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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode
Official site containing news, a discography, lyrics, tour information, pictures, audio/video files, and merchandise.
Volunteer experts answer your questions about Depeche Mode. - Depeche Mode
Pictures, biography, commentary, and links.
Depeche Mode Chord Archive
Collection of tablatures and chords. Menus are in Greek, but tablatures are in English.
Depeche Mode Live
Discography of live audio and video recordings, and a directory of traders.
Matt's Music Page: Depeche Mode
Images, MIDIs, videos, chat, forum, lyrics, sound clips and links.
Music Olympus: Depeche Mode
Discography, lyrics, gallery, guitar tablature, and merchandise.
MUTE Records
Depeche Mode's UK record label. Includes official news. Depeche Mode
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links and message board. Depeche Mode
News, album reviews, downloads, biography, discography, bulletin board, and links to fan sites.
Exclusive interview with Depeche Mode. (May, 2001)
Dory's Depeche Mode Wallpapers
Site contains photo gallery and wallpapers of the band.
Everything Counts
Year by year history of Depeche Mode's career, compiled from news, reviews, and articles.
Feels Like Home
Depeche Mode fan page featuring pictures, sound files, profiles, and lyrics.
Graeber's Depeche Mode Tribute
Profiles, history, discography, lyrics, tour dates, downloads, and links.
Halo's Depeche Mode Page
Includes news, information, photo gallery, audio, video, lyrics, newsgroup, mailing lists, and discography.
House of Mode
Fan site features news, pictures, and lyrics.
The House of Mode
Discography, lyrics, pictures and audio.
Hugo Fernbom's Depeche Mode page
Biography, discography, lyrics and links.
Indigo's Depeche Mode Page
It contains latest band news, pictures, midi files, Depeche Mode polls and links.
Jiaxin's Depeche Mode Page
Screenshots from videos and original scans.
KOH's Depeche Mode Page
Includes photos, midi, videos, MP3, and trivia sections.
ModeMan's Depeche Mode Site
A fan site featuring lyrics, lyrical interpretation, multimedia, news, picture gallery and links.
Fan site featuring rare (unreleased) recordings of the band, articles, and current news..
Features lyrics, discographies, press articles, pictures, MIDIs and MP3s.
Pimpf's Depeche Mode World In My Eyes
Pictures, biography, audio, videos, forum, chat, FAQ, remixes, artwork, skins, history, news, and events.
Senator Scratch's Depeche Mode
Original DM artwork, puzzles and parodies.
Souly's Dave Page
Dave Gahan Fansite with pictures, artworks, and animated gifs.
Weekly rare Depeche Mode remixes in MP3 format - some unreleased / self-composed.
Depeche Mode rare records, promotional and Japanese CDs with quality pictures.
Home, The Tribute To Martin Gore
Fan tribute includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, photos, FAQ, and MP3. In French and English.
Martin L. Gore - Counterfeit²
Official site includes audio and video clips, news, photos, tour dates, and discography.
Black Celebration
Features news, audio and video, pictures, lyrics, and skins.
Black Day
Latest news, contests, photo gallery, links, animated pictures, and famous Depeche Mode fans gallery.
BONG and Depeche Mode Home Page
A source for information about Depeche Mode, BONG - The Depeche Mode Mailing List, fonts, graphics, pictures, song parodies, and lyrics.
CPRs Depeche Mode page
Depeche Mode page with hot news, rare audio tracks, complete tour dates, photos, fonts, links.
Depeche Mode - The Estonian Web
Latest news, upcoming live gigs, interviews, fan stories, lyrics and discography archives.
Depeche Mode Collectors Site
Value guide for vinyls, CDs, and box sets. Also includes the webmaster's personal collection and a fans database.
Depeche Mode Fanclub Israel
Features news, remixes, live tracks, discography, photo gallery and links.
The Depeche Mode Links Page
Directory of web sites.
Depeche Mode Portal
Collection of links.
The Depeche Mode Webring
Browse the collection of links to Depeche Mode sites or submit your own site for addition to the list.
Devotion's Depeche Mode Page
Collection of lyrics, pictures, facts about the band and audio clips.
Photographs, discography, and lyrics.
DMviolator's Depeche Mode Page
Fan site containing a band history, discography, pictures, MP3s, MIDIs, polls, animations, links, and ICQ skins.
Depeche Mode: Musicfolio Album Reviews
Discography and album reviews.
IMDb: 101
Documentary about the preparation of rock group Depeche Mode for their final concert during a tour.
