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Elvis Costello

Beyond Belief
Information on the worldwide fan newsletter that ceased publication in 2001; includes details on ordering back issues.
Bright Blue Times
A fan page with special emphasis on previously unreleased material.
Brutal Web
Italian fan site with news, small image gallery, discography, audio samples and fan stories.
The Elvis Costello Home Page
News, bibliography, biography, articles, frequently asked questions, pictures, trading board, lyrics and chords.
Elvis Costello is King
Fan's song-by-song analysis of Costello's greatest recordings and compositions.
Elvis Costello Mystery Cover
Listing of Costello songs performed by others, with links to some downloads.
Elvis Costello Online
News, tour dates, live chat, lyrics, sounds, pictures and trivia.
Island Records site includes news, biography, sound and video clips, appearance schedule, 'Ask Elvis' feature, message board and desktop wallpaper.
A Parade of Unpainted Dreams
Lyrics, sound samples and facts on the twelve songs co-written by Costello and Paul McCartney.
Real Life Becomes a Rumour
Visual guide to the singer's recordings, collectibles, bands, photographs, appearances, and professional life.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Detailed biography of the 2003 inductees.
The Stamping Ground
Fan site with pictures, desktops, skins, free e-mail, interviews and audio. Elvis Costello
Includes album reviews, news, biography, discography, links, and bulletin board.
CMJ: "Elvis Costello: This Year's Icon"
Interview about radio and the sounds on 'When I Was Cruel.'
Sunday Herald: "Cruel Intentions"
Article in which Costello discusses the album 'When I Was Cruel' and the fact that he's no longer an angry young man. (April 14, 2002)
Salon Brilliant Careers: Elvis Costello
The king of the unforgiving is the rock star who never was. (September 21, 1999) Elvis and his idols
Joyce Millman's review: 'Its very lack of cohesion gives it a strangely persistent allure; it keeps calling you back, like the last two clues you can't figure out in the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.'
Urban Desires: Elvis Costello
'I don't know if this is Elvis's greatest record, probably not, but there is plenty here to satisfy.' Includes sound and lyric samples.
Metroactive Music: Elvis Costello
Nicky Baxter's review: 'Elvis Costello wants to be taken seriously as a singer as opposed to a musician, but on his latest album, full of ballads and almost entirely devoid of balls-out rock, he misses his goal.' (June 20, 1996)
Esoteric Echo: Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
Jason Thompson's review: 'Though it does lack the furious whirlwind of the Attractions, it is nevertheless a seminal album.' Painted from Memory
Jody Beth Rosen's review of the album. (November 30, 1998)
Metromix: Costello gets 'Cruel'
Greg Kot's review: 'Eerie atmospherics evoke dread, one-chord drones build tension, and Costello sneers, snarls, croons and whispers like a man with unspeakable needs.'
Entertainment Weekly: When I Was Cruel
David Browne's review: 'In a way, 'When I Was Cruel' is a companion to U2's 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' - a late-period return to form by an act that wandered off the path presumably for good.' Grade of A. (April 22, 2002)
New Musical Express: When I Was Cruel
John Mulvey's review. 'Through all his dalliances with opera singers, string quartets and Burt Bacharach, Costello has musically obscured most of his bile with the trappings of high art. But as 'When I Was Cruel' proves, he's much better at squeezing his
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