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Def Leppard

Def Leppard Home
The official site, providing confirmed news, updates from the band, multimedia files, lyrics, discography, tour dates, and an active forum.
Allexperts Def Leppard Directory
Volunteers answer all your questions about the band. Def Leppard
MP3s, lyrics, pictures, biography, video and a message board. - Def Leppard
Interview with bassist Rick Savage.
Def Leppard Chords Archive
Collection of tablatures and chords.
Oldielyrics: Def Leppard
Lyrics sorted by album. Def Leppard
Biography, discography, charts, and links. Def Leppard Lyrics
Lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically. Def Leppard
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
VH1 Fan Club: Def Leppard
News, biographies, musical influences, concert tour dates, audio clips, photos, music videos, bulletin board, and links.
Message boards, chat room, games, lyrics, pictures, links and biography.
Al's Def Leppard Page
Biography, discography, news, and links.
Animal's Summer Shed
A fan based website that includes history, discography, articles, tour dates, latest news, and biographies.
Sound and video clips, wallpapers, Yahoo skins, biography, photos, message board, concert reviews, chat room, and links.
Batcave for Def Leppard
Complete discography, including bootlegs.
Becky's Def Leppard Spot
Fan site with concert reviews, latest news, picture album, fan section, chat room, message board, and multimedia files.
Change Your Spots
Discography, news, memorabilia, and guestbook.
Chelle's 21st Century Leppard Mania
News, biographies, tour dates, lyrics, tour photos, guestbook, and links.
Darren's Def Leppard Site
UK based, with tour history, discography, biography, TV/Radio appearances, photos, and videography.
The Def Leppard Atomic Mess
News, pictures, band history, sound archive, lyrics, guestbook, and links.
The Def Leppard Bootleg Guide
A detailed list of Def Leppard Bootlegs, including dates, venues, track lists, downloads, cover art and personal reviews.
The Def Leppard Domain
Biographies, news, Steve Clark tribute, discography, interviews, and links.
The Def Leppard Experience
Artwork, photo gallery, wallpaper, and links.
The Def Leppard FAQ
Unofficial FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Def Leppard.
The Def Leppard Frequency
History, news, audio, photos, fan happenings, polls, articles and links.
Def Leppard From The Inside
News, photos, lyrics, polls, fan fiction, and links.
Def Leppard Heaven
Fan site with photos, news and links.
Def Leppard Hysteria
Discography, pictures, news, links, biographies, interviews and videos.
Def Leppard Induced Euphoria
Audio and slideshows that include concert photos and exclusive fan photos from Def Leppard's Euphoria tour.
Def Leppard On Top
Photographs, information, news, and tour dates.
Def Leppard Rocks
Pictures, photos, lyrics, audio, discography, news, and links.
Def Leppard Rocks My World
Photos, concert reviews, and links.
Def Leppard Rocks Page
Biography, photographs, discography, chatroom, fan forum, tour information, fan fiction, guestbook, and links.
The Def Leppard Satellite Of Love
News, links, biography, pictures, sounds, RealAudio and a US discography.
Def Leppard Supersite
News, history, multi-media, pictures, and full discography. Also the home of the Defnet mailing list's information and FAQ.
Def Leppard USA
News, tour dates, biography, wallpaper, photos, puzzles and links.
Def Leppard Zone
Lyrics, graphics, links, and guestbook.
The Demolition Man: Joe Elliott of Def Leppard
Biography, pictures, discography, and news.
Euphoric Site
Fan site includes pictures and discography.
The Euphorical Def Leppard
News, message board, interviews, and links.
ICQ Def Leppard Interest Group
ICQ group.
Judithann's Def Leppard
Biography, lyrics, pictures, album reviews and links.
Kathy's Def Domain
Postcards, links, photos, sounds, forum, and guestbook.
Kim's Korner
Photos and links.
News, links, mailing list, message board, and calendar of events.
The Leppard Den
News, tour dates, biography, discography, fan gatherings, pictures and links.
Leppard Relics
Image gallery, articles, quotes, guestbook, links, and survey.
Discography, audio, links, and pictures.
Lepp's Lair
History, discography, lyrics, videos, fan fiction, and links.
Love Bites - The Archipeligus Def Leppard Page
Biography, discography, articles, and midi.
Luci's Leppard Lair
News, tour dates, pictures, discography, lyrics, and biographies.
On Through the Night
Lyrics, photos, biographies, fan fiction, and a personal section.
Papazol's Page of Def Leppard
Lyrics, newsletter, midi, and MP3 files.
Pyro's Playpen
History, pictures, and links.
Rick Allen: Thunder God
Fan site for drummer. Includes news, biography, photos, message board, fan experiences and links.
Rick Savage
News, articles, horoscope, pictures, audio, video, puzzles, and links.
The Rock Of Ages website
News, pictures, fan fiction, tour dates, quizzes, and lyrics.
Savage Attitude
Fan site for bass player Rick Savage. News, biography, articles, interviews, tour dates, forum and links.
Biography, gallery, discography, and links.
The Throne Room: A Rick Allen Website
Pictures, articles, interview bits, and biography.
Too Loud For Boys
Discography, news, gossip, and links.
Tracy's Lep Dream World
Photos, midis, and links.
We Want Action
Online petition to record company requesting better promotion.
White Lightning
Biography, news, discography, pictures, Steve Clark tribute, chat, and links.
Y2ray's Def Leppard Webpage
News, discography, videos, sounds, links, and guestbook.
