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Graham Coxon

Coffee and TV
A fan site with lyrics, quotes, and pictures.
Gra-ah-am Coxon, shake it all the way-ay-ay
A fan site with a picture gallery, biography, and exclusive interviews.
Graham Coxon: You're So Great
A fan site featuring tour dates, biography, lyrics, pen pals, articles, and a chat room. Live Line
Fan site with a biography, discography, lyrics, photographs, press interviews and reviews, and desktop wallpaper.
Rock Stars Are Not Cool
Fan site with news, quotes, pictures, sounds, videos, fictions, lyrics, articles, mailing list and links. In English and French.
Scream Thy Last Scream
Fan site with news, discography, lyrics, WMA files, photos, quotes, and links.
The Temple of Graham Coxon
Quotes, lyrics, pictures and wallpapers for your desktop.
The Unofficial Graham Coxon Website
Provides news, biography, discography, press articles and interviews.
Dotmusic: Graham Coxon - The Golden D
Reviewed by Jackie Flynn. '...its hard to dismiss it as anything more than the vainglorious toe-nail clippings of a cocooned Indie megastar.' (June 16, 2000)
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