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The Donnas

The Donnas - Official Site
Includes news, FAQ, pictures, discography, tour dates, messageboard, and links.
All Music Guide: The Donnas
Includes biography, discography, reviews, and related artists.
A Yahoo! group.
The Donnas
This site has a coloring book, video game, petition, tourdates, pictures and set lists.
The Donnas - Rock 'n' Roll Machines
This fan site includes lots of articles and reviews on the band, a complete discography and lyrics.
The Donnas: Infested
Biographies and tour dates supplied by their label, Lookout.
The Donnas The Fansite
Features a picture gallery, news, biography and member profiles, song lyrics, tour dates, and links.
The DonnAttack
Includes album reviews, lyrics, worship shrine, Donnagraph, tourdates and biographies. The Donnas
Includes news, audio and video, photos, biography, discography, and tour dates.
My Donnas Page
Fan page devoted to the girl rock band. Includes photos, icons, biography, and discography.
Rab Rab Donnas Tab
Includes tablature, band pictures, and links.
Rock and Roll Riot
Photos, information, and links. The Donnas
Includes biography, articles, discography, videos, photos, reviews, and links.
It's Not Easy Being Nice
Article by Michelle Goldberg. (June 24, 1999)
Shark Sandwich: The Donnas Interview
The Donnas discuss topics such as their beginnings, Kurt Cobain, touring, and future plans. (February 27, 1998)
Rosy-Fingered Donnas
Article by Gina Arnold (January, 1998)
Music Cafeteria: The Donnas Live at Pine Street Theater
El Mako's review of the concert in Portland, Oregon in February 2001.
The Donalds: Male Donnas
Photos, news, merchandise, lyrics, sounds, contact information and links about the band that loves The Donnas.
Pitchfork: The Donnas - American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine
Zach Hammerman's review: 'The Donnas are sure to become your favorite poster girls of pubescent punk.' (March, 1998)
Salon: The Donnas - American Teenage Rock-N-Roll Machine
Natasha Stovall's review: 'capture the sparks that fly off the spinning wheels of teendom like nobody's business.' (February 10, 1998)
Consumable Online: The Donnas - Get Skintight
Jason Cahill's review: 'an onslaught of old school punk with major nods to both Kiss and the Ramones.' (July 29, 1999)
Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Review: 'Every track rocks hard with great choruses and smokin' guitar solos'
Audio Revolution: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Dan MacIntosh's review: 'a lot like a teenage girl slumber party, only with electric guitars.'
New Rock 90.7: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Demetri's review: 'solid punk-pop from start to finish'
np: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Roy Pearl's review: 'In short, this is as great a purposefully dumb rawk record as you'll hear this year.'
Thread: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Review: 'so much fun you'll want to stay for breakfast.'
Crud Magazine: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Alan Sargeant's review: 'Without any real discernible joins between the songs, it's debatable whether there is in fact 14 songs or whether it's just one long and arduous power-pop nightmare.' (April 13, 2003)
PopMatters: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Adam Williams' review: 'The album rocks from start to finish, with no break in the action, resulting in a very listener friendly and satisfying major label debut.' (February 19, 2003)
NYPOST.COM: The Donnas - Spend The Night
Dan Aquilante's review: 'This album is sexy, smart and lots of fun for girls and boys. There's no gimmick in this all-girl band - just top-shelf rock.' (October 22, 2002)
Forbis The Mighty: The Donnas - Turn 21
Wil Forbis' review: 'Everyone from 45 year old metal heads holding out for a hard rock resurgence and 13 year punkettes primping their Mohawks amidst their first ovulations would do well to pick it up.'
Metacritic: The Donnas Turn 21
Links to several reviews of the album.
Pitchfork Review: The Donnas - Turn 21
John Dark's review: 'Every song drips with bawdy attempts at sexually shocking the listener.' The Donnas - Turn 21
Peter Wheatstraw's review: 'the cavity-inducing pop-punk repertoire has grown to include a helping of 80's-era glam-rock and even a dollop of metal-lite.'
Unpop: The Donnas - Turn 21
Jack Slack's review: 'each song comes complete with an irreverent middle finger directed at all the poseurs.'
PlayLouder: The Donnas - Turn 21
Iain Moffat's review: 'These are roaring, frequently splatteringly brief, chewing-gum-enhanced spitballs of songs' (January 29, 2001)
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