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The Faces

Good Boys When They're Asleep
The Faces had a notoriously good time, helped make Rod Stewart a star, and also made some great music along the way. Their official site features biographies, discography, photos, lyrics, sounds, and chords.
Room for Ravers
Originally they were the Small Faces, and this comprehensive site features that first band's history, discography, member profiles, and a tour of related sites in London.
Ian 'Mac' McLagan personally maintains his site. Mac was the piano and organ player for Small Faces and the Faces. He has also played with The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Dylan.
Lane, Ronnie
News, biography, discography, lyrics, tabs and pictures.
Plonk: A Ronnie Lane Resource
Discography, interviews and photos.
The Ronnie Lane Page
Informed biography, discography, links and a message board.
Ronnie Lane: The Texas Years
Detailed description of the work of Ronnie Lane from 1984 to 1994, by Kent H. Benjamin.
Room for Ravers: Ronnie Lane
Obituaries from various newspapers, following Ronnie's death on 4th june 1997.
Gig dates, news, photos, and sound files from the UK based Small Faces tribute band.
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