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Neil Diamond

The official Neil Diamond home page by Neil and the band. Frequent updates of the band's tour schedule, their doings and a 'Diamondville Diary' which includes recent photographs.
All Music Guide: Neil Diamond
Biography, related artists, labels, and discography.
ArtistDirect: Neil Diamond
Contains a biography, tour schedule, related links and a message board.
Beautiful Noise
Home of the Beautiful Noise mailing list.
E! Online Fact Sheet
Filmography, biography, credits, and Neil Diamond stories.
Neil Diamond
Official site from Columbia Records features tour dates, store, biography, and discography.
Neil Diamond
Photographs, autographs and contact information.
The Neil Diamond Ring
Webring of sites dedicated to Neil Diamond. Search the current list of sites or submit your Neil site for inclusion in the ring.
The Original Neil Diamond Home Page
Biographical information, news, tour dates, lyrics, concert reviews, pictures, a discography and Neil message boards. Neil Diamond
Includes a biography, discography, photos, links and message board. Neil Diamond
Includes album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and a bulletin board.
Entertainment Ave: Neil Diamond
Review of a concert at The Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. (October 14, 2001)
Entertainment Ave: Neil Diamond
Review of a concert at The Milwaukee Arena. (October 31, 1998)
Entertainment Ave: Neil Diamond
Review of a concert at The United Center in Chicago, Illinois. (September 15, 1996)
Best Years of Our Lives: Neil Diamond
Message board, with a chat room for all fans.
Bev's Classy Forum
Forum created for discussion of Neil Diamond, his shows and his music.
Diamondhead Mind
Fully archived Neil Diamond message board.
From Brooklyn To L.A.
Message board for all Neil Diamond fans.
I Am, I Said, A Fan Of Neil Diamond
Message board for Neil's fans.
In My Lifetime
Discussion of Neil Diamond and his music.
The Neil Diamond Forum
Message board concerning Neil Diamond and his fans.
Neil Diamond Music
Message board for discussion of Neil Diamond's music.
Neil Diamond Audio Files
MIDI and Real Audio files for popular Neil Diamond songs available to the public.
Neil Diamond Music
MIDI files for many popular Neil Diamond songs.
And I Fly - A Neil Diamond All-Around Site
Features discographies, books, MIDI music, tour books and lyrics.
Cherry Cherry
Kiss Neil Diamond virtually, view a photo gallery, read about recent and upcoming Neil happenings here.
Diamond - In My Lifetime
Comprehensive information on the Neil Diamond boxed set, 'In My Lifetime'.
The Diamond Connection
Updates, pictures and links published by The Diamond Connection UK Fanzine.
Friends of Neil Diamond - Netherlands
Official Neil Diamond fan club for the Netherlands and Belgium.
Good Times Never Seemed So Good
Neil Diamond Internet karaoke, personal fan stories, song parodies and misheard lyrics.
Lookingback: Neil Diamond Thru the Years
A biography, discography, and awards listing presented in time-line fashion.
Maggie B's Neil Diamond Page
Features this fan's story, photographs and links to other Neil sites.
Millennium Of Music
Biography, discography, photographs and links to other Neil Diamond related sites.
Neil Diamond Discography
Singles, albums and worldwide releases divided by label. Includes release dates and a lesson in labels.
Neil Diamond Online
Links to Neil Diamond sites, personal fans photographs.
Neil Diamond Selections
Lyrics and biography.
Neil Diamond TV Appearances
Information regarding Neil's television appearances.
Ticken's Neil Diamond Page
Personal story of how Neil Diamond has affected a fan's life and family.
Cherry Cherry Photo Gallery
Collection of Neil photographs taken at various ages.
Forever In Blue Jeans
Photographs of Neil Diamond and memorabilia.
The Mirror Of My Soul
Live photography of Neil Diamond's early concert years, 1976-1984. The personal collection of Cindy Stubben.
More Neil Pictures
Personal photographs taken by fans at various Neil Diamond concerts.
Neil Diamond Art Pages
Drawings and paintings by Kathleen Mosley.
Neil Diamond Fotos
Pictures and site created and produced by Neil's cousin Len Rapoport.
Pictures Of Neil Diamond
Extensive collection of Neil photographs from concerts over the years.
Alias Diamond & Jones
Ian Scott's international tribute to Neil Diamond and Tom Jones. Site contains photos, sound files, bios, and show dates for this impersonator.
Bruce, Bobby: Nearly Neil
Canadian impersonator who has performed throughout North America, Australia and South East Asia. Includes tour dates and audio/video samples.
Classique Productions
Information on three Neil Diamond impersonators hired through this company.
Cordeiro, Randy
Also known as 'The Surreal Neil', and 'Super Diamond' and his band. Includes merchandise, press clippings and show dates.
Diamond, Denny
Chicago based Neil Diamond impersonator. Includes news, biography, schedule, photos, and contact information.
Eskin, Ron
A member of Starfire Entertainment, this artist performs his own vocals while impersonating Neil Diamond.
Gardner, Wayne
Sound alike Neil Diamond tribute singer. Includes a parallel lifeline with the famous songwriter.
Garrett, Rob
The king Of Neil Diamond impersonators; based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Features biography, photos, and sound files.
Gray, Johnny
Impersonator who uses Neil Diamond songs from the sixties through the present day in his act.
Lawrence, Eric
New York City based impersonator. Includes biography and audio samples.
Leslie, Robert: Forever in Blue Jeans
UK based Neil Diamond tribute. Includes pictures, biography, audio and video downloads, set lists, and e-cards.
Nabarro, Pete
Contact information and a brief history of this professional Neil Diamond impersonator.
Ohlson, Mark
Neil Diamond impersonator. Site includes sample audio files.
Pierce, Rick
Photographs, biography, resume and contact information.
Ron Eskin
Contains contact information of this New England area impersonator.
Rossini, Tony
Contact and career information for this Southern, California, USA based Neil Diamond impersonator.
Storm, Nick
UK based impersonator. Site includes audio samples and contact information.
White, Jay
Information on this professional impersonator's act. Also on stage photographs.
Chords and Lyrics
Lyrics and corresponding guitar chords for selected Neil Diamond songs.
Lyrics For Neil Diamond Songs
Words to a number of Neil Diamond songs.
Music Room
Lyrics to popular Neil Diamond songs.
Neil Diamond Lyrics
Complete lyrics to many Neil Diamond songs.
Vipul's Neil Diamond Page
Features lyrics to songs written by Neil Diamond.
Begum, Fawzia
An instrumental tribute to Neil Diamond by a fan turned musician. Includes biography and sound files.
Brother Love
Includes biography, information on upcoming shows, mailing list, and reviews.
Texas based Neil Diamond tribute band. News, journal, member profiles, photos, MP3 files, and set lists.
Love on the Rocks
Neil Diamond tribute band based in Chicago, IL.
Neil Diamond Experience
A six piece tribute band based in Galway Ireland. Includes photos and movie clips from live gigs.
Noise Conspiracy
A trio consisiting of accordion, bassoon, and euphonioum that plays the music of Neil Diamond. Features sound files and member profiles.
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