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Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies
Official site of the band includes photo gallery, tour itinerary, and links to a web discussion board.
ArtistDirect: Cowboy Junkies
Includes biography, links, sound files, and message board.
Canadian Music Encyclopedia: Cowboy Junkies
Biography, discography, and a photo. Cowboy Junkies Guitar Tabs
Directory of guitar tablature.
Cowboy Junkies - Miles from Our Home
A detailed review of the band's 1998 album with sound samples.
Fredrik's Cowboy Junkies Site
Fan site with discography and links.
Guitar Notes: Cowboy Junkies
Listing of guitar tablatures for several songs.
Harmony Central OLGA Index: Cowboy Junkies
List of guitar tablatures.
the i - Cowboy Junkies
Interview with Margo.
Ironclad Networks: Cowboy Junkies
Australia-based e-mail discussion forum for fans.
Kat's Cowboy Junkies Concert Pages
Fan site features many personal pictures.
Laying it Down
Personal page with discography and links.
Maurizio's Unofficial Cowboy Junkies Fan Club
Features pictures, discography, downloads, and lyrics.
Metacritic: Open
Links to several reviews of the album.
Yahoo Groups e-mail list for fans to discuss the band's body of work, music and lyrics.
Umbrella Music: 15 Questions - Margo Timmins
Question-and-answer session with lead singer Margo Timmins.
Jeffrey's Kitchen Sink
Many links to MP3s and the like of this great band.
Cowboy Junkies Live
Several MP3s to choose from for downloading.
KCET Ontour
Cowboy Junkies as heard on October 11th, 1997.
KCET Ontour
Cowboy Junkies as heard on November 15th, 1997.
SHN List for Cowboy Junkies
Listing of Cowboy Junkies in a database of shows distributed within a community committed to providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format.
KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic
RealAudio stream of a live performance. (April 3, 1996)
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