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The Cure
The official Cure webpage, created and maintined by Robert and Roger. Includes news, band biography, member and ex-member profiles, discography, guitar tablature, lyrics, and photos.
A collection of Cure MIDIs.
AllExperts: The Cure
Volunteer experts answer questions about the band. Cure
Bass tablature.
Beach of Stone
Trading site including concert references, biographies, pictures, Flash movies and art. [Requires Flash.]
Club America
Free Cure club for fans around the world.
The Cure Concerts Guide
Overview of the band's concerts with setlists organized by year.
Cure Price Guide
Guide gives you an idea how much to spend on Cure items.
Dreamtour Webring
The webring for anything to do with The Cure's Dreamtour 2000.
Elektra Records: The Cure
Biography, discography, message board and image gallery. The Cure
Guitar and bass tablatures and chords. The Cure
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, sound files, and message board. The Cure
Includes album reviews, music news, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards. The Cure
Guitar tablatures sorted by album.
Cosmopolis - The Cure
History and new CD Bloodflowers. (March 1, 2000)
Fan site with biography, pictures, equipment list and interviews.
Porl Thompson
Featuring the painted works of the former member of The Cure and Parched Art.
A Chain of Flowers
The latest news, tour dates, setlists, concert reviews, chart information and artwork.
Autumn's Pictures Of You
Personal collection including pictures, articles and magazines, posters, and postcards.
Pictures, links, Real Audio files and discography.
Boys are Forever Drowing in Pornogarphy
Lyrics, forum, band biographies, press, pictures, setlist and information on songs rarely played live.
Cave of Black Ghosts
Live pictures, audio files, IRC chat and bootleg list.
The Cure
Biography, discography, photo gallery, concert list, quotes from the band and links.
The Cure: An Imaginary Site
Survey, lyrics, pictures, articles, discography, fonts and MP3s.
The Cure: It Started with a Dedication
Includes history, words, sounds, pictures, logos and chat.
The Cure: Touch My Eyes, Press My Stained Face
News, images, introduction, collection pictures, quotes, and links. [English and French]
Discography, pictures, biography, and lyrics.
Curiosity - The Cure Anomalies
Contains downloads, games, images, and information relating to the band.
Dancing on a Beach of Stone
Lyrics, discography, photographic gallery, and artwork relating to The Cure.
Includes information on joining the mailing list, lyrics, images, links, and CD-R trading.
Fons36's Cure
Tape trading page, links to other sites, links to other traders and pictures.
Golden Haze
Beautiful Cure artwork, discography, videography, and links.
Jupiter Crash
Seti@Home team for band fans.
Provides member profiles, downloads, photos, and related links.
The Loudest Cure
French site including a discography, live pictures, and scans of concert tickets.
Bilingual fan site based in China with news, streaming radio, discography, MIDI and MP3 files, lyrics and message board.
Matt's Cure Page
Images, lyrics, sound clips and links.
Cure fonts, themes, and other downloads.
On Fiction: An Improbable Collection
Illustrated discography of the band's albums and rarities, as well as those distributed by their label, Fiction Records.
Pablo's Cure Page
Lyrics, MIDIs, links, and images.
All about The Cure's official discography, from common to collectable items. Includes CureBase, a dedicated discography search engine.
Pretending to Swim
Fascinating stories, tidbits and news about The Cure.
Private Collection Privée
Fan's collection of records by the Cure. [English and French.]
A Reflection
News, discography, sounds, and pictures. Mostly in French.
Devotional site dedicated to the Cure with discography, stories, pictures, and downloads. In Spanish and English.
Static: Dead Persistent Gloom
Features Cure tributes and author's personal Robert Smith incident.
Stiff As Toys and Tall As Men
Contains information about the band such as a discussion board, tour setlists, and bootleg reviews.
The Strangest Twist Upon Your Lips
Cure fan site featuring discography, lyrics, band news, pictures, and Winamp skins.
The Upstairs Room
Lyrics to rare and live songs, boot reviews and setlists, MP3s and pictures.
Your Tongue Is Like Poison
Updated trade page and original pictures.
Musicfolio: The Cure Album Reviews
Discography and album reviews, with ratings and recommendations.
The Cure - Greatest Hits
Review of the greatest hits album. (November 12, 2001)
Entertainment Ave: The Cure
Review of a concert at The Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois. (July 20, 1996)
Cureheads, The
UK tribute band.
Belgian Cure tribute band; includes sound files, set lists, photos, and member profiles.
The Obscure
An Oxfordshire based tribute band to the Cure.
AMG All Music Guide: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'its best moments - including the deceptively bouncy 'Why Can't I Be You?' and the stately 'Just Like Heaven' - are remarkable and help make the album one of the group's very best.' 3 stars.
Ink Blot Magazine: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Johanna Ravich's review: 'While Robert Smith's voice remains as captivating as ever, it's the passion behind his lyrics that makes this album so special to so many Cure fans.'
