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Official site. A virtual tour of the cartoon band's headquarters. Includes sound clips, band biography, a look inside the members computers, and various images.
Crash and #1's Gorillaz Page
Top 10 lists, fan art and fiction.
Dotmusic: Gorillaz
Reviews, articles, a discography, biography, and links.
Gorillaz Canada
Chart information, discography, Winamp skins, video clips, and fan fiction.
Personal site of a fan who won the 'official Gorillaz Geep' in an MTV contest. Includes images, background information, and links.
Metacritic: Gorillaz
Links to multiple users and critic reviews of the band's debut album.
Oddly Changing 2D and OutLandish's Gorillaz Goodies
Wallpaper, fan art, image galleries, lyrics, band information, and fan fiction.
The Official Fansite
News, band information, image gallery, multimedia, a discography, lyrics, a 'Fan Centre', and links.
Zombie Monkey Racket
Profiles, quotations, images, lyrics, and links. Gorillaz
Review of the self-titled debut album giving a rating of 4.5. (October, 2001) Gorillaz
Michael Hubbard's pre-release review of the band's self-titled album. (March 26, 2001) - News: Damon Albarn Goes Gorillaz
'Blur frontman readies solo project.' Brief article about the beginnings of the band. (January 23, 2001)
12D3: 2-D's Shrine
Profile, images, lyrics, interviews, desktop wallpaper, 'look-a-likes', links, and a page dedicated to his shirts.
Hail Murdoc
Profile, image, quotes, discography, and lyrics.
The Winnebago of Secrets
Profile, interviews, image gallery, fan art, wallpaper, a 'chicktionary' listing various encounters with women, and links.
Utterly Cute
Profile, images, fan art, 'Noodlefight' download, and links.
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