'her least forced, most appealing album in years, if not her entire career.' (September 14, 2001)
UKMIX: Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits
Marvin van der Weyde's review: 'As a whole the CDs are not bad, however they form a proof of how Mariah is going downhill' Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits
Devon Powers' review: 'the artifacts of Mariah's career were not the result of hocus pocus that looks dastardly in retrospect. They were bona fide monetary successes, buoyed by popularity that knew no bounds.' (May 8, 2002)
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas
Bob Waliszewski and Bob Smithouser's review: 'delivers wholesome lyrics and fun, upbeat melodies perfectly suited to Carey's trademark, 4-octave vocal calisthenics.'
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Music Box
Bob Waliszewski and Bob Smithouser's review: 'Carey's soulful vocals are the best in the business. Gladly, she uses them to enhance predominantly positive messages.'
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Rainbow
Bob Waliszewski reviews the pro-social and objectionable content of the album.
UKMIX: Mariah Carey - Rainbow
Dan Gover's review: 'she has little need to worry about the sudden explosion of female teen singers, because few even begin to match the quality shown on this album.'
Undercover: Mariah Carey - Rainbow
Tim Cashmere's track by track review.
UKMIX: Mariah Carey - The Remixes
Darren Gale's review: 'a great way to celebrate Mariah's thirteen years in the music business.'
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Butterfly
Bob Waliszewski and Bob Smithouser review the pro-social and objectionable content of the album.
CANOE: Mariah Carey - Butterfly
Mike Ross' review: 'layer upon layer of overproduction ruins what worthy grains of ideas there are.' (September 13, 1997)
CANOE: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet
Darryl Sterdan's review: 'after listening to yet another bland collection of silky, overblown ballads and forgettable featherweight hip-hop, it's hard not to wonder if she's playing it too safe.'
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'breaks away from the hip-hop influences of recent efforts, giving fans a more retro Carey sound.'
Undercover: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet
Hector the Rock Dog's review: 'The album has hooks, just like her old records. The album has melody just like her old records. The album has Mariah singing again just like her old records.'
JS Online: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet
Dave Tianen's review: 'The qualities that have always made her an exhausting listening experience are still there' (December 5, 2002)
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