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Gemma Hayes

Society Review - Gemma Hayes In Manchester
Ian David Walker's review: Gemma Hayes at The Academy / The University of Manchester Students Union. (October 7, 2002)
RobotFist: Gemma Hayes - Night On My Side
Sandy Nelson's review: 'this girl from the bottom bit of Ireland has some amount of talent, and the drive to express herself through it to boot.' (September 7, 2002) - Gig Review - Gemma Hayes
Review of her gig in Dolan's Warehouse (Limerick) in March 2002. (March 6, 2002)
Pixelsurgeon: Gemma Hayes
An article by Michael Gently. (2002)
Pixelsurgeon: Gemma Hayes
An interview by Michael Gently. (2001)
All Music Guide: Gemma Hayes
Includes profile, biography, discography, and reviews.
Gemma Hayes
Official site includes news, tour dates, discography, lyrics, picture gallery, artist and band member biographies, articles, interviews, reviews, and forum.
Gemma Hayes
Fan site includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, images, reviews, and interviews.
Gemma Hayes - Night On My Side
Graham Smith's review: 'overall this is a decent enough album. But unfortunately not quite the masterpiece everyone was expecting.'
Gemma Hayes Lyrics
Includes lyrics and pictures.
Guitarist: Gemma Hayes
An interview with the artist by Paul Robson. Gemma Hayes
Includes discography, reviews, and video. Gemma Hayes
Includes news, biography, tour dates, message boards, audio and video, and discography.
IMRO - Interviews - Gemma Hayes
Interview with Justin Dowling. (2003)
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