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Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYuck
A parody of a Dennis DeYoung website featuring audio files to download, images, diary entries, news, and other fictional information.
Don't Wait for Heroes
Discography, lyrics, interviews, reviews, articles, and photographs.
The Official Dennis DeYoung Web
Tour information, album information, and news about the founder and former frontman for Styx.
Unofficial Dennis DeYoung Lyrics Archive
Features a discography, lyrics, and interpretations.
Yahoo Groups : Don't Let It End
Fan community e-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls. Restricted membership.
Yahoo Groups: Dennis DeTalk
Fan community e-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls.
Yahoo Groups: Dennis DeYoung
Fan community e-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls.
Don't Wait for Heroes - Print Media
Reprints of articles, reviews, and interviews.
The Star Newspapers: Styx - The River Runs On?
An interview by John Everson discussing the Brave New World album by Styx and the developing rift between DeYoung and the rest of Styx.
The Star Newspapers: Styx Gets Back in the Act with a Return to Paradise
An interview by John Everson. Dennis DeYoung talks about the reformation of Styx, the Return to Paradise tour and album and his musical adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
The Star Newspapers: Styx Reunites to Restage Paradise Theatre Show
An article and interview by John Everson. Dennis DeYoung discusses the Return to the Paradise Theatre reunion tour and upcoming show at the Rosemont Horizon.
Chicago Tribune: Giving Up The Ghosts
Interview by Rick Kogan. Requires free registration. (December 8, 2002)
Live Daily: Styx's Dennis DeYoung Sets Orchestral Tour
An article by Rob Evans previewing the new tour. (September 15, 2000) Dennis DeYoung
Interview discussing the Brave New World album and tour by Styx, Dennis DeYoung's solo tour with a live orchestra, and the internal conflicts in Styx. (March, 2000)
Illinois Entertainer: Dennis DeYoung
Article by John Everson featuring background information and a review of the debut performance of Dennis DeYoung with a live orchestra at the Rosemont Theatre on February 12, 2000. (February 16, 2000)
Midwest Beat Magazine: Dennis DeYoung - The Heart And Soul Of Styx Steps Out
Interview and article by Tom Lounges includes an overview of the history of Styx, discussion of the Styx album Brave New World, Styx touring without DeYoung, his Ultimate Collection CD, the future of his Hunchback of Notre Dame musical, and the upcoming p
Retro Rewind: Artist Of The Month, November 1999
Interviews, multimedia clips, news, reviews, and photographs from the month-long Internet radio feature on Dennis DeYoung. (November, 1999)
Grand Illusions: An Exclusive Interview with Dennis DeYoung
Transcript of a candid telephone interview discussing DeYoung's strained relations with other members of Styx, the status of his Hunchback of Notre Dame musical, his Ultimate Collection CD, and the strange illness preventing him from touring. (October 8,
Keyboard Magazine: Dennis DeYoung - Road Report
Reprint of the article and interview by Allan Hirt discussing the Styx, past and present, with a detailed discussion of DeYoung's keyboard equipment and technical set-up on the 1996 tour. (September 1, 1996)
Rock Video: Dennis DeYoung "Music First, Video Second"
Article and interview by Richard Robinson. (February, 1985)
Songwriter Magazine: Writing the Hits for Styx
Article and interview by Rob Sanford with a brief history of Styx and discussion of the songwriting process and the stories behind several songs. (August, 1980)
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