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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow
Official site features tour dates, photos, tour journals, audio and video, and news.
Artist Direct: Sheryl Crow
Profile with links. Sheryl Crow
Collection of pictures, biography, and information.
1440 Media: Sheryl Crow
Includes ticket and tour information, biography, discography, song samples, lyrics, and a picture gallery.
Music Song Lyrics: Sheryl Crow
Lyrics sorted by album. Sheryl Crow
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links, and message board.
Sheryl Crow News:
News about Sheryl Crow continually updated from around the net. Sheryl Crow
Includes news, biography, audio clips, pictures, music videos, bulletin boards, and links.
Australian Sheryl Crow Website
Current news, concert photos, links, and single releases.
Fan pictures, message board, polls, news, and links.
Buenos Aires Fan Page
From Argentina. Includes discography, photos, tour schedule, biography, chords, and lyrics.
The Crow Kind
Pictures, videos, news, discography, and links.
Dedicated to Sheryl Crow (stef's site!)
Discography, tour dates, gallery, quiz, lyrics, and links.
Home of Sheryl Crow
Articles, biography, concert reviews, fan wall, gallery, lyrics, guestbook, wallpaper, message board, multimedia, and Sherylgrams.
My Sheryl Crow Page
Discography, pictures, awards, lyrics, links, MP3s, and guestbook.
Sheryl Crow
Fan discography with photographs.
Sheryl Crow - I Make The Rules Up As I Go
Photos, discography, and links.
Sheryl Crow - Little Superstar
Biography, pictures, audio, lyrics, videos, discography, interview, fanclub, articles, and links.
The Sheryl Crow Experience
Photo galleries, tablature, and links.
Sheryl Crow: Hidden Treasures
Contains music clips, pictures, bass tablatures, and biography.
Sheryl Crow: If It Makes You Happy
Pictures, quiz, message board, articles, Top 10, trading, discography, guestbook, and news.
Sheryl Crow Online
Lyrics, tour dates, pictures, biography, links, interviews, discography, fast facts, and guestbook.
Sheryl Crow Unplugged
Includes pictures and links.
Sheryl Crow WWW Site
Includes Windows wallpaper, e-cards, pictures, biography, discography, and links.
Sheryl Crow's Neighborhood
English and French fan page with news, biography, discography, pictures, video, MP3, tour database with setlists, lyrics, and fan reviews.
Sheryl Crow's Nest
Pictures, lyrics, news, guestbook, links, and sounds.
Sheryl Crow's Vault
Includes news and contests.
German fan page with biography, discography, background information, wallpaper, picture gallery, video, and interviews.
Shrine to Sheryl
Discography, lyrics, fan biography, quiz, pictures, and links.
The Waiting Room
News, biography, discography, interviews, lyrics, picture gallery, and links.
Prindle Record Reviews: Sheryl Crow
Reviews of Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow, and The Globe Sessions, by Mark Prindle and readers.
Members Only Web Ring
Web ring for sites dedicated to songstress Sheryl Crow.
Ring of Sheryl Crow
Collection of fan sites.
AMG All Music Guide: C'mon C'mon
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'It's Sheryl Crow at her best, delivering music that is firmly rooted in the past, yet recorded and performed with a modern feel and flair...' 4.5 stars.
Billboard: C'mon C'mon
Billboard review: 'a masterfully crafted collection that warmly recalls the era of album-driven FM rock radio.'
Entertainment Weekly: C'mon, C'mon
David Browne's review: 'In the same way Crow works a room, so does 'C'mon, C'mon' jostle its way into your head.' Grade of B+.
Launch: C'mon C'mon
Bob Gulla's review: 'It is, without a doubt, one of the best commercial rock albums of the year...'
Rolling Stone: C'mon C'mon
Arion Berger's review: 'devoid of the dreamy first-light coherence and good-time-gal oomph that Crow can pull off so effortlessly. Instead, it's heavy on billowy ballads and rife with unforgivably lazy lyrics...' 3 stars.
Unrated Magazine: Sheryl Crow - C'mon C'mon
Anthony Kuzminski's review: 'has in turn created a near perfect pop record.' Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
Thietavu's review: 'Its many things: sometimes sad and tender, sometimes hard and raw.' Rated 4 stars.
Backbeat: Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
Martin Monkman's review: 'far more passionate and intelligent than AOR pablum, and elevates Sheryl Crow above the crowd.' 3 stars.
Mike Ross' review: 'Featuring an elegant blend of rootsy and contemporary production, these are tunes as catchy, beautiful and passionate as any she's done.' Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
Bill Aicher's review: 'It is quality work, much more musical than her early stuff.' Rated 4.5 out of 5.
New Musical Express
'If she hadn't got a break singing with Michael Jackson, chances are she'd be fronting a fairly successful covers bar band down South.'
Rolling Stone
James Hunter's review: 'In the end, it is Crow's singing that unites the record and conveys its passionate thrust.' 4 stars.
AMG All Music Guide
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'Live in Central Park doesn't work as a record, even though it does seem like being in the audience would have been fun.'
John Sakamoto's review: 'Stripped of its visuals, it sounds invariably one-dimensional, largely because the in-concert routines that typically play well on television -- audience participation, sucking up to the crowd -- become increasingly annoying with
Peter Naldrett's review: 'Crow's pocketful of hits and over-confidant cow-girl attitude culminate in a performance that is not worthy of the names Clapton and Hynde.'
New Musical Express
'All she wants to do is have some fun. It's just that you're paying for it.' Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow
Paul Cantin's review: 'the main weapon in her arsenal is her voice, which seems to move from a sweet rock 'n roll growl to a ragged, heartrending ballad purr within a single verse.'
D.M. Avery's review: 'There are several exceptional songs on this album, and a few great lines too...' Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow
David Fricke's review: 'Crow wants us to believe that she has toughened into a trailer-park rock & roll jade - and it's a flimsy act.'
Stephanie Zacharek's review: 'This is Crow singing from the depths of her soul, or what passes for it, doing her damnedest to move us.'
AMG All Music Guide
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'Crow manages to create an identity for herself - a classic rocker at heart but with enough smarts to stay contemporary.'
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