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Neko Case

Blue Rodeo: Neko Case
Profile, images, links, quotes, and relationship to Blue Rodeo.
Chartattack: Neko Case Worn Out From Interviews
Brief interview, tour dates, and image.
Insurgent Country: Neko Case
Review of Furnace Room Lullaby and tour stories.
Mint Records: Neko Case
Extensive background information and commentary from Neko.
Neko Case
Official site with extensive list of thanks and a showcase of women in music.
Neko Case and her Boyfriends
Review, contact information, tour dates, and images.
Neko Case and The New Pornographers
Review of the album Mass Romantic.
Fan site includes biography, news, tour dates, discography and forum. Neko Case
Marc B.'s review of the 'Canadian Amp' album: 'Neko has never been shy about expressing her love for Canada, which his why this record feels so much like a love letter.'
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