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Gordon Downie

Coke Machine Glow
Official site of musician/poet Gord Downie. Includes audio samples, song/studio notes and articles. Gordon Downie
Interview with the singer about poetry, Toronto and working. (March 28, 2001)
CBC This Morning: Hipster Breaks Out Solo
Text and audio versions of Gordon Downie's chat with host Shelagh Rogers. (March 21, 2001) Gordon Downie
'Ample and grateful', interview with Dominic Patten. (March 17, 2001) Gordon Downie
Article entitled 'Downie releases debut solo CD, book together'. (February 8, 2001)
'Downie steps into solo limelight', live review by Jeff Peters. (March 3, 2001) Gordon Downie - "Coke Machine Glow"
Kevin Connolly's review: 'may not break any new ground formally, but it does possess a distinct, personal vision and reintroduces whimsy and humour to an artform often hobbled by its own self-importance.' Gord Downie
Kevan Corbett's review of Coke Machine Glow. Gordon Downie
Paul Cantin's album review, information, and release notes for the album, Coke Machine Glow.
Toronto Observer: Gordon Downie
Downie keeps it down-home Canadian. Review by David Mowbray, includes images. Gordon Downie
D.Burga's review of Coke Machine Glow.
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