Entertainment Ave: Depeche Mode
Review of a concert at The Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. (June 22, 2001)
Behind the Wheel
Quebec-based tribute band. Includes song list, audio files, and photos.
Sweetest Perfection
California-based tribute band. Includes show dates and song list.
Rolling Stone: Speak and Spell
David Fricke's review: 'Depeche Mode's Speak and Spell is strictly PG-rated fluff. A group of fresh-faced, suburban lads from Britain, they have neither the ambition of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark nor the overt commercial allure of the Human League.
AMG All Music Guide: Ultra
Ned Raggett's review: 'The most immediate change was Gahan's singing; for the first time ever, he took singing lessons beforehand, and his new control and projection simply shines...' 3 stars.
Canoe: Ultra
Richard John's review: 'an exceptionally well crafted dark and moody piece of pop.'
NME: Ultra
James Oldham's review: 'Issues are skirted, poetry is attempted and we're left clutching another instalment of stadium-orientated angst, at a time when we were expecting reflective intimacy.' Rating: 6/10.
Rolling Stone: Ultra
Elysa Gardner's review: 'moody, pulsating ballads such as 'The Bottom Line' and 'The Love Thieves' are ideal vehicles for Gahan's brooding baritone and for the band's ever-increasing sense of tender intuition.' 3 stars.
CMJ: Ultra
CMJ review: ' this is the most depressing fare we've heard from the band since the days of Black Celebration. And coincidentally, it's one of the best.' (May 5, 1997)
AMG All Music Guide: Violator
Ned Raggett's review: 'Goth without ever being stupidly hammy, synth without sounding like the clinical stereotype of synth music, rock without ever sounding like a 'rock' band, Depeche here reached astounding heights indeed.' 4.5 stars.
Rolling Stone: Violator
Chuck Eddy's review: 'Depeche Mode has got a way with cute little mechanized blips, and the train whistles and raga rhythms and air-traffic-control signals put monotony on hold.' 2 stars.
CMJ: Violator
CMJ review: 'Violator is a disturbing album of uncertain happiness and certain gloom.' (April 13, 1990)
AMG All Music Guide: Exciter
Ned Raggett's review: 'It's rare to find bands capable of keeping their own best qualities to the fore while trying something new each time out, but Depeche Mode demonstrate that balance in full on the marvelous Exciter.' 4 stars.
Billboard: Exciter
Billboard review: 'Exciter is the best Depeche Mode album in a decade.'
Canoe: Exciter
Jane Stevenson's review: 'Lyrically dark and the perfect blend of warm acoustic sounds and cold electronica...'
dotmusic: Exciter
dotmusic review: 'this shadowy, stark, gothic blend of synths and guitars, urban blues and eerie soundtracks proving compelling if occasionally unsettling listening.'
NME: Exciter
Stephen Dalton's review: 'Not many long-running groups could make an album this fresh and confident in their 20th year, never mind one which bridges timeless soulman crooning and underground techno.' Rating: 8/10.
Nude As the News: Exciter
Piero Scaruffi's review: 'for the first time in a long time, one can actually listen to David Gahan's lyrics. Indeed, on Exciter, he has rarely sounded less moronic.' Rating: 5/10.
Playlouder: Exciter
Iain Moffat's review: 'Exciter stakes a hell of a claim on bringing Depeche Mode into the 21st century. And how many of the old New Romantic crowd have actually managed that?'
PopMatters: Exciter
Tony Peregrin's review: 'There are precious few bands that can still record relevant and vital albums in their 20th year.'
Rolling Stone: Exciter
Barry Walters' review: 'Exciter maintains an otherworldly mood and purity of purpose that today's angst-ridden rockers would trade their Jeff Buckley CDs to attain.' 3.5 stars.
CMJ: Exciter
Tom Mallon's review: 'they've somehow evolved into elder statesmen of sorts, maturing with each new release and always moving towards a more polished, adult sound. Exciter, the band's tenth studio album, seems almost like an amalgamation of all of its '90
AMG All Music Guide: Songs of Faith and Devotion
Ned Raggett's review: 'Songs of Faith & Devotion continues the Depeche Mode winning streak.' 4 stars.
CMJ: Songs of Faith and Devotion
CMJ review: 'on this, its tenth album, one wouldn't think Depeche Mode would have much left to prove, yet on Songs Of Faith And Devotion the quartet has re-examined its music and approach to come up with a challenging overhaul...'
AMG All Music Guide: Speak and Spell
Ned Raggett's review: 'Depeche Mode's debut is at once both a conservative, functional pop record and a groundbreaking release.' 4 stars.
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