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Fields of the Nephilim

Artist Direct: Nefilim
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.
Fields of the Nephilim
Original essays, information, photos and links of Goth icons Fields Of The Nephilim. Fields of the Nephilim
Discography and album reviews, ratings and recommendations.
Nefilim Reborn: Zoon
On the mythology behind the album Zoon.
An esoteric library resource for those researching the Nephilim. It contains an automated submit feature which allows you to submit sites almost instantly.
The new, the old, and the Nephilim
Lyrics, photos, artwork, messageboard, chatroom, and links. Fields of the Nephilim
Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.
A Fields of the Nephilim Mailing List.
Three Heralds of the Storm: Celebrate, Psychonaut, Sumerland
Article on the triad of the songs.
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