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The Fall

Beggars Banquet
A discography from a past record label of the band. Includes pictures of album sleeves.
The Fall : Discography
Information about the majority of The Fall's albums and singles, including format and release date.
The Fall - Frequently Asked Questions
Includes the band's history and reviews of their live performances.
Fall Fans Cartoon
Depicts fans of The Fall in a humorous manner.
A resource for the FallNet discussion list; features gig reviews, comics and articles.
A Gentle Introduction to the Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall
Discography, history, FAQ and articles.
Good Evening, We Are Not the Fall
Cover tracks, available for download in MP3 format.
Images of...The Fall
Scans of album and single sleeves.
In Sound: The Fall
A detailed biography of the band from AMG. Includes photograph of Mark E. Smith.
Mark E Smith Font
An attempt at putting the handwriting of Mark E Smith into a font: for PCs and Macs.
MTV News Gallery: Fall, The
Archive of news stories about The Fall on
My Fall Collection
Album covers and lyrics from this extensive music collection.
NME: The Light User Syndrome
Articles, reviews, photos, and discography.
The Official Fall Website
Includes the Lyrics Parade, gigography, discography, and weekly news.
Perfect Sound Forever: The Fall
A tribute which includes an interview with former members of the band and album reviews.
Prindle Record Reviews - The Fall
Reviews of the Fall's albums by the site's author and visitors.
Random Fall Quotes
Serves up random lyrics, sleeve notes, and quotes about the band.
Fan site with reviews and articles.
VH1: The Fall
Includes news, biography, links, real audio clips, and music videos in real video.
Yahoo Groups: Bombast
Archives and joining information for the e-mail discussion list.
The Fall - The Frenz Experiment
Robert W. Getz's review: 'Not a completely satisfying affair coming after the powerhouse trilogy that preceded it'.
Pitchfork: The Fall - The Frenz Experiment
Bruce Tiffee's review: 'On no other record than the weak 1994 effort Middle Class Revolt do they sound more like they're on autopilot.' Rated 7.4.
The Listener: The Fall - The Frenz Experiment
Bruce Dessau's review of the album. (March 24, 1988)
Architectural Dance Society: He Was a Handyman
Jeff Norman's review of the album.
The Fall - Light User Syndrome
Rich Kidd's opinion of the album.
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