Yutaka's Def Leppard home page
Interviews, photos, and links.
Leplive Euphoria
A Def Leppard list on, for people who are going to various concert dates world wide. Where you can tell your plans, and maybe meet up with other fans going to the same dates.
Home of the very first online mailing list, created in 1993.
Leppard Club
Another Def Leppard mailing list on egroups, lusting is allowed.
Online discussion group with ove 100 members. This group is run by the members, democratically, for the benefit of all Def Leppard fans.
Sweet Savage
A moderated mailing list for fans of Def Leppard's bass player, Rick Savage.
East West: Rocket: An Evening With Def Leppard
Review of December 2002 concert in Sacramento, California.
UnRated Magazine: Def Leppard
Live review and photos from UIC Pavilion concert on March 28, 2003.
Def Leppard 'The Tribute'
UK based tribute band; features show dates, photos, news, and MP3 files. Requires Flash.
Providence, Rhode Island's Def Leppard show. Show dates, song list, and photos.
Gig list, audio samples, pictures, and mailing list.
The Def Leppard Ring of Fans
Over 80 sites listed. Founded July 1998.
Def Leppard Ring Of Fire
The very first Def Leppard webring, created September 27, 1996. Over 100 sites in the ring.
I Support Def Leppard Webring
Over 100 sites listed.
AMG All Music Guide
Steve Huey's review: 'Adrenalize sounds somewhat tired, formulaic, and bland, qualities absent from the band's best pop-metal work.'
Jem Aswad's review: 'The band's songwriting and musicianship are stronger than ever...'
Rolling Stone
J.D. Considine's review: 'There's no overriding concept to the album, no sense of the group's confronting its demons or wrestling with the problems of the world; instead, what we get is a seemingly unending string of energetic, hook-heavy, gosh-we-luv-'em
Stormy's review: 'The fans demanded a return to that anthemic sound and the Leps gave the fans what they wanted. 'Euphoria' proves Def Leppard won't be going anywhere but up!'
Mike Ross' review: 'The only 'euphoria' this sorry slab of flab generates is the sick feeling one can get from consuming too much sugar.'
New Musical Express
'A rock is most definitely out of the question. A smile in their direction is, however, common courtesy.'
Rolling Stone
Greg Kot's review: 'they've abandoned the more introspective tone struck on Slang, a commercial flop, to return to their Eighties metal-for-the-malls formula..' 2 stars.
AMG All Music Guide
Steve Huey's review: 'While still opting for a controlled musical attack and melodies as big-sounding and stadium-ready as possible, the band opens up its arrangements a bit more on High 'N' Dry.'
AMG All Music Guide
Steve Huey's review: 'The strong pop hooks and 'perfect'-sounding production of Hysteria may not appeal to diehard heavy metal fans, but it isn't heavy metal - it's pop-metal, and arguably the best pop-metal ever recorded.'
Jem Aswad's review: 'No, there aren't many surprises here, except that the band is quite obviously stronger than ever.'
Rolling Stone
Kurt Loder's review: 'This album sounds terrific. Every track sparkles and burns. There is no filler.'
AMG All Music Guide
Steve Huey's review: 'a collection of working-class hard rock anthems informed by the big, glittering hooks of glam-rock.'
Eric Chappe's review: 'There's a big audience out there for this once-thought-dead form of rock `n' roll. And it shouldn't be too long before Def Leppard will capture it.'
David Fricke's review: 'Displaying a wisdom beyond their years, Def Leppard take the timeworn basics of heavy metal, give them a punky Eighties overhaul and come up with, uh, heavy melody. On through the Night is awfully impressive for a band making its v
AMG All Music Guide
Steve Huey's review: 'Leppard's quest for huge, transcendent hard rock perfection on Pyromania was surprisingly successful; their reach never exceeded their grasp, which makes the album an enduring (and massively influential) classic.'
Rolling Stone
David Fricke's review: 'Def Leppard may not be highly original, but they mean what they play, and Pyromania puts some much-needed fire back on the radio.' 4 stars.
AMG All Music Guide
Ed Rivadavia's review: 'While casual fans might find it confusing, Leppard fanatics will revel in its diversity and informative liner notes.'
Beth Renaud's review: 'Not only is Retroactive a good addition to Leppard-philes' collections, it also whets our appetite for that forthcoming studio record.'
Rolling Stone
Paul Evans' review: 'their chief strength has always been the songs they write, and Retro Active underscores that appeal.' 4 stars.
AMG All Music Guide
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'Not all of the experiments work, but Def Leppard sounds revitalized, particularly when they attack a straightforward rocker.'
'All in all, the most exceptional makeover of the year.' 3 1/2 stars.
Rolling Stone
Jon Wiederhorn's review: 'Slang rarely rocks; Def Leppard seem too consumed with sounding hip to let loose any real dynamic guitar squalor.'
All Music Guide
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'the slick production and self-conscious maturity make X a leaden affair.' (2.5 out of 5 stars)
Counter Culture
Sion Smith's review: 'Def Leppard have come up with their best body of work since Hysteria...' (4 out of 5 stars)
Malcolm Michaels' review: 'Joe Elliott (whose voice has never sounded better), Rick Allen, Vivian Campbell, Rick Savage and Phil Collen have created pure ear candy and one of the best albums of the year.' (9 out of 10)
Andy Capper's review: 'Def Leppard improve with age: they lost their guitarist through drugs, their drummer had his arm amputated and, even though they're all in their 40s, they've just made the best rock album since Andrew WK's 'I Get Wet'.'
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