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The Feelers

The Feelers appreciation site
Message board and chat rooms available, pictures from their concerts and reviews.
The Feelers: Feeling Their Way To Success
Interview with Hamish, the band's drummer.
Personal page with several pictures and fan contacts.
Guitar tablatures
From songs out of the album 'Supersystem'.
The Icestorm Network
Fan site with pictures, lyrics to some songs and audio files.
Features a forum from several bands.
Pull the Strings
Recent news about the band, guitar tabs, several pictures and wallpapers, reviews of concerts and sounds samples [MP3].
The rush, the thrill, the feelers
Contains reviews of concert, several photos, a discography and biographies.
Selector Music Magazin
Interview about life and the future of New Zealand's pop music.
Guitar tablatures of several songs.
CD Shop; recording details, track-listing and reviews of the album.
Botmans Feelers Archive
Lyrics of the album 'Supersystem', Discography and image gallery.
complete silence
Resource for information about the band; quotes of the members and mailing list.
the feelers
News and rumours about the band, lyrics and a message board.
the feelers
Currents news about the band and the reactions of the audience.
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