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Diamanda Galas

The Complete List of Diamanda Galas Links
A complete resource of all things Diamanda Galas on the web - from full sites to obscure reviews.
Convulsion: Diamanda Galas
Two interviews conducted several months apart about two separate projects: 'Vena Cava' and 'The Sporting Life.'
Dance Online: Diamanda Galás
Review of her NYC performances in January 1996, with a biography and an overview of her previous work.
Diamanda Galas: Schrei 27
Information about the work 'Schrei 27' commisioned by New American Radio, including a sound clip.
Diamanda Galas: The Dark Side of the New Musics
Article from Amazing Sounds by Emma Dors.
Her official site, with recent news, biography, tour schedule, discography, press items and bibliography.
Goblin Archives: Diamanda Galás
Article and interview by Jon Randall and Wesley Joost.
Lord of Illusions Soundtrack
Clive Barker's 'Lord of Illusions' soundtrack includes a song by Diamandas Galas; includes AU sound clip.
Motion Feature: Diamanda Galas
Interview by Percy Howard III.
Mute Liberation Technologies: Diamanda Galás
Biography of the singer from her record label.
Portland CitySearch: Diamanda Galas
Interview By Michael Evans.
Anger, Art and Activism: Virginia Eubanks talks to Diamanda Galás
Article from Brillo Magazine.
Angry Women -- Diamanda Galas
Excerpt from an interview with Galas in RE/Search #13 'Angry Women.'
Body Politic - Diamanda Galas
Galas says 'My voice is an inspiration to my friends and an instrument of torture to my enemies.' Elsie Owusu listens.
Brainwashed: Diamanda Galás
News, tour information, works, press and photos for the avant guard vocalist and performance artist.
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