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Glass Harp

Classic Webs: Glass Harp
Complete group member history.
Exhaustive Christian Music Discography
Live! At Carnegie Hall CD song listing and information.
Ezboard: Glass Harp
Official Glass Harp message board.
Fuzz Acid and Flowers: Glass Harp
Discography and biography.
Glass Harp
Biography, discography, album information, links.
Glass Harp
Official site with biography, discography, guest book, photo galleries, press articles, mp3 downloads, concert information and videos of the band in Quicktime format.
Glass Harp In Youngstown
Online photo album featuring the photographs of James G. Kammin.
The Glass Harp... Reloaded
Review of Hourglass by Jim Girard.
Glass Harp's John Sferra
Music samples, discography, album information, quick time movies, links, online store.
Region Rock: Glass Harp
Interview and article on Glass Harp by Benena Rodriguez. Glass Harp
Wikipedia: Glass Harp
Online encyclopedia's listing for Glass Harp.
Phantom Tollbooth: Hourglass
Album review by Chris MacIntosh. (2003/09/24)
Glass Harp's Hourglass
Album review by Stephanie Bargenquast. (August 17, 2003)
The Limey Brit: Hourglass
Review of Hourglass. (July 27, 2003)
Review of Hourglass by Jim Schwab. (July 25, 2003)
Glass Harp: Strings Attached
Review by Randy Brandt. (June 17, 2003)
Hookah And Who? Glass Harp
Concert review by Robert Brandt. (2002/09/25)
Glass Harp: Live! At Carnegie Hall
Album review by Randy Brandt. (July 12, 2002)
Phantom Tollbooth: Strings Attached
'Strings Attached' review by Chris MacIntosh. (July 17, 2001)
All Music Guide: Glass Harp
A brief Glass Harp biography with discography.
Artist Direct: Glass Harp
Discography, biography and message board.
Christian Musician Magazine: Glass Harp
Album review of Strings Attached by Bruce Adolph.
Citi Music Cleveland
Glass Harp biography by John August Schroeter.
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