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Hicks Dan
Dan Hicks on the comeback trail, article by Seth Rogovoy. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Biography, discussion forum, audio clips, links and reviews.
A Conversation with Dan Hicks
Article focusing on the singer songwriter.
Country Standard Time
Dan Hicks and his acoustic warriors in concert.
Hicks, Dan
News and information about this folk singer songwriter. Show dates, links, concert reviews, art, and fan mailing list information.
Brief overview of Dan's musical career, information about upcoming shows, reports of past shows, and links to relevant sites.
Legacy Recordings
Most of his hits with play backs.
Let's Swing, Ladies and Gentlemen
Lyrics and style reminiscent of the past yet immediately identifiable as Dan's. Lyrics to many of his songs.
Return to Hicksville
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks pick up where they left off more than 20 years ago.
Dan Hicks discography, album reviews and recommendations by Joe Sixpack.
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