CMJ: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
CMJ review: 'surveys edgy pop, dance rhythms, harsh Pornography-style guitar rock, slick commercial pop and lots more, merging in an exciting blend of styles.' (June 5, 1987)
AMG All Music Guide: Mixed Up
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'There are enough oddities and rare tracks on Mixed Up to make it necessary for Cure fans, but it's too specialized for casual listeners.' 2 stars.
CMJ: Mixed Up
CMJ review: 'Mixed Up looks at a bevy of Cure hits in a slightly different light-since we already all have these songs in our collections, why not put out new versions?' (November 16, 1990)
AMG All Music Guide: Pornography
Chris Woodstra's review: 'Pornography isn't their most interesting album - much of it suffers from same-sounding monotony - but it did manage to crack the UK. Top Ten and was undoubtedly influential in the emerging goth-rock movement.' 3 stars
Rolling Stone: Pornography
J.D. Considine's review: 'Backed by music that relies less on melody than thick slabs of heavily treated sound, Pornography comes off as the aural equivalent of a bad toothache.' 2 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Wild Mood Swings
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'the variety of sounds and strength of performance offers enough surprises to make Wild Mood Swings more than just another Cure record.' 3 stars.
Canoe: Wild Mood Swings
Canoe's review: 'its eclecticism ensures that Wild Mood Swings will be one of the most overrated albums of 1996.' 2.5 stars.
NME: Wild Mood Swings
NME review: 'Smith's unerring pop sensibility is well to the fore, resulting in a couple of delightfully off-kilter gems..' Rating: 7/10.
Rolling Stone: Wild Mood Swings
Anthony DeCurtis' review: 'Robert Smith continues looking for the perfect love, swooning when he thinks he's found it, collapsing wrecked when (inevitably) he's disappointed.' 2 stars
CMJ: Wild Mood Swings
CMJ review: 'Robert Smith hasn't done much to change his patented sound - if anything, the additions have lightened his tone a bit - but with something so distinctive that speaks to so many people, there is no reason to do so, and Wild Mood Swings is a fi
AMG All Music Guide: Wish
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'the even-handed production makes the record sound very similar, so it is less compelling than it might have been, but there are a handful of gems...' 2.5 stars
Rolling Stone: Wish
James Hunter's review: 'this outstanding album, like all the Cure's best music, runs on its own brash logic, making a virtue of its emotional polarities.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Wish
CMJ review: 'we find The Cure are still adept at writing loads more of those wonderful, mournful songs that seem to mean the world to all those pale, wan adolescents in black cloaks.' (April 24, 1992)
AMG All Music Guide: Bloodflowers
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'The album is certainly well made, and even enjoyable; however, its achievement is a bit hollow, since it never seems like Smith is pushing himself or the band.' 3 stars.
Canoe: Bloodflowers
Jane Stevenson's review: 'while the general consensus is that these gloom rockers haven't reached the same musical heights in the '90s as they did in their '80s heyday, their gloriously melancholy and pretty goth-pop sound still works for me.'
Ink Blot Magazine: Bloodflowers
Johanna Ravich's review: 'The Cure continue to amplify the beauty in pain with this bouquet of bloodflowers - succeeding in making the art of sadness fashionable once again.'
Metacritic: Bloodflowers
Multiple critic and user reviews for Bloodflowers by The Cure. Bloodflowers
Peter Naldrett's review: 'this is a tight new release from The Cure and while it's difficult to see where any hit singles are going to come from, the album is a credit to their realism and creativity.'
NME: Bloodflowers
NME review: 'Bloodflowers may not convert any new fans, but it will certainly not disappoint the old ones.' Rating: 7/10.
Nude as the News: Bloodflowers
Mark T.R. Donahue's review: 'Cure fans will enjoy this record, it's well-made and Smith doesn't break character.'
Rolling Stone: Bloodflowers
Arion Berger's review: 'The album's soft, chewy center, five songs' worth, never varies in rhythm or pace and depends mostly on hard strumming for propulsion.' 2.5 stars.
CMJ: Bloodflowers
M. Tye Comer's review: 'The Cure's maniacal brand of pop music may have broken the band to mainstream ears, but Bloodflowers' conceptual cohesion and emotional depth approach the top of the group's heap of classic records.' (February 7, 2000)
AMG All Music Guide: Disintegration
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'It's a hypnotic, mesmerizing record, comprised nearly entirely of epics..' 4.5 stars.
Rolling Stone: Disintegration
Michael Azerrad's review: 'Despite the title, Disintegration hangs together beautifully, creating and sustaining a mood of thoroughly self-absorbed gloom.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Disintegration
CMJ review: 'At a time when The Cure could have turned shamefully predictable, they've produced a decidedly downbeat album that's about as far from a sell-out as they could possibly have gone' (May 5, 1989)
AMG All Music Guide: Galore
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'Galore emphatically confirms the Cure's status as one of the best and most adventurous alternative bands of the '80s.' 4.5 stars.
Nude as the News: Galore
Jonathan Cohen's review: 'When Galore is good, it's great; when it's bad, it begs to be turned off. But such is the legacy of the Cure, and Galore accurately portrays the band's transition from reluctant superstardom to an imminent passage into the annals
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