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Vic Chesnutt

The Little Vic Chesnutt Homepage
Fan page featuring news, pictures tour dates and lyrics.
Rabbits are Cooking Breakfast
Fan site with lyrics, discography, biography, MP3s and mailing list.
Pitchfork Media: Vic Chesnutt and Mr. and Mrs. Keneipp - Merriment
John Dark's review of the album: 'With a modicum effort, you can hear hints of Lennon, Chilton, Richman, Black and even fellow Athenian Stipe in the lines and chord progressions. But Merriment is more an example of archetypal songwriting than it is deriva Vic Chesnutt
The singer talks about the time he almost committed suicide and how his music saved him. Includes pictures, audio clips and links. (December 18, 1998)
The Onion AV Club: Vic Chesnutt
Interview with the singer and songwriter on Lambchop, The Salesman & Bernadette, and his relationship with Capitol Records. (December 10, 1998)
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