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The Official Enya Website
Features news, audio, and downloads. Requires Flash.
All Music Guide: Enya
Features biography, history, timeline, discography, and reviews. Enya
Free question and answer service, where experts answer your questions.
E! Online: Enya
Facts on Enya's recordings, related artists, and films.
(6433) Enya
Information on the minor planet named for the singer, which is in a 3.7-year elliptical orbit around the sun ranging in distance from 280 million km.
Enya - Magic & Melody
Features lyrics and translations, discography, article-transcripts, pictures, FAQ, Celtic Mythology, and news.
The Enya Discography
The Enya Discography. Plus information on new releases and other items.
The Enya WebRing
Collection of sites dedicated to the singer.
The Magic of Enya
Complete list of lyrics and all translations of Enya's non-English songs, information about her CDs, biography.
Metacritic: A Day Without Rain
Links to several reviews of the album.
MiRea's - Enya's Realm of Mega Links
Listings of Enya Links.
Music Olympus: Enya
Discography, lyrics, picture gallery, audio, and merchandise.
Out Of The Blue
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, wallpaper, and fonts.
VH1: Enya
Includes album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and a bulletin board.
Yahoo Groups: The Isle of Enya
A fan club for discussions about the singer.
LostSoul: Enya Midi File Archive
MIDI files for songs from most of her albums.
Enya Fans Forum
Community message board.
Another Enya Homepage
Featuring the artist's biography, discography, lyrics and MIDIs.
Fan page featuring MIDI music, pictures, and discography.
Enya Fans Organization
Features lyrics and translations into variuous languages, translation center, community message board, and chat room.
Enya Home Page
Collection of MIDIs, image galleries and biography.
Marble Halls
Fan site with lyrics, pictures, wallpaper, and links.
Midnight Blue
Features lyrics, biography, discography, videography, and photos.
Things Enya
Fan site with MIDIs, lyrics, videos, and photos.
A Tribute to Enya
Fan site with pictures, MIDI files, biography, discography, and lyrics.
Enya - Translations and Lyrics
Translations and corrections of Enya song lyrics. Annotated translation of Enya songs not in English. Also lyrics for songs that are incorrect or absent in album printings.
Enya Lyrics
Includes several songs.
Enya Music Lyrics and Information
Lyrics for Enya's Celtic/New Age music and information on Enya.
Enya Song Lyrics Source
Lyrics to songs such as; Only Time, Orinoco Flow, Book Of Days, and Anywhere Is. Organized by album.
FrogCircus: Enya Lyrics
The complete lyrics, and accompanying translations, from all of her albums.
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