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The Church

Hotel Womb
Web bulletin board for Church fans. 'Rooms' for discussions about the band and other topics. Links to other Church essential sites.
The Official Church Website
Release and tour information,images, biographies and buy official Church merchandise straight from the band.
Antenna Chat Room
Antenna. The Church fan Chat Room. Church fans from around the world participate in converation about the band and other topics.
A fansite with several links to band related websites, music and other goodies.
The Blurred Crusade
General information and news about The Church.
The Church Discography
The original, semi-official, discography for The Church. Maintained by members of the Seance Mailing List.
The Church Setlist Database
Comprehensive listing of every known tour date for the australian band The Church and two of their members, Steve Kilbey and Marty Wilson-Piper. Includes Date and Venue, some have setlists.
Church Starfish Tabbook
Download a copy of the Church Starfish Tab Book (out-of-print) in pdf format.
Cooking Vinyl - The Church
The Church's current label. Contains a biography, discography, discussion group, and tour information.
A general page about the band - primarily focussed on discussion and trading.
Seance, The Church Mailing List
Join Seance: The Church Mailing List, from this site. Manage membership options from this site, also.
Shadow Cabinet
Church news, lyrics, audio files, photographs, interviews, guitar tablature, solo material and related artists.
Shock Records - THE CHURCH
The Church's Australian label.
Sing Songs
A collection of transcriptions and chords from songs by The Church, members' solo work and related projects.
Violet Town
Audio clips of all their albums and songs in MP4, clips of their videos and live performances, links, and news items.
A links page to sites for music created by members of the HOTELWOMB & Seance (Church fan groups).
Yahoo! Groups : thechurchaustralianband
Yahoo Group for fans of The Church.
HERESY--The Church Cover Song Tribute CD
A double-cd of songs by The Church, performed by musicians from the HOTEL WOMB and the SEANCE list. Order the CD and see artist bios
Ratcat - Electric Lash, a tribute to The Church
A CD tribute to The Church from Blackwelder Records.
AMG All Music Guide: After Everything Now This
Hal Horowitz's review: 'Like the gray pictures of a tranquil ocean on the album's artwork, this music gradually shifts like the tides, taking its time and setting a languid mood.' 3 stars.
Playlouder: After Everything Now This
Simon Williams' review: 'more often than not displays a penchant for melody and tension which would shame many of the new millennium's pop pups.'
Rolling Stone: After Everything Now This
David Fricke's review: 'It is a sound, and grace, that the Church have pursued for more than two decades, and maybe you've heard it before. But you've rarely heard it better.' 3.5 stars.
Billboard: After Everything Now This
Billboard review: 'an album of new material that sounds utterly contemporary even as it harks to the band's glory days.' (February 23, 2002)
AMG All Music Guide: Gold Afternoon Fix
Ned Raggett's review: 'things move between hit and miss, but there's enough character coming through to ensure a pleasant listen.' 3 stars.
Rolling Stone: Gold Afternoon Fix
Chris Mundy's review: 'The album, at its strongest, captivates with the understated elegance of its intricate guitars and soothing harmonies.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Gold Afternoon Fix
CMJ review: 'Their uncanny ability to create a subtle hook (especially on the lead single 'Metropolis') gives The Church all the more power.' (March 30, 1990)
AMG All Music Guide: Priest = Aura
Ned Raggett's review: 'Priest Aura shows the Church fully in charge of creating evocative, poetic and gripping music with a distinctly unsettling edge.' 4 stars.
Ink Blot Magazine: Priest = Aura
Aaron Goldwebber's review: 'one of the best rock and roll albums of the '90s and a perfect introduction to the band.'
Rolling Stone: Priest = Aura
Ira Robbin's review: 'background noise can't dissipate the album's arid atmosphere or its occasional resemblance to Seventies progressive rock.' 2 stars.
CMJ: Priest = Aura
CMJ review: 'The melodies remain the strong point, and as these tunes slowly seep in, you find more marvel lurking around each corner.' (March 13, 1992)
AMG All Music Guide: Sometime Anywhere
Ned Raggett's review: 'Atmospheres, as always, are key to the Church sound, with some extremely textured and lovely keyboard sounds and buried samples adding to the mysterious flow of many of the songs.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Sometime Anywhere
Steve Ciabattoni's review: 'Sometime Anywhere, while mostly a mid-tempo record, is time well spent-a credit to the mature melodic sense of the Kilbey/Willson-Piper team.'
Rolling Stone: Sometime Anywhere
Kim Ahearn's review: 'Sometime Anywhere instead ventures down a dimly lit path, offering few clues to its destination and many surprises along the way.' 4 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Starfish
Ned Raggett's review: 'Performances throughout are at the least fine and at the most fantastic.' 4.5 stars.
Rolling Stone: Starfish
David Fricke's review: 'Starfish is an album that will disorient and fascinate; shaking its spell will not be easy.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Starfish
CMJ review: 'Starfish is a highly lyrical and textured work, with acoustic and electric guitars ringing, chiming and swirling to stunning effect-the band's trademark-now more refined and vibrant than before.' (February 12, 1988)
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