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Sophie B Hawkins

ArtistDirect: Sophie B. Hawkins
Personal information and image.
Code used to communicate by Sophie B. Hawkins fans.
The Cream Will Rise
About the film with images, video and sound, festivals, articles, reviews and other projects.
Gregg's Unofficial Sophie B. Hawkins Page
Painting and personal insights.
Linda Trang's Sophie Page
Concert and film photos, wav files, interview, merchandise listings and links.
Lyric Speculation and Backing Vocals
Notes and analyses of lyrics sorted by album and MP3 files.
The Official Sophie B. Hawkins Home Page
News, tracks, tour and lyrics.
RWWW : The Sophie B. Hawkins Homepage
Discography, lyrics, pictures and links.
Sodium Fire
Features everything from lyrics and album information to the latest news on Sophie, her career, and her additional projects. Home of the Sodium Fire WebRing.
Sophie B. Hawkins
Archives, links and general information.
Sophie B. Hawkins ICQ Users Group
Find other fans online.
Sophie B. Hawkins Underground
News, postcards, tour information, music, videos, photos, message board, chat, links and a mailing list.
The Sophie B. Hawkins Vault
Track listing, general information and links.
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