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Eels Official Site
Videos, lyrics, pictures, news, tour dates, message board, wallpaper, discography, and 'Butch's Thoughts.'
BassMasta: Eels
Collection of bass tablatures.
Danna's Eels Site
Pictures and lyrics.
Small fan site with a few pictures and MIDI files.
Eels FAQ Addendum
News and a supplement to the FAQs list on 3Speed.
Eels Tabs
Guitar tablatures for album and non-album tracks.
Eels the Discography
Illustrated guide to the band's albums and singles.
Fuzzie's Electro-Shock Blues Page
Fan site with news, articles, lyrics, tablatures, tour dates and pictures.
The Galaxy
Homepage of the Spunky2 mailing list includes news and member information. Eels
Biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio and video.
3 Speed
Includes news, tablatures, lyrics, and sound files. [No longer updated.]
BBC News: My Music - Eels
E takes BBC News Online through his musical heaven and hell. Politics: A campaign's dog days
Excerpt from an article on the GOP's criticism of the distribution of 'Daisies of the Galaxy' at a Democratic Party event. (September 20, 2000)
In Music We Trust: Electro-Shock Blues Show
Alex Steininger's review: 'A seventy-three minute set of The Eels at their best.'
Jack Feeny Reviews: Eels
Detailed reviews of the Eels' albums.
Pop Matters: The Eels
David Medsker's review of a March 2002 concert in Chicago. (April 17, 2002)
Pop Matters: Daisies of the Galaxy
Fred Kovey's review: 'A fine pop record in an era that seems uninterested in pop unless it's marketed with dance steps and a quickie bio.' Rated 8.0.
The Onion A.V. Club
Nathan Rabin's review: 'Nothing here is quite as transcendent as its excellent first single, 'Last Stop: This Town,' and there are more than a few instances in which E seems to be losing the plot. But all in all, it's a remarkable achievement.'
Poetry Hi-Fi: The Eels' Electro-Shock Blues - The Phone Call in the Middle of the Night
Dale Simms' review: 'Less hook-laden than 'Beautiful Freak,' less syrupy than the string arrangements on E's solo stuff, 'Electro-Shock Blues' is neither bluesy (no improvisation/no emotion) nor shocking (no affect). But like the mousy girl with no makeup
Nude as the News: Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Brad Caffeine's review: 'Even after almost an hour, it still leaves the listener wanting more.' 8.5 out of 10.
NME: Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Victoria Segal's review: 'It's a sparse format that highlights the ugly world in which Eels exist, dug into the grim defensive irony of the permanently disappointed.' Rating of 7. (January 26, 2001)
Leonard's Lair: Souljacker
Jonathan Leonard's review: 'Hard to imagine many other bands who blend together melodies, subversion and genuine emotion and still end up smelling of roses.'
Flak Magazine: Souljacker
Wayne Lewis' review: 'Between the grooves of Souljacker it's hard to hear the masterpiece that the breathless overseas press has heralded, but E and his crew have put together another solid outing that touches on broader sonic and emotional vistas yet lef
Cornell Daily Sun: More Hair, More Fun
Ed Howard's review: 'As a complete listening experience, this is the most varied Eels album yet...' (April 4, 2002)
In Music We Trust: Eels - Souljacker
Alex Steininger's review, grade of A: 'This is quality music that could save pop.' (February, 2002)
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