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Catherine Wheel

Official Catherine Wheel Site
Biography, pictures, video and audio files, and stories about backstage secrets.
ArtistDirect: Catherine Wheel
Contains a biography, tour schedule, related links and a message board.
Canadian Music Encyclopedia
Collection of reviews and interviews about the band from
The Catherine Wheel Attack Seattle
Fan photos from the Catherine Wheel concert on July 24, 2000.
Catherine Wheel Lyrics
Full lyrics to the band's albums and B-sides, as well as a jukebox of tunes in RealAudio.
Catherine Wheel Promotion
A slew of media resources and useful tips for informing fans on how to help promote the band.
Concert Photos
Photos taken on CW's 'Adam and Eve' tour in September, 1997. Catherine Wheel Lyrics
Lyrics to Catherine Wheel's second album, Chrome.
I Can't Believe It's Not Futter.
A source for absolutely fake Catherine Wheel news.
Living the CWville Life
Band-related games, puzzles and trivia. Also includes CD information, news articles, lyrics, and links. Catherine Wheel Reviews
Selection of Catherine Wheel reviews. Catherine Wheel
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
Formerly known as Texture-L. Long running discussion list for fans of Catherine Wheel.
These Four Walls
Fan's collection of photos, articles/ reviews, and general information on members of Catherine Wheel.
Trade Page
Only for C.W. fans looking to buy, sell or trade their merchandise.
Undivide Your Love
History, updates, pictures and audio samples.
The Wheels Are Falling Off The Catherine Wheel's Momentum
Rob Dickinson discusses their record company woes. (July 11, 2000)
Catherine Wheel Blame Canada
Chart Attack tests Catherine Wheel's knowledge of Canadian living. (June 3, 2000)
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