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Mark Eitzel

All Music Guide: Mark Eitzel
Profile, and discography with reviews.
EvilPics: Mark Eitzel
Photos from two shows in Dallas, Texas.
Mark Eitzel
Official site includes tour dates.
Matador Records: Mark Eitzel
News, biography, discography, and sound files from his record label.
New West Records: Mark Eitzel
Biography, and discography with tour dates, from his record label. Mark Eitzel
Jay S. Jacobs' favorable reviews of the albums 'Music for Courage and Confidence' and 'West.'
Rolling Stone: Mark Eitzel
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, and audio/video.
Salon: Caught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out Because I Love You Too Much, Baby
Review of the album by Jerry Dannemiller. 'Given Eitzel's previous torchy, troubadour leanings, it's a pleasant surprise to see him make such a raw album.' (January 15, 1998)
Salon: Mark Eitzel: Misery Loves Company
Interview by Dave Eggers. (May 8, 1997)
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