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Officially sanctioned web entity with oodles of information. Includes news, discography, audio and video files, photos, biographies, merchandise sales, lyrics, reviews, interviews, and articles.
All Music Guide: Foetus
Entry about Jim 'Foetus' Thirlwell.
Discussion list for all things Foetus -- the many musical projects of Jim Thirlwell, aka Clint Ruin.
Unofficial Foetus fan site. Includes sound clips, video stills and clips, pictures.
Diskant: Jim Thirlwell
Interview by Sandra Kay with Mr. Thirlwell about his many musical projects.
Legends Magazine: Interview: Foetus
By Daryl Litts, regarding 'Flow' and 'Blow.' (June, 2002)
Sonic Boom Interview with Foetus
By Skot Kirkwood. (October 16, 1996)
Sonic Boom Interview with Foetus
By Jester of Sonic Boom. (July 29, 1995)
Sonic Boom Interview with Foetus
By Gene Hopstetter, Jr. of WTUL (Tulane University). (July 12, 1995)
The Mick Sinclair Archive
Feature article published in Sounds magazine. (June, 1983)
Almost Cool: Foetus: Blow
Ranked 6.25 out of 10.
Almost Cool: Foetus: Flow
Ranked 7 out of 10.
Legends Magazine: Foetus: Blow
Positive review of the collection of remixes from 'Flow.' (May, 2002)
Legends Magazine: Foetus: Flow
Positive review of the new studio album. (October, 2001)
Splendid E-zine: Foetus
A review of the CD 'Flow' with RealAudio clip. (June 4, 2001)
Foetus: London SE1 Royal Festival Hall
Concert review from NME. (October 21, 2000)
Ink Nineteen: You've Got Foetus on Your Breath
Review of the ressues of 'Deaf' and 'Ache.' (March, 1998)
The Mick Sinclair Archive: Ache
A review of the album by You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, published in Sound magazine. (October, 1982)
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