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Guided by Voices

Guided By Voices
The official site for the band, offering MP3 and wav files of GbV studio and live recordings, info on associated members' projects, photo albums, tour dates, and the latest GbV and Fading Captain series news.
Largehearted Boy GBV Radio
Shoutcast stream of Guided By Voices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Includes the music of Robert Pollard and his various side projects, covers by other bands of GbV classics, complete live concerts, super-lo-fi demos and rare versions and music by associa
Bulletin Board
A forum dedicated to discussion of the Dayton, OH rock group. Touted as the 'official' message board site.
chords and lyrics
The lyrics and some limited chord information on a plethora of early GbV tunes.
Guided By Robert Pollard
An alternative to the official GbV site, with a separate photos section, an interview by John Chandler of Puncture magazine with Bob Pollard, and a 'Guided by Doug Gillard' subsection with info on the guitarist/songwriter's other band experiences.
Guided by Voices News:
News about Guided by Voices continually updated from around the net.
Matador Records
The Matador records website for Guided by Voices, the label releasing all material up to 1997 and since 2002 for the band. Includes contest, recording, merchandise and tour info.
Robert Pollard and His Soft Rock Renegades: Choreographed Man of War: Pitchfork Review
Pitchfork review of the latest Rockathon/Recordhead release by Robert Pollard, featuring the former GbV mainstays Greg Demos and Jim Macpherson. Review by Matt LeMay, who gives the effort a 7.4.
Rockathon Records
Homepage of the independent label releasing most non-Matador/TVT Guided-by-Voices-related material, including some Greg Demos material.
Salon: Sharps and Flats
A review of the Matador release 'Mag Earwig' by Mark Athitakis. Includes an .aiff version of 'Bulldog Skin'.
Stuff Magazing: In Bob We Trust
Lengthy interview with Robert Pollard from April 2003, by Cory Jones. Bob shares a few possible song titles while discussing the Pollard creative process.
TVT Records
Page for the band's current label, featuring the 2001 release 'Isolation Drills'. A scrapbook, tour dates, band news and message board are included.
The War Against Silence #13
TWAS, a weekly music review website, looks at 15 albums, from 'Sandbox' to 'Alien Lanes'.
Eric Carr's extensive review of the latest from GbV, Earthquake Glue. (August 25, 2003)
PopMatters: Universal Truths and Cycles
Somewhat new to the music of GbV, David Antrobus tackles the new album, 'Earthquake Glue', and finds himself inspired to delve into the band's back catalog. (July 24, 2002)
ChartAttack: GbV Take The Rock Geek Elitist Quiz
Matt Mernagh presents a question and answer session with the band from a meet-and-greet preshow party in Toronto. (2001/04/27)
Baltimore City Paper: Beer Thousand (May 16 - May 22, 2001)
John Sewell looks at the direction of the band as a May 19th Baltimore appearance approaches. (May 16, 2001)
Event profile: Atlanta's Variety Playhouse
An event profile for the band's May 16, 2001 show in Atlanta, GA. Includes reader reaction. (May, 2001)
Heraldsphere: anthemic pop wonder
Nicholas Jaster reviews Pollard's career, the band's direction, and gives 'Isolation Drills' four stars. (April 6, 2001)
Their voices have changed
The Washington Post's David Segal reviews GbV's 2001 release 'Isolation Drills'. (April 4, 2001)
The Phoenix Online: Isolation Drills
Swarthmore College's online student newspaper takes a look at GbV's latest disc. (April 1, 2001)
Do the Collage
Brian Staker's review of 'Isolation Drills' for Slugmag, the Salt Lake UnderGround zine. (April, 2001)
Splendid E-zine: Isolation Drills
A review by Jason Jackowiak who says, 'Isolation Drills rocks harder than anything else in GBV's seemingly endless canon.' (March 19, 2001)
The Voices, The Voices: Robert Pollard continues to evolve
John Sewell analyzes the band's position prior to their March 1, 2001 appearance at Moose's Music Hall in Knoxville, TN. (March 1, 2001)
Rolling Stone video interview
Well-produced video interview by Greg Kot with Robert Pollard Streams in Real, Quicktime and WinMedia at various bandwidths. (March, 2001)
Live, Chicago Metro 12-10-99
Sixteen photos by Matt Waters of the band in concert. (December 10, 1999)
The Onion AV Club: Guided By Voices
Interview with hard-drinking, outspoken singer Robert Pollard on his band's many lineups, Tobin Sprout, and Cobra Verde. (July 29, 1999)
Interview with Robert Pollard
From March 1999, an interview conducted over a bottle of Wild Turkey by David Rosenheim with band frontman Pollard. Larger site includes reviews of several albums, including Isolation Drills and Universal Truths and Cycles. (March, 1999)
RockNet's Roch on Music
Roch Parisien gives 'Under the Bushes, Under the Stars' four stars (on a scale from 1-5). (May, 1996)
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