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Electric Light Orchestra

Asian Collectibles
A collector's web site specializing in collectibles of the greatest group of the 70's and 80's.
The Asian Electric Light Orchestra Web Site
A fan site from Hong Kong with a FAQ and discography, and other resources.
Bill Carter's Fan Site
Rare ELO and related items fans may never see or find elsewhere.
The British Men from Outer Space
A fan site dedicated to Jeff Lynne, ELO, The Move and related bands. Includes voice chat, message forum, picture gallery and links to related sites.
The Electric Light Orchestra Appreciation Society Fansite
Timelines, Album Lyrics, Mailing List Hub, and Web Rings
Official Sony Music site with news, biography, pictures, audio and video clips, message board and mailing list. [Requires Flash.]
ELO Etcetera
Directory of sites, mailing lists and webrings about and related to the band.
The ELO Network
News, discography including bootlegs, articles, photos, sound clips amd reviews.
ELO Webring
Lists sites in the Electric Light Orchestra's ring.
The Evanitsky brothers site dedicated to ELO.
Face the Music
Fanzine and information service for the band and related artists. News, biography, mailing lists and links.
Face The Music Germany
Official German fan club for ELO and its former members. Membership information, along with information on band and solo projects, conventions and tour dates. Site in English and German.
Info Depot
Frank West's fansite.
Marco van Buuren's ELO Page
Sound files, band history, news and reviews. Extremely large files on this page will take a long time to download.
The Official Electric Light Orchestra Information Pages
Includes history, profiles, news, reviews, and software. Part of the official fan club.
Newspaper article from December, 1976.
Comprehensive discography with the complete lyrics, images of ELO memorabilia, and soundclips.
Includes discography and pictures.
Strange Magic
Welcome one and all to the first Australian web site dedicated to the Electric Light Orchestra and related artists.
Wild West Hero
Argentinian fan site for Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne and related artists. Features biography, news, discography and bootlegs, photos, and a personal collection.
Xanadu: Lyrics
Lyrics to ELO's Xanadu songs. Page does not display in Netscape.
Yahoo Groups: ELO and ELO Part II
For the distribution of news, opinions and gossip about the group. Zoom
Robert Lewis' mostly favorable review: 'This is an ELO lover's ELO album.' (November, 2001)
Showdown - The ELO Mailing List
Private e-mail list for discussion of ELO, Jeff Lynne, Orchestra (formerly ELO Part II), and other projects these artists worked on.
The Orchestra
Official site with reviews, gigs, photos and links of ELO's latest incarnation.
Picture Show
Over the years Ken Latta has taken a number of Photos of ELO Part II in concert. This site Ken's created gives him the chance to share these memories with you.
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