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Harry Chapin

Any Old Kind of Day
With discography, biography, current events calendar, time line, and links.
Chapin Music
Includes versions of Chapin songs, guitar chords, rare unreleased songs, and image galleries.
Home of the Harry Chapin Appreciation Society; includes information on the group, biography, discography, pictures, articles and reviews.
Elektra Records: Harry Chapin
Label site with biography, discography and message board.
Harry Chapin
A fan's appreciation, including his correspondence with the singer/singwriter.
Harry Chapin Archive
Large collection of articles, pictures, and general information on the late singer-songwriter. Includes a chat room and mailing list for fans.
The Harry Chapin Fan Pages
Lyrics, sound clips, photographs, biography, message board, and links to other sites.
Harry Chapin Foundation
This foundation exists to help concerned, private citizens get involved in eradicating world hunger within a lifetime.
Harry Chapin World
A fan site with biography, discography and lyrics.
Harry Chapin Zone
Biography, lyrics and discography.
Harry, It Sucks
Recollections and collections of Harry Chapin music, drawings, pictures and songs.
Harry's Friends
This site features stories about Chapin by people who met or knew him. Includes links to related sites.
The Official Harry Chapin Web Site
Created by Harry's family to share stories, old films, poems, and unpublished music. Purchase out of print releases, early music, and special re-releases from store or learn about special related concerts.
Remembering Harry Chapin
John McMenamin performs live concerts of Harry Chapin's music and donates proceeds to World Hunger Year. Harry Chapin
Biography and message board.
Tom Chapin Fan Info
Tom Chapin was Harry's younger brother and a member of Harry's band.
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