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I Suffer Rock
Official site featuring community message boards, chat, mailing list, news, links, concert recordings and interviews for download, streaming video, fan club, archival material, resources and free e-mail.
The Belgian Pop And Rock Archives: dEUS
Biography illustrated with sound clips, forum, and links to related Belgian bands.
Black Session : dEUS
Black and white photographs of the band by Laurent Orseau.
A fan-site devoted to giving interpretations of dEUS' lyrics.
dEUS - Lyrics
Waltertje's page of dEUS lyrics.
dEUS - The Ideal Crash Review
Review of 'The Ideal Crash' album courtesy of Leonard's Lair.
dEUS - theidealband
A Yahoo! Group community where fans can chat, exchange news and information and upload photos to share.
dEUS Photographs - 1995
An archive page of photographs taken by Marie Man.
dEUS Photographs - 1997
An archive of photographs taken by Marie Man.
In a Bar(man) Under the Sea
Fan-pages featuring biography and many photographs.
Interview with Klaas Janzoons
Given by Marie Man in 1997.
Interview with Tom Barman
Given by Marie Man in 1997.
Let's Get SUEd
Information about a non-profit band project CD comprised of dEUS fans playing covers of their favourite songs, with a short review by Tom Barman.
Nothing Shocking
Fanpages featuring an interview with Klaas Janzoons, live photos and a discography.
NY Rock - dEUS Interview
Tom Barman interviewed in 1999, with a RealVideo clip of 'Instant Street' for download.
RTBF - dEUS Photographs
A page of photographs of Tom Barman taken by Benoit Bouchez at Rock Werchter, 28th June 2002.
Supersexy, Supercool
Fan site providing comprehensive resources, history, discography and some exclusive pictures. [French and English]
Suzanne's dEUS Pages
Fan-site dedicated to dEUS. Pages giving background on members and ex-members, lyrics and photos.
The Unofficial dEUS Home Page
Discography of official releases as well as bootlegs, concert information and reviews.
W.W.W.C.S. (3rd Draft)
Huge unofficial site about dEUS providing news, complete discography, tour archive, hundreds of pictures, interviews in several languages, and a web-board.
Yahoo! Music dEUS Community
A message board for fans.
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