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The Doors

The Doors Official Website
Bright Midnight Records, biographies of Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore, discography, galleries, multimedia, and forum.
The Official Site of Ray Manzarek
Current news on The Doors 21st Century, and solo projects. Gallery, discography, appearances, and multimedia.
Absolutely! She Cried
Discography, poetry, books, videos, galleries, and reviews.
All Experts - The Doors
Volunteers answer questions about the band.
The Ancient Gallery
Lyrics, gallery, and guitar tablatures. The Doors
Biography, reviews, merchandise, and forum.
Break on Through
Photos, band history, and albums.
A biography with a list of music.
The Doors
Gallery, discography, biography, and artists influenced by the band.
The Doors - A Retrospective
Trivia, quotes, and sample lyrics.
The Doors - The Myth
News, Elektra biographies, lyrics, poetry, discography, books, photos, and movie facts.
Doors - The New Community
Fan articles, band biographies and influences, galleries, and forum.
The Doors Collectors Magazine
Memorabilia, newsletter, magazine, articles, auctions, audio, video, and photos.
The Doors Kingdom
News, biography, galleries, album releases, guitar and organ tabulatures, audio and video, forum, and store.
The Doors Music
Photos, biographies, and bootleg list.
The Doors News:
The Doors Online
Biography, and discography.
The Doors Photo Gallery
Discography, books, video, and galleries.
The Doors Quarterly Online
Unofficial fan club. City guides, interviews, magazine, forum, and chat room.
The Doors Thumbnail Photo Gallery
Collection of images.
Elektra Records - The Doors
Biography, discography, gallery, audio, forum, and chat room.
The Grasshopper
Doors facts, discography, guitar tabs and chords, photos, lyrics, and audio.
Jack Feeny Reviews: The Doors
Criticism of the band's studio albums.
Kenneth's - The Doors Online
Biography, discography, lyrics, book and video lists, poetry, audio, and themes.
LA Woman Confidential
Current news and appearances of band members.
Matt's Doors Page
Photos, lyrics, bass and guitar tablature, and audio.
Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek Metasite
Official site. Solo and collaboration projects, publications, performances, readings, and multimedia.
Mike's Doors Site
Gallery, articles, excerpts from the Miami trial.
The Official Site of Robby Krieger
Current news on The Doors 21st Century, and solo projects. Discography, schedule, gallery, artwork, multimedia, and forum.
The Phantom Collector
News, memorabilia, music, magazines, videos, and books.
PopMatters - The Doors
Rarebird's Doors Reviews
Reviews of album releases.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - The Doors
Inductee biography.
Rockmine - The Doors
Articles, interviews, press release, handwritten lyrics, and forum. - The Doors
Biography, discography, photos, articles, video, and forum.
Tribute to The Doors
Biography, discography, and merchandise. The Doors
Album reviews, news, audio, biography, discography, and forum.
Jim Morrison Breaking Back Through
A book about a spiritual experience.
Mopap's Doors Page
Original artwork.
Rainer Moddemann, Editor of The Doors Quarterly Magazine
The Tribal Soul Kitchen
E-zine and forums.
Visions of the Electric Poet
Original artwork.
The Doors - Lyrics
Album songs.
The Doors - Rare Lyrics
Live performances.
The Doors Lyrics and Guitar Chords
Album songs. The Doors
Guitar and chords. Lyrics - The Doors
Album songs. Tabulatures - The Doors
Guitar, bass, and chords.
The Doors Inner Circle
Memorabilia, rare studio outtakes, live audio and video.
The Doors Trades
The Freedom Man
Live audio.
American Prayer
Based in New Jersey, photos, tour dates, and live audio.
Back Doors, The
Based in Ireland, biography, set list, photos, and live audio.
Bootleg Doors, The
Based in the Netherlands, gallery, audio, and concert guide.
Doors of Perception, The
Based in Chicago, multimedia, and news.
The Matrix Doors
Based in Holland, photos, live audio, and tour guide.
Moonlight Drive, Tribute to The Doors
Based in Wichita, Kansas and tours throughout the US. Includes news, tour dates, photos, and biographies.
Otherside, The
Based in California, photos, reviews, tour dates, and set list.
Peace Frog
Based in California, calendar, video, photos, news, and set list.
Soft Parade, The
Based in the New Jersey, news, biography, photos, merchandise, live audio, reviews, and articles.
Wild Child
Based in Los Angeles, tour dates, gallery, and video.
Wild Child Fan Club
Tour dates, and photos